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Male, 67 years old, and single.  Birthday is April 03, 1953.  Owns and rides a motorcycle.  Interested in females.  Looking for friends, riding partners, or a relationship.  Religious view is Methodist.  Drinks socially.  Lives in the 'only' city TWICE voted the #1 place to live in the USA - NASHUA, New Hampshire  United States.  Member since July 2008.


1st things first!
Spread the word - Help needed!
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I won't lose all hope.
And, I'm not dead yet.
However, I'm wondering
... where are you?

-----> Greetings from Bob.
Hey ALL!

Given I created and launched it - I guess I play somewhat of a leading role in the Annual BON Party USA / 'Biker Party's United' (The 'BPU') © ® ™ ... which has now taken place four times - NATIONWIDE during the 1st weekend in June.

*THANK YOU* to everybody who has taken part (with me) in creating it's success.
I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

... A THANK YOU video was produced for all those who were involved and/or who attended our 1st party.
Touch up the volume (GREAT tunes!) - hit the "FULL SCREEN" option button --- and --- Enjoy!

BON Party USA from Bucky Edrington ...
bon id ---> 'UncleBuck' ... and ... Bob Alcorn ... bon id ---> 'Magic Man' .
The countdown is on for the 5th Annual BON PARTY USA / Biker Party's United! © ® ™
May 30th thru June 1st 2014.
Come party with us!

RIGHT BELOW is a slide show I was involved in creating.
It centers on 40 or 50 of my initial New England BON friends ...

Have a look and listen.

Enjoy !!
... 'Rockin' Down The Highway'

Rocking Down The Highway from Bob ---> bon id ---> 'Magic Man' .

... hailing from a (3-generation) family of practicing magicians (dating back to the old vaudeville days) I was 'given'- and 'took' - the 'NAME' Magic Man a l-o-n-g time ago when CB radios came out.
When screen names came along for the internet - it was only natural to keep the same name.
... (people always ask - what's with that internet NAME?) ...

I'm glad I was introduced to BON. (early July of '08)
I'm interested in being made aware of (and participating in) rides / events etc. ...
Some people might describe the time I spend here as being "fairly active on the site"
... (OK - yeah - I guess.) (lol)

By the way ... if I should happen to meet a nice lady along-the-way as well --- 'All-The-Better' - that would be a 'Wonderful Thing'

My motorcycle years ... (the shortened version) (lol)
LONG AGO - (back when I had blond hair) - my 1st bike was a '66 650 BSA Lightning! - a British bucket-of-bolts, which I pushed more than I rode ---> SERIOUSLY and LITERALLY! :)

... then came my '74 Kawasaki Z-1 (903) (The SCREAMER!!)
... custom paint & parts / and I had it dripping with chrome. It was totaled when some DUMB ASS took a left in front of me and I broad-sided the FOOL at 65 MPH. - (totaled his car as well)

That was my 1-and-Only 'Broken Wing' event. (the summer of '79)

... 3rd was a Kawi Z-1000 ... and it was about that time, the RESOLVE - and CONVICTION to ride an HD took hold. (I never really 'felt good' on that Z-1000. I sold it ASAP))

... and my 4th (and current) ride is an '85 FXRC ... #804 out of a limited production of 1000. ...

In '92, I dropped all the nickels and dimes I could find laying around the house - into custom paint. Anyone up here in the Northeast recall seeing a white HD with the 'Old Man Of The Mountain' on the left-tank-side? (with his head in the breeze?)
... and a Lone Wolf, sittin' in the snow, barking at a full-moon & the Northern Lights on the other side?
... Thousands of pictures were taken of that paint (an old pic of the wolf is in the album I got on here)

In 2006 - the custom tank sprung a leak - so, I went back to the factory set-up.
... so, ridden as 'Original Equipment' - it's still LOOKED *REAL* GOOD!

In the spring of 2011 - I had a 2nd custom tank painted. Peruse my albums, there are a few pics of the new paint included.

For years-and-years ... my vacations consisted of 10 day trips, ... riding SOLO (usually) thru various parts of the USA's Eastern seaboard.
Maine-to-Florida and west to the HD plant in Milwaukee ... passing-thru all of the small-towns along-the-way - collecting shirts-at-HD-shops!
(and YES - I toured York too!)

I was foot-loose / fancy free / single / no kids and had the money - so why not? ...

150,000+ miles later - I ended up with,
A) - a helluva lot of HD dealer shirts - (200+ maybe?) and ...
B) - a helluva lot of GREAT ridin' memories.

Red States indicate states that I’ve actually ridden thru. Somehow, I managed to miss Kentucky and I rode California when I lived there in the 70’s.

... MEANWHILE - BACK AT THE FARM ... I was building an additional life.
I've been a 'Newspaper Guy' all my life.
Ever hear of the newspaper USA TODAY?
... If so - I was part of the team that created / launched and built it.
I was a Day #1 employee.
17+ years as a corporate mucky-muck. 7 times honored as the 'BEST' in the USA.

AND THEN .....
At 39 ... Michael came along - and at 43 I found myself as a full-time single 'physical' custodial father to a 4 year old.

LIFE has been an interesting 'ride' since.

But, more on that later if space allows ... (or if anyone cares to hear the rest of the story!) (lol)


Below - is ONE of only TWO videos on YouTube featuring *YOURS TRULY* (LMAO!) ... The 1st is produced / directed and filmed by my son Michael.

I've mastered rolling backwards --- down a hill. (



The 2nd vid is of a little table dance I used to do often at Biker Party's - Jack and Jill's and/or weddings.
The particular vid was taken of me at my brothers wedding .,. It's a hoot! - have a look and listen!



Below - is a GREAT way to start - and spend - a day!
Nothing I enjoy more - than riding POINT!

... unless of course I'm riding solo.



If you've made it this far - (lol) - CONGRATULATIONS!

About Me

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Honestly? - I'd rather talk about HER ... and who SHE may be ... what SHE may be like ...and/or some of HER characteristics?...Given I'm NOT HEAVY, I will find HER to be, average, to thin in HER physique...SHE will be someone I'm drawn to emotionally 1st, and