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Female, 58 years old, and single/divorced.  Birthday is October 18, 1961.  Looking for a backseat.  Rides a motorcycle.  Interested in males.  Looking for friends or a relationship.  Drinks socially.  Lives in A hop and skip from Alexandria, Louisiana  United States.  Member since December 2010.  Last online last week.

So I haven't decided if Louisiana has had enough of me being here or if I've had enough of being in Louisiana :(

About a month ago my car had to have the alternator replaced No problem easy fix only problem I live 15 or more minutes outside of town. Walked to work * yep that was some exercise* because I need my job. Finally got it fixed thanks to the husband of one of the girls I work with.
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2 days ago on my way to work ..... My car just up and quit. I was thank god in the parking lot of the water company *had stopped to pay my bill* So even though I wasn't on the road I was still broke down. I called many people even the 2 mechanics I have used in the past 8 years and NO ONE could come give me a simple jump to see if that would help. While sitting in the parking lot *police station in same building* a policeman approached the car stood 2 parking spaces away and asked me what I was doing. I explained the situation and told him I was trying to get someone to come see if a jump would at least get it going enough to get it home. He said ' We are not allowed to jump vehicles Call a mechanic a tow truck or someone to get it removed from here" ummm hello I've seen many police officers, state troopers, sheriff departments stop and help stranded motorists every where I've ever lived EVEN in the parish I live in. Now I'm not about to leave my car cause with my luck it would get more tickets than ever and/or towed. No replies for 3 1/2 hours while I sat there. Missing work. Not making money. I finally called the Dollar General and begged the clerk there * I go in there frequently* to see if any of her customers had cables and could come see if a jump would at least get me home * a few minute drive.* It did start but all lights on dash were on no radio no headlights or signal lights and barely moving I did get iit home with this stranger following me.

I've spent today recalling people *friends I've done for in the past 13 years I've lived here* And gotten no help.

So I've missed 2 days of work and still have no idea what is going on with my car Shows me how important I am in people's lives or in this State and that's sad.
Good evening. Time to relax. And have a much needed and deserved mixed drink. 2 days off. Finally! Have a good evening and stay safe! @--
Extremely tired,stressed and busy in Louisiana. Haven't been on much. If I missed your birthday I'm sorry. I hope it was great. Stay in, wash your hands and ride safe always. @--
15 Practical Pandemic Thoughts:

1. Take your multi pack disinfectant Clorox wipes and go Clean...Clean your house. Clean your car. Clean whatever you need to. Then share your extra wipes with others in need. Hoarding it in your house does nothing. Others need to be clean to not pass the virus to you...AND cleaning turns panic into productivity.
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2. If your church cancels services, find a way to give online... don’t stop giving. Churches are often the first place people run to in the midst of a crisis. Churches need the funds to be ready to help those in need and those serving around the world.

3. Work on filling your freezer and pantry not your toilet paper supply.

4. Turn on the local news over cable news. Local news will give the real facts without assumptions and causing further panic. Cable news will only continue to add to the panic.

5. Enjoy being home. Start that project. Clean out closets. Work in the yard. Read. Cuddle those babies and play with the kiddos that are home from school. Use this time wisely. It's a gift not punishment.

6. Be aware of those around you in need. Pray for creative childcare for kids from closed schools and daycares. Pray for the elderly who are now further cut off from the world. Offer to help in any way if you are able.

7. Don’t complain about closings and cancels. Precautions are being put in place for a reason. Follow directions even if they seem crazy. Respect the wisdom and instructions of our elected authorities.

8. Take one day at a time. Don’t make any decisions for anything months from now based on the fear of today.

9. Talk through about what’s going on with family, friends, co-workers, employees etc. Have a plan in place...then change the subject. Go about life as normal as possible.

10. Pray for the healthcare workers working around the clock. Pray for grocery store/pharmacy workers. Pray for our Military. Pray for Americans overseas. Pray for the economy. Pray for our government officials as they seek to make informed and wise decisions.

11. Whatever you do...don’t make this political. We need to be a unified country more than ever. Working together for the greater good of our nation and people. This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans...this is about being Americans and doing the right thing.

