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Male, 56 years old, and single.  Birthday is April 21, 1966.  Backseat available.  Owns a motorcycle.  Lives in Warrenton, Missouri  United States.  Member since January 2018.  Last online today.

I have . Yes Just returned from Great Smokey Mnts Beautiful
I just sold my house in Illinois and moving to Valparaiso IN
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday! <:o)
Anyone who is getting friend request from Hogan of dover Delaware do not accept. They have stolen my pics without permission and using them and the police have been notified. Hell they may turn over to fbi for not knowing for sure they are where they say they are at. What a loser
Does anyone know how I can get a hold of bon? This asshole from dover Delaware is using other peoples pics and I would like to have them removed
Hogan from dover Delaware why don't you use your own pic you fuckin prick.leave my pics alone faggot
Is there anything anyone can do about stealing your pics? Man from dover Delaware has taken a pic of mine and is using it as his profile pic
Now a guy from dover Delaware has one of pics.i guess people just take what they want.
Now a guy from dover Delaware is using a pic of m8ne
Some guy from Salem Oregon name Michele is using one of my pics.my bike and dog for his profile so im sure a scammer
Some guy from Salem Oregon named Michele stole that pic on his profile.thats my bike and my dog in my garage
QOS UR ON IT---The federal government maintains a list of names of people who may be associated with a known suspect, are a known suspect themselves, or are under "reasonable suspicion" of involvement in an extremist group or terrorist activity
----------------------------- FBI IS GONNA GETCHA-----------------------------------------------------------------------jan 6th activist--------------report her ass-------------------------------------
I see you been talking to Hellonwheels my X Spouce. He's bi-sexual are you also looking for a male bitch rider? Hummmmm.....
Republican Proud changed her profile pic 4 times in 4 days since I exposed her. Carolyn White is Republican Proud, OneHorseMotor, and several other fakes that doxed and harassed me for years and shared my info with dozens so that they could harass me too. She is 47 not 60. She has over 300 friends check your friend's list remove her so she doesnt steal ur info and use it against u.
I'm in Arizona buck.

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