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Female, 30 years old, and married.  Birthday is September 27, 1986.  Rides a motorcycle.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida  United States.  Member since April 2007.

Could you please, please. PLEASE fix the cam issue in chat?!?!?!?
Going on 3 weeks now where cams don't work for anyone.
I personally used BON bucks to pay for my multi-cam, but you can bet on it that if I had paid actual money (like many others have) I would be filing dispute charges with my credit card company.
You are charging for a service that you can't even provide.
Right now I'd be happy to have single cams back.
Ironic the link i posted in comments is on Heretics Bon profile. .. L:(
Yeah Soco explain it,While yr at it Explain The Heretic Scams and all the Bon member profiles that are involved ..
Have you helped anyone with any issues? or may this just be a BS page?
Events & Rides shows up as a blank page, the events & Rides page flashes on for a second then is blank.
How do I know if when I hit reply on my I phone to a comment I cannot see if it posted.
My Samsung III will not allow me to return messages - is it something to do with my settings? Does the Samsung S5 Neo - work with the BON app - will I be able to send messages with the new phone? (Can I fix the old one the SIII Galaxy to work)
Hello, for some reason, the past couple weeks, I havent been able to view either my photos ir photos from other members when I try to look at photo albums.....What do I do to fix that?
Hey Tech...Why is it I logged in Dec 10 2016 and I can see Top photos etc Messages I can see Saved Trash etc..Then These certificates pop up and it disappears no longer see the top photos or my trash or saved???Mind you these certificates don't last long so the one that's keeps messing with my acct and putting there..Thanks I video to show that My Bon acct is being messed with..Those certificates has the month day and year when it ends..One says Oct 16 2016.....
Hey Tech,How the hell can Bon members get yr IP address?Name a few Death, OB,Krakken,Badboy,RW etc..Why Don't You and this so-called Bon Administration Profile Enlighten Us......
I am not able to return emails tried the validation but no luck
I am unable to respond to messages. I'm told I need further validation but I'm not receiving the text message or phone call to do so. I've sent three emails to the help email without response. PLEASE HELP.
Why can I no longer scroll down my wall indefinitely? I can only see a small amount of posts anymore and do not like it.
Have putting my number several time but still have not receive any code and this is my number 7063483286
So why are These Assholes are still here? posting minor pictures on. BON!??????..using False Bon Accts....
How do you handle harassment and cyber bulling. I know there is a report button but does something actually happen.
Created a new event: Test Test Test
Starts: 11/30/2016
In: Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida

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