12. Wash your hands.

13. Wash your hands.

14. Wash your hands.

15. Wash your hands,

This pandemic has created crazy changes, cancelled plans and difficult closures. We’re all on the edge... waiting. There are things we all can do to make this wait a little easier. This time isn’t wasted... Be practical. Be wise. God will work it out. He always does.
Happy Sunday darlin
Good morning. Excuse me while I rant >:(

People have lost their freaking minds. ?? While you are all out there buying up everything you can to 'protect yourself' from the Corona Virus you are only making it worse for others.
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The elderly or disabled that get their checks mid month ONLY go to the store ONE time until the next month when said check comes again. YOU idiots are not leaving any thing for them that they need to basically survive. THIS VIRUS attacks the elderly the most. THEY are the ones you should be thinking about not just your selfish ignorant ass.

Wash your damn hands, It's a simple thing. I am sure*well not totally* that your mothers taught you how to do this at a young age. Wipe off surfaces that are touched frequently. Drink plenty of water whether or not you are thirsty. Do not shake hands. Do not touch your eyes, scratch your ears, sniff your damn fingers Just do what you are advised to do and stop acting like a bunch of animals on the loose. WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER EVERY THING YOU TOUCH. If people would just do this simple little thing we may be able to get through this.

I work in a nursing home/assisted living facility that is CLOSED to the public NO FAMILY allowed inside for the next month or longer. Basically we are in 'lock down' We have spent the last four days sanitizing from top to bottom ....everything. WE are doing what we've been advised to do to keep this virus out of our building. I wash my hands over 100 times a day *and no I'm not exaggerating* and squirt a LITTLE sanitizer in between. Our residents are the 'target age' of this virus and most have no idea what is going on in every day life. These people have been cut off from the only people that they may remember when they see the faces of their loved ones and it's sad to see.

You people have lost your minds and all you can do is worry about whether or not you have enough toilet paper. People are actually grabbing it out of others hands in the store.

I am worried about this virus don't get me wrong but I'm not panicking I'm doing as I've been advised.

I've lived a full life and if this were to take me out of this world... life goes on. Right now I'm taking care of those who are the most vulnerable.

WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS. and TRY to act like adults instead of wild animals who've never been let out in public.
Good afternoon! Raining AGAIN in Louisiana... So tired of the rain and now gusts of wind. Oh well. So this is me. I'll be 59 this year. Doesn't seem like I should be this old lol. Have a good evening. Stay safe and warm. @--
Good afternoon. How's this for TBT pic! 3 days after I turned 18! This should scare a few of you! 2nd pic 4 years later. Its 1 he carried in his wallet. Have a good day all. Still raining in Louisiana :'( Ride safe. @--
Happy Valentines Day, You Perfectly Gorgeous Lady!!! I hope You have a Great Day!!! ^p^ B-)
Good afternoon from Louisiana. Where the temperatures are in the 70's! Mother nature needs to get back on her meds! :))
Good afternoon. I was told today at work that I looked 'horrible for my age.' That if I didn't start taking care if myself that I'd regret it in a few years. What did I say in response? I told this 20 something year old that I had survived more in my lifetime than she could even imagine going through. That yes I may not be the world's idea of a 'pretty' woman. But looks aren't everything. They fade in time. Its the...See More heart, the confidence, the strength and personality of a person that makes them 'beautful'. And I walked off. I will be 59 this year. My wrinkles and scars come from living my life... Not watching it go by. Have a good night all. Ride safe.
Hi there how are you doing.
Honey I'm home !! Damn I am going to have to work on get a honey lol LONG DAY here but I survived !!
I was hoping that 2020 would be a better year for me :( But so far it has only been one thing after another going downhill. On Friday my car decided it was done with me ..... Now I know enough about vehicles to figure out what's going on but this is leading me on a long goose chase and frankly I'm not in the mood. So I contacted my mechanic only to find out he's on vacation until the 7th of February. Okay that's...See More not too bad BUT my job is 11 miles from me. No Uber no Lyft Cab costs almost what I make in a day Don't know my neighbors * and I'm not exactly the type to ask for help anyways * So I will be hitching my a$$ to work for the next 2 weeks Talk about some serious exercise I got this .......
I don't know what happened to the picture I just posted earlier :( It POOFED :O I didn't think it was that bad

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