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New "Spring" Look!!  April 2015
Our New Baby Girl born 8/28/2013


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Female, 65 years old, and single/divorced.  Birthday is November 17, 1954.  Looking for a backseat.  Rides a motorcycle.  Interested in males.  Looking for friends, riding partners, or a relationship.  Religious view is I believe.  Drinks socially.  Lives in San Antonio, Texas  United States.  Member since February 2010.

I wanted to update my pic , but it won’t download!! Anyone else having issues w/BON?.
Happy Birthday Beautiful, Hope it was a great one
A god bless our Texas ladies...happy B-day Foxy
Happy Birthday Sweetie!
Happy Biorthday & many more, hugs!
For David Bowie fans:
On 7/24/19, My Precious only Granddaughter, 23 yrs old, died by a gun shot wound to the chest, she left behind 4 lil ones who want their Mommy, My Poor daughter has been grieving so much , I'm just beside myself, i helped raise that Beautiful girl, Still No Straight answers from Homicide Detectives, they say another Month?!? I want answers yesterday about my Girl!! She will live in My Heart and Memories til my dying day!??
This made me feel better!! Now I wanna Ride.. I'm Totally FREE At Last And Need Wind Therapy in the Worst way!!
Well it's been a weird last 3 Mo's.. But finally sucked it Up. Kicked the Asshole to the street. With my Bros help!! Filed police report about him trying to choke me last week,. I've been living in fear lately, serious Health issues cuz of Nerves,, NEVER, I Repeat, think long and Hard about truly trying to help someone else get on their feet, when You Yourself are Hanging on by your Finger Nails!! He's Gone, But...See More Stole My Apple IPad, and My Iphones..My Life was on those..still scared he will show back up,. This "Parasite", now has me so upside down with bills, now have to start over,. But I'm Safe and In One Piece Thank You God,!!
That Time Of Year Again!! I say maybe around “Florida Beaches”!! We are too close to Mexico to ever see this happening here!! JS
Hmmmmmm!!! Sumthin to Think About!!
“Let’s Get It On”... Old Man!!

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