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Male, and married.  Owns a 1968 Harley-Davidson® Sportster Super H XLH and 1 other bike.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is Adversarian.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Canyon Country, California  United States.  Member since November 2007.

"This Is Government Land": The Eternal Refrain of the Federal Occupiers
by William N. Grigg

"How DARE armed white men seize federal property on land that was ... uh, illegally occupied by armed white men back in the 1870s ... oh, never mind."

The last time a group of white militants occupied federally administered land near Burns, Oregon, the Feds gave them title to it, and recognized them as
The Real "Ferguson Effect": Increased Police Lethality, Expanded Prosecutorial Deference
by William N. Grigg

Yes, there IS a "Ferguson Effect": Police are safer, citizens are at greater risk, and prosecutors more eager to rig grand juries to exonerate abusive officers.
Rwanda and the Evils of Politicized Christianity
by William N. Grigg

The heresy of Christian ethnic nationalism made the Rwandan genocide possible, if not inevitable.

Urged on, and often led, by their politically connected clergy, Rwandan Christians belonging to one government-defined ethnic collective eagerly slaughtered Christians belonging to a different one, as if in fulfillment of prophecy: "...more at link
When "Rescuers" Become a Death Squad: The Killing of Michael Funk
by William N. Grigg

Was ??Michael Funk?'s death by SWAT team something other than an accident? A former Neenah police detective told me: “I think they may have just taken the opportunity, and erred on the side of `Let’s eliminate this problem,’
Renouncing Rights, Rather than Denouncing the State, is Idolatry
by William N. Grigg

“Beware the man who takes pride in his humility,” advised Yisrael Baal Shem Tov, an admonition that applies to other acts of conspicuous self-effacement. .... a "Christian duty" to repudiate the right to armed self-defense displays the kind of moral vanity to which Rabbi Yisrael referred.
"Blue Privilege" and the Felony Murder Rule

by William N. Grigg

When a cop chasing a speeder kills someone, guess who gets charged with murder?
Slapdown in Steamboat Springs: The Blue Tribe Targets Two Whistleblowers
by William N. Grigg·

Yet another case that answers the familiar question, "Why don't `good cops' speak out?"
Donald Trump's Presidential "Heel Turn"
by William N. Grigg

The Trump campaign would make *perfect* sense as a pro wrestling storyline, and would be much less harmful if it were
Justice for Jack Yantis: Don't Leave the Investigation to the "Professionals"
by William N. Grigg

?Justice for Jack Yantis? will require an investigation that is conducted by people who are concerned with something infinitely more worthwhile than preserving the "legitimacy" of the government agency that killed him.
Open Range, Open Season: The Killing of Jack Yantis
by William N. Grigg

Jack ??Yantis? went to protect the vermin who killed him. Sheriff Zollman, incidentally, is among the sheriffs who pledged to oppose Obama's gun grab -- as if the theoretical threat posed by the Feds were a bigger danger than the lethal threat posed by his own deputies.
The Chain of Command and the Executioner in the Classroom
by William N. Grigg

"Terror must be maintained, or the Empire is doomed" -- if I can be forgiven for crossing fandoms in that fashion.
Commissar Avakian's War Against Property Rights
by William N. Grigg

It's not just the Sweetcaks case, or the P-Club/"T-Girls" outrage: Commissar Brad Avakian of Oregon's Bureau of Labor and Industries is conducting an all-out assault on the very concept of property rights, hoping to ascend to the office of Secretary of State over the rubble of the businesses he's demolished, and the lives he has wrecked.

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