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The news this morning on the Golden Globes isn’t about which films won or lost, but about Meryl Streep’s 6-minute speech condemning Donald J. Trump. Sean Hannity tweeted about her remarks, “This is exactly why Hwood is DYING, what a bunch of hypocrites. Sex, violence, and drivel rule hwood. Turning the channel.” I say, let’s get behind our new President-elect and Vice President-elect Mike Pence and move forward together as a country. They’ve already made a lot of progress before even officially taking office, and let’s pray they continue to make positive changes for the future of America.

Okay I can't sleep so I come and rant little here .
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I swear sometimes I look at Trump supporters around on social media and can't help to think of one word "Inbred"... Allow me to explain,I wake up this morning to my news feeds and seeing many of you crying over the Golden Globe awards last night and some peoples speeches they gave.Now for the last year and a half you all have watched the liberal Hollywood stars take pop shots and made video's against Trump but you all tuned in to watch them and give them the ratings.SMH That's like banging your head off a wall realizing it hurts,and then going back to do it at a later date thinking the wall would be softer.I swear some must be a special kind of stupid,now why don't you go tune into CNN because just maybe they might be talking nice about Trump today.Hey, but I got some great news for you guys."The Oscars" are right around the corner,why don't you retards tune into that shit also so I have some entertainment when I wake up the next day as well... I swear some of your mothers should have swallowed your dumb asses..:
just for kicks and giggles....
Are you bored yet? The best scene is when the fella gets covered up all the way into the witewater on a nice smooth left!
happy merry christmas eve
Dave Mentally 3rd grader?...Lol Yeah Who stole Fbook pictures of minors .and Photoshop them to make nasty comment about,or Took Glinda Son pictures and posted?...That's low and immature for your sick Game ..Apparently who didn't learn? Glinda didn't as LVD didnt neither...
well it appears as if someone let that rabbit squat!

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We are so tide up in politics, internet, t.v drama, and simple ignorance that we have forgotten how to just be human. We have forgotten the simple acts of kindness, the ability to love freely. We have lost the hope to dream and imagine the impossible. Who and what have we become?We are so tied down by labels, and catch phrases. We are quick to assume everyone's motives and character. We are less patient, and quick to execute people based on assumptions. We have turned on each other over color, politics, gender, and financial position. We are now less human then we have ever been. We base knowledge on a weak premise of a meme and social media post. We claim God but have no real relationship with the creator. We shame those who don't believe in something we simply learned and applied to our lives based on the fact that it was told to us. We no longer research the truth because we rather believe an inflated lie. We are afraid of the unknown because we can't control it. We are more hateful of others for simply trying to grasp at the same standards of life that we fight to achieve. We are no longer a country of men and women, but spoiled, entitled children looking to blame the next man for our own failures to act. We are no longer a nation of integrity, honor, and justice. We are a selfish people looking to extinguish the dreams of others for fear that our own will not be realized. We have become our own worst enemy. We no longer teach our children to fight for the equality of all or to search for better ways to understand those who we disagree with. Instead we have become the worst example of everything that fear the most. Rather we are black/white, woman/man, Muslim/Christian, gay/straight, or Republican or Democrat we are our own worst enemy. We have all become bigots, racist, sexist, and immoral. The moment we allowed ourselves to give in to these reckless emotions, the moment we laugh at another's pain, the moment we take for granted the life of another, the moment we no longer seek forgiveness, and cherish our pride. The moment we disconnected ourselves from reality only to watch television shows of false scripted reality. That is the moment we lost our humanity. What will it take for you to apologize to those you hurt or upset with words of anger and malice. What will it take for you to care about the lives of your fellow country men. Do you actually need a tragedy that will shake you to your core to open your eyes to the madness we call America. We have loss our connection with the creator God,Allah, Jehovah, or what ever name you choose to give. We hide behind these religions and judge others but hate to be judged. My friends your church can't save you, your government can't save you, your money can't save you, your color can't save you, and it seems we can't even save ourselves. Oh my friends we have gone too far and strayed from everything that made us whole, just, honest, loving or even human. We are our own destruction, we are our own terror, we are our own enemy. If your looking for the cause of the problem, you need to look no further then a mirror! Time is coming to a close end and we are squandering our lives over petty differences. Only God can save us all, only love, honesty, integrity, morality, comes from Him. We as men possess no ability to free ourselves from hatred, bigotry, dishonesty, or this mental slavery that we call reality. We are all caught in this Matrix of hatred, and pain. Unplug from the T.V, social media, politics, depressing news, and reconnect with Humanity! Let's just try and be loving people. Let's not wait until disaster has taken our friends and family to wake up. Please awake from this madness, and spread love, hope, compassion, empathy, faith, and hope. That is the dream of not just America but all of mankind.

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