Friday, April 22, 2016
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


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Female, and married.  Birthday is January 16.  Rides a motorcycle.  Religious view is Genuine. Honest. True. REAL..  Doesn't drink.  Liberal political views.  Lives in OUR HOME, Missouri  United States.  Member since February 2010.  Last online last week.

"I never dreamed I'd grow up to be a SPOILED WIFE. But here I am, KILLIN IT." LMAO. Yup. My husband "deserve's a medal", alright. Growin old together IS the best...YEAHBABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY...!!
There's something about being back home after even the best vacay...sigh......... : ]
must be killin you to keep your mouth shut...good dog, sweetie.
From a trash ass ratchet bitch? LOL....
WELP! NO FIRE: risk too high accordin to Smokey the Bear...And to Charlie Whamo: that poem is beautiful, if a little sad. Wishin you well.
Gettin ready for a fabulous week: Lake Manistique, cabin, fireplace, boat, the man, the truck, the dog, and me. Happy years to us, babe. And may the past STAY A DEAD PIECE.
"Look Classy"...your issue is at some point you're going to open your mouth. Or write something.
How to look rich and classy…Ann Landers, 100 years ago, told us money doesn’t equal class. You should read that. Real biker women? We have class. Your choices? You have neither. Karma.
LUV U SWEETIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHBABY.
Ahhhhhh summer!!! Memorial Day comin up with the MIchaels of Michigan!
HELLO WEEKEND! Washington Blues n BBQ.
"our last goodbye was never said." Yeah it was: FUCK OFF.
<3 :*) <3
I gotta say that the only man for me is the one who still wants what I have: good woman, great work and play ethic, smart and sexy...that's a bikerbroad, folks. And right is AWESOME. I love him too.
Man doin his lawns and trimmin, me getting coupla garden plots aerated. Beautiful sunny afternoon after a midmorning storm cooled everything is good.
BEAUTIFUL April weather! Tulips and hostas, trees and fields: Missouri does have some damn fine roads.
:*) <3 (*) -O :*)
I'll say it again: the value of SCREEN shots? PRICELESS. You may have been able to wipe your harassment from this site, but you can't wipe the screenshots from my phone. So GTFOH, waste ratchet ass.
FREEBIRD Boots! I want them! Thnx 4 showen me cuz they're so fucken awesome! First pair not boots: RANDI, sexy as shit dress pumps. Now the SECOND pair?? COAL, in black. {Sigh: one pair a payday}....YEAHBABY!!!!!

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