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Female, 56 years old, and single/widow.  Birthday is May 15, 1963.  Looking for a backseat.  Interested in males.  Looking for friends or a relationship.  Religious view is christian.  Drinks socially.  Moderate political views.  Lives in columbus, Ohio  United States.  Member since February 2019.  Last online today.

Happy Valentines Day, You Perfectly Gorgeous Lady!!! I hope You have a Great Day!!! ^p^ B-)
Hi there how was your day.
You don't say much do you ? No likes, no answering messages. Its nice to communicate with your friends once in a while. TTYL ..........................
Hi Peggy,
you wana txt me
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas Dear !!!!! Huge Hugs !!!!!!
WOW, you look younger than you are, hope I'm not upsetting you!!
You can also contact me at woods six six nine five at g
Are you ready for Christmas?. I'm already ready for spring time!!!
Looking for anything’?
Happy Thanksgiving
I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving :)
Good morning Peggy,
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Thank you for your reply. I just woke up here at 1:30 am for no particular reason, and feel wide awake. I went to bed right about 10 pm. I am not sure why I woke up so early. We are under a winter storm warning here. We have gotten about 3-4 inches of snow form the looks of it outside with winds 20-30 mph and gusts up to 45 mph. They were calling for up to 8 inches of snow yesterday morning, but I figured by looking at the National weather service we would not get that much. The local Stations here are never right, LOL.
Both I am my profile are real, and true. I do not believe in lying or playing people, or drama. I made my career out of the U.S. Military, over 32 years. I started my career in he Navy, then eventually grew up and went over to the Army. I am honestly glad I did too. There is much more professionalism in the Army in my opinion.
So you are from Columbus, Oh. I have been to Cincinnati many times, and through Columbus too. Peggy, in my opinion you are a beautiful woman. We are also close in age. I am 53 now, and will turn 54 in Feb. I am a mature guy, I left High School back in 84. I am not one of the guys who never left High School, or has an immature mindset. I am not simply looking for sex. My hope is to find a woman to share, and enjoy the rest of my life with, make good memories, ect...
If you have any interest I would like to learn more about you! I am not looking for an instant relationship either. I feel 2 people need to establish, and share mutual trust, respect. and have open & honest communication first, and foremost. I was married before, and with my ex-wife for just shy of 20 years. That ended back in March of 2012. It was due to severe injuries I sustained while on Active Duty in the Army, in support of the War on Terror. It is called life, not fun and games though.
I would honestly like to learn more about each other, and hope you agree? If you are and want to feel free to reach me by email. My email is If you are not comfortable with that I understand too! No hard feelings, I promise! The way the world is turning and going, a person can not be to careful for oneself.
I wish you the best, Take care Peggy!!!
Very pretty lady. Looking for a rider!!

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