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Female, 30 years old, and married.  Birthday is September 27, 1986.  Rides a motorcycle.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida  United States.  Member since April 2007.

Oh and how The Mad tv dude deactivated her/his profile after I questioned all the Test shit on his/her wall?If it was harmless?
How bout deleting ones that have fake alts/multiple profiles to created fps?
happy birthday sweetheart..
Why does the show more button not work
Wtf is this scam shit?BON!
Happy Birthday
You have a man on here that goes by the screen name of cullen in Portland Or. He's trying to scam women out of money. Please notify all women on here please. Ty
Catlash cant send outgoing messages again
How come a fake alt can't be blocked like the other one called Tiffany
I can't upload or submit anything for my status. pictures not even just writing. ..what can I look for to get me back up and running?
why am i having so much trouble sending and receiving messages? it has been a mess for over 48 hours
And can u still do background if so how?
How do you change the Looking For part of your profile?
how do I block a friend from seeing what is posted to my wall?
I'd like to have my birthday July 17 posted on the home page with the others, ralph harley
how can i post on the opening page and have the message appear on this page later.
Interesting cant seem to leave my device's alone ,is that why that profile on Bon had all that testing shit on his wall ,Like the Wlan testing??
Wtf?Tech Support.
Oh Lvd there's yr Felicia .look closely in the background of what the lovely app can do..Hide much?

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