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Male, and in a relationship.  Owns and rides a motorcycle.  Lives in High Point, North Carolina  United States.  Member since April 2008.


Being the oldest North Carolina based club, we have been around for the rise and fall of many around us. Founded and blessed in 1965, we remain in tact with strong beliefs, convictions, and loyalties. It's been a long and winding road through the years, but we stand as strong as ever.

We have lost brothers over the years, who have moved on before us. Some long before their time. We honor them in our lives daily and never forget the sacrifices they have made.

Our heart felt thanks, love and support to our HAMC Blacksheep Squad brothers in Winston and Greensboro who love and stand with us and by us!
Our many thanks to Myrtle Beach HAMC "Brutal Squad" for treating us so damn good when we're there! Thanks guys!! ~A~Respect~A~

We support, and are supported by 81 local and worldwide. If you sit on the fence with who you support, stay the fuck in your own little place in the world. We don't compromise on our standards or beliefs. It's all about Respect, and as we all know... Respect is earned, and beatings are free!!!


Bikers for life!

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