Steel Saints LE MC INC.
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Steel Saints LE MC INC.

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Male, 28 years old, and in a relationship.  Birthday is April 01, 1993.  Owns and rides a motorcycle.  Interested in females and males.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is Believe in GOD.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Mesquite, Texas  United States.  Member since May 2009.


The Steel Saints LE MC is a Motorcycle Club, Nationally Chartered in the United States. The Founding Members began a solid "Steel" friendship brought about by their common tie of serving their country and community, but also from their love of riding motorcycles and the freedom of the road. They always admired, assisted, valued and respected their fellow bikers wherever they called home or whatever club or independent patch they wore. They combined their dedication from their professions, passion for riding, and the old school attitude of "Work Hard, Play Hard, Ride Long, and Ride Often". The inception of the Steel Saints came directly from the deep loyalties the Founders shared as uniformed service members charged with the protection of our nation, being 100% professionals in their occupations, along with the the deep respect and dedication they shared as friends, brothers, fellow bikers, and brothers in arms. They felt this philosophy behind the formation of a new MC, was an exciting formula that all bikers of similar background should experience and share Nationwide. Their desire to form a club of professional riders using the structured environment the military or police department can demand, yet a friendly, relaxed, and fun group to ride and travel with, and the comfort of always knowing your brother will assist you, has become very well respected and accepted among their peers, other MC's.

We support the AMA.

The Steel Saints LE MC participates in many local and national charity events, rides, rallies, and fund raisers. In the US, we are active in supporting many US Veteran's groups, Police Charities,

The majority of our membership consists of current, former (in good standing), retired, or active duty Police Officers from local, county, state, or federal LE agencies, Military Service members from all branches of service including Retired, Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard. Full time employed or volunteer Firefighters, Emergency Medical Personnel, Emergency Responders. Court Bailiffs or Security Officers of a court system employed by an incorporated city, state, or federal government. We also have civilian members from other civil service backgrounds. 911 Operators, Police/Fire Dispatchers, Correctional Officers, Jailers, Crime Scene Technicians, Crime Lab Techs, etc.

We are NOT a 1% club, but do not discriminate against those that claim they are. We do our own thing and leave others to their own thing. We extend our hand in friendly relationships with any group or club that shares our passion of riding. We manage and mind our own business and expect others to do the same. We never interfere with, disrespect, or degrade other clubs or bikers. We have respect for other clubs and defend their right to exist as private organizations and as fellow bikers. All riders are invited to be our guest at our events. We are by trade and profession, providers of assistance and protectors of those who can't protect themselves. Many persons and clubs share our passions and beliefs and have the opinion all bikers are already friends just waiting to be introduced! Our "Brotherhood of Bikers" approach to our club's operation has won us the respect of other clubs and has gained us many new friendships, partnerships, associations for networking nationwide.
We look forward to meeting you. Feel free to introduce yourself to out patched members wherever you encounter them!

Turn Ons

People who love to ride and respect other bikers. People who value honesty, loyalty, and friendship. People who enjoy their freedom, liberty, and their individual rights while respecting and honoring those who fought and died to provide that freedom and li

Turn Offs

Liars, cheats, thieves, frauds, bullshit artists, drama mongers, assholes, wannabes, and biker haters.


Active group participation in bike events on a National level. Chapters support their local communities by assisting with, participating in, organizing fund-raisers, being sponsors for charity events, or other area that our help is requested locally, whether in the planning, directing, help operate most type events.


Attending Major and Regional motorcycle rallies, and rides.

TV Shows

Sons Of Anarchy, Orange County Choppers, History/Military Channel, Discovery, Sports (Football, Hockey, The Winter & Summer Olympics), World Cup Soccer, etc.


On Any Sunday, On Any Sunday II, Easy Rider, Wild Bunch.
Science Fiction, Action, etc.


"Bones heal, and chicks dig scars" - Evel Knievel

"A Rolling Stone, can give you a hell of a bruise"

"Fight Crime, Shoot First!"

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