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Thursday, June 27, 2013


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Female, 56 years old, and in a relationship/complicated.  Birthday is May 18, 1967.  Rides a motorcycle.  Interested in females and males.  Religious view is Spiritual not religious.  Drinks socially.  Very conservative political views.  Lives in Old Forge, Pennsylvania  United States.  Member since April 2008.


I am a true free spirited biker gurl,I love the wind in my hair.....was biker born, bred and raised. The very proud niece of my Uncle "Grizz" who taught me , biker ways and instilled my biker spirit in me...he is sadly and dearly missed but never ever forgotten...and although no longer in this physical "world" he is with me every moment in this life, on every ride, and always has my bars....he just "rode on by" for a bit...till we meet in the next life ; Dear Uncle where the road never comes to an end!!! I Love You...never forget that!! "Nuff said there...I myself am: Wendi... Known as "Lil' Bear" by biker name to my friends and biker family and I am fortunate to have an Uncle still here (Tom... brother of "Grizz") who I can ride beside & keep an eye on; he's one of those "Old Coots on Scoots" I still love him tho' he knows that!!.....I am very laid back,
very down to earth, love nature, the great outdoors, the ocean, love making new friends and keeping the old ones! Tattoo's!!Getting Inked!! I have 16 of em' including a full sleeve on each arm and counting!, thanks ever so much to my very talented and artistic friend and tattoo artist Chuck! (You are# 1 Baby!) The loves of my life are: . my daughters: Kayla 28 yrs., Madison 12, Hayley 11, and my 2008 HD Softail Deluxe (which of course got her name in Honor of my Uncle: "Grizz's Journey") I am a nurse by profession. I am also a proud, active member of Patriot Riders District 6 Chapter 53 A.B.A.T.E.of Mifflin Co. Lewistown, Pa. ("cause that's where my Biker family hails from :) and am the Secretary of our Chapter & webmistress for our website. And i'm also a member of Duval County Chapter of A.B.A.T.E. of Jacksonville, Fl. If ya' wanna know more just ask...i shoot straight from the hip and hate bullshit so come at me with honesty and respect and i will return the same :) Love, Peace, & Cycle Grease ;) Ride Safe, Ride Free!

Turn Ons

real biker men NOT weekend warriors, I DO NOT trailer my bike....I ride or don't go! simple as that. Tattoos...i'm very inked and pierced, good conversation, someone who can have fun and let it all hang out. Gotta like kids, i'm a dedicated mom to 3 daught

Turn Offs

dishonesty, cheating, head games, ignorance, being stereotyped, fake people.


Love riding..what more can i say? Live to Ride...Ride to Live!! Love hanging out with good friends and making new ones.


Outdoors, camping, fishing, hunting, the beach & boardwalk, I'll try almost anything once within reason... Laid back, love to have fun


Classic rock, 80's rock, metal, alternative....pretty much anything good to listen to....except Rap....hate that shit!!

TV Shows

ER, Grey's Anatomy, Trauma life in the Er...M*A*S*H* (can ya' tell i'm a nurse? lol) also love law and order, desperate housewives, good movies etc.....


too many to list


"It's NOT the Destination, It's The Journey!"

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