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Male, 78 years old, and single/divorced.  Birthday is December 08, 1941.  Backseat available.  Owns a 2017 Harley-Davidson® Electra Glide® Ultra® Limited FLHTK.  Interested in females.  Looking for friends, riding partners, or a relationship.  Drinks socially.  Conservative political views.  Lives in blanco, Texas  United States.  Member since February 2018.  Last online last week.

Why in hell everytime I post something, it goes straight to my profile???
OH well I thought it was good, if your interested go take a look.
Been a while since I've posted anything here and seeing it's a cold, gloomy and wet day and I'm setting here listening to the blues and having a few toddys. Got me to thinking about all the times I've heard "why do you ride", so I decided to try and jot down a few "Reasons"
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Have you ever sat on the side of a high mountain road and watched a thunder storm off in the distance or heard the throaty rumble of a big twin in the still of the night from the other side of a valley, or maybe the music made by a highly tuned motor as the rider attempts the twisties of his favorite road in the early hours of dawn?
Have you topped a hill or rounded a curve and their before you in all their majesty, were snow capped mountain peaks?
Have you lain in the grass and wild flowers of a secluded meadow gazing at the clouds and listening to the quite?
Have you ever sat on a beach and become part of the most amazing and beautiful sunset ever created?
Have you ever tasted ice cold, sparkling clear spring water flowing from the side of a mountain?
Have you tasted trout you caught from a stream
and cooked over an open fire?
Have you ever gazed into a campfire and remembered things long forgotten?
Have you been engulfed and overwhelmed by the beauty and vastness of a star filled open country night?
Have you ever been so close and in tune with your mate that all it took for two to become one, was nothing at all?
Have you ever leaned back, looking at your bike and remembered all these things?
I have, and I can't wait to do them all again !!!

While I'm far from a poet, I thought I might give it a try, and trying to keep the "why we ride" subject, so here ya go.

My needs are simple, my wants are few
A winding stretch of highway, and a friend or two

A sunrise, a sunset, the mountains majesty
Mighty oceans narrow streams, and the eagles flying free

A moment in time, in the solitude of the plains
The freshness of the air, after spring time rains

The smells of a forest, and freshly mowed hay
Go ahead, fill your senses, there's no better way

The wind in our faces, my lady and me
One with Mother nature, what more could you hope to be

No matter what they ride, I'll wave to all I see
Understanding and sharing, as we all ride free

Happy Birthday! _!_
<:o) -O _!_ <3 { } @--
Happy Happy BD Oleman...
Enjoy Your Special Day :)
Happy Birthday! Hope your day is the Best!! <:o) _!_ @--
Got a question maybe someone can answer, Why is it that when I post something, as soon as I log off the site, my post goes straight to my profile page, and does not stay on the page it was posted on?
A few pics of the recent trip up to Canada, trying out a new stick stove, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, trying to stay dry, Bill Cody State Park, 8 straight days of heavy rain, top of Royal Gorge and the summit of the Bear Tooth Pass. 13 days, 4500 miles and 7 states and Canada.
A little taste of the West Coast trip in April.
What a pleasant surprise, checked back to see what was going on with BON and did not see a single one of the idiots that have been infecting the site with their stupidity for the past year or so. YEA-- I'm sure you didn't miss me--but here I am anyway. Been a interesting year, rode coast to coast and border to border. just returned from Canada last month. Over 18K miles. Be good to hear from some of the old friends.
I might be wrong, but you would think the owners of BON would do something about this stupidity invading the website. The website has to be losing revenue due to declining membership. And all because of not controlling these types of post ??? doesn't make sense to me, but what do I know---I'm just a biker!!!!

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