1997 Honda® Shadow 1100 Spirit VT1100C1
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Thursday, July 12, 2018
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Male, 61 years old, and single.  Birthday is January 31, 1960.  Owns a 1997 Honda® Shadow 1100 Spirit VT1100C1 and 1 other bike.  Interested in females.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Drinks socially.  Moderate political views.  Lives in Keokuk, Iowa  United States.  Member since January 2008.  Last online today.

I always try to look for the positive in a bad here's the good thing...With all the anti-vaxxers out there, they are slowly being picked off by Covid. Thus, making the world a smarter place!
To the IDIOTS that still think Covid-19 is a made up government disease: They just buried my riding buddy Sunday...he was 40 years old. That's the 3rd friend that's died from Covid in the past year. How can you be so fucking stupid to believe it doesn't exist?
There's a certain retrumplican on here who associates mask wearing with being a democrat. Wearing masks is NOT a political's a health thing!!!!! YOU say democrats have no right to tell you what to do, yet it's okay for you to jeopardize others by not wearing a mask?! FUCK you, you ignorant piece of shit.
First ride of the year yesterday. It felt good just to be out of the damned house. So sick of covid
Happy <:o) Birthday
I noticed you have a special day arriving and hoped to send you a small smile a little bit in advance, with this.... I hope you are well and that every day is as special as the one you were born <:o)
Created a new event: Put Trump Behind Bars!!!
Starts: 1/12/2021
In: Keokuk, Iowa
What's happening in our country is no longer a Republican vs Democrat's an AMERICAN thing. If you want to continue to support the egotistical madman who is Trump, then maybe you're just as crazy as he is. If you think the election was rigged, then I have just 3 words for you: FUCKIING PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!
The attack on our capital is one of darkest days in history. For years I've known Donald Trump was an egotistical prick. I admit I under-estimated just how much so. he fact that he encouraged his gullible followers to come to DC just because he can't accept the fact that HE LOST. I hate the fact that a 35 year old veteran lost he life because of him and his pack of lies. Just one question Mr. you have any remorse? My guess is no.
To all Trump supporters: See More
Your illustrious leader first threatened to veto a bill that would give our military a pay increase. Why? Because he's mad at Twitter...great reason. Now, he's called the U.S. a "third world nation". As an American, I support the men and women who fight for our country, and as Americans, you should too. I'm offended by ANYONE who calls our nation a "third world country"....but especially by the supposed leader of our country. As Americans, how can you continue to support the man who doesn't support OUR nation? He's not only dragging the country down, he's hurting the Republican party. I'm a true independent. I don't vote for somebody just because there's a D or an R behind his or her name.
It's time to be honest with yourself...truly honest. What has Trump done for OUR country over the past four years?

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