Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Female, 66 years old, and single.  Birthday is April 19, 1957.  Looking for a backseat.  Rides a motorcycle.  Interested in males.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is i do believe.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Barboursville, West Virginia  United States.  Member since July 2008.


i really hate this part..i am a very young at heart woman who loves life..not shy at all very open minded,i enjoy riding,walking,traveling going to karaoke..ask me anything you would like to know i have nothing to hide. hey if you wanna chat and have yahoo messenger come find me under kelliescharm7
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Lets101 Quizzes - Fun Quiz

How all business phones should be answered... 'Good morning, welcome to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA' Press '1' for english Press '2' to disconnect until u learn 2 speak english And remember there are only 2 defining forces that have ever offered 2 die 4 u: JESUS CHRIST... and our AMERICAN SOLDIERS. 1 died 4 ur soul... The others 4 ur freedom. If u agree... keep this goin, if not simply hit the erase button.

There once was a girl and she was pregnant.

month 1:Hi mommy. im in your stomach. it is very comfortable in here. im not ready to leave yet.
month 2: mommy, im still very small. but i cant wait to meet you!
month 3: im starting to grow! before you know it, ill be big and strong!
month 4: mommy im a girl! arent you proud? i cant wait to be your little princess:)
month 5: guess what mommy? i have hair. i really like it.
month 6: mommy, why are we at the doctor?
what is that mean man saying?
what is an abortion?
what is that needle for? oww! mommy stop him! it burns! i cant get away from it!
Dear mommy,
i am an angel. i met this nice man named jesus. he.told me what an abortion was... why didnt you want me? i thought you loved me... well i love you. Jesus told me that he will love me and raise me to be big and strong....
*if you are Against Abortions you will send this to 10 ppl.
think about all the unborn lives. they have no choice;Be a voice

I have curves, so im fat. If I wear makeup, I'm fake. If I like to get dressed up, I'm a hoochie. If I say what i think, I'm a bitch. If I cry sometimes, I'm a drama queen. If I have guy friends, I'm a slut. If I stand up for myself, I'm mouthy. Seems like you can't do anything now a days without being labeled.. So what, go ahead and label me, see if i give a shit. repost this if your proud of who you are :)

About Me

i live for today and do my best to enjoy it. life is what you make it. i am 52 years young and have a great heart with lots to give. i am out spoken,sometimes a little to flirty and i have 7 wonderful grandchildren that are my world.. any thing else you would like to know just ask me not shy at all....

Turn Ons

tattoo's,nice smiles,honest people,good personality,tender touch,great kisser

Turn Offs



walking,traveling,going to the beach,riding on the back of a nice bike when i get the chance. spending time with grandchildren and friends


walking,traveling,karkaoke(but i don't sing)shooting pool


all kinds depends on the mood...

TV Shows

csi,law&order,ghost whisper,without a trace and army wives


A heart filled with love always has something to give

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