Bikers Against Dumb Drivers

As we all know, there are alot of drivers out there who can not drive correct, and we motorcyclst pay the price so if your with me sign up

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Marbles work great. They break after impact on thier windshield , no fingerprints. Attach a shotgun shell dump pouch to your ride and keep it filled for that special occasion.
need new seat for my bike lol
Some states have laws against talking or texting on cell phones while you drive.

Seems like the exception to those and all other traffic laws are if you're a cop.
Once the assholes get a license to drive a cage, they forget all they had to learn to get 1 once they leave the buildinding with it.
The dumb cunt that turned left in front of me on a main road said she "didn't see the motorcycle" I broadsided her, she was driving under suspension in her mom's pickup with no insurance, dumb people shouldn't breed, causes more dumb people. A month in the hospital, almost lost my leg & cripple for life, over $3000 out of pocket to fix my bike for parts, I did it on a walking cane when I could get around. Still ride but have to help my leg over my bike.
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