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FXSTC OLD SCHOOLMsBR-U-Up2-iTread the profile firstpleaseyankeeflowerHellbilly Shellgigi Leave Fan Page

Ok Krakken aka WGDave why Don't tell us What Flower aka Phart Blossom meant???When she messaged me Bout Robyns Dear Hydro fp....
Talking v About Rides v are YOU Krakken I provided proof plenty you want to turn a blind eye to it that's your You hide behind a fake profile picture yourself along with YOUR so called Sweets...
its funny when a known fake profile makes demands for proof but cant provide any real proof itself!
Robyn why did yr kid message me????..Oh that's just 1 of 10...
Too bad Twister don't like leave the fp like the rest would have to do.I see your posts on fps and I don't whine about it.I jyst hit the hide user .Exactly i can't block either...
Would someone at BON management deal with this whole Vikingsvixen thing so the rest of don't have to read all this crap. It annoying and not what we are on here for. I can't block it from appearing on my feed
Really?Who cares ? When the same person keeps making terroristic threats against Myself,Family ,Friends..I like to think I care.
Who cares...
Oh here's a good one kinda tells you what going on Robyn as quite a few of you on his wall..Don't worry bout deleting yr comments and post I've already got what your sexual pictures posted on amateur porn sites...
Here's another profile associated With Robyn,and their sexual scams
This Profile belongs to Robyn.who stalks and Has Multiple false Profiles she uses She on FB Steal pictures and open up Bon accts as Glinda was one of them ..
The profile below belongs to a stalker and probable pedophile. It has stalked people's children and other family members on FaceBook. It has used the photos of people's kids for fake profiles here. The profile below is on numerous sex pages and may be scamming members using the photos of kids.
Here's YOUR fucking proof off my FB pictures being swiped as Radioactive fly ran her big mouth,So who was stalking me Radioactive fly RIDEs again..
Here's more of my truth Robyn that you deleted yr thread..
Robyn you want delete my truth.Fuck YOU..

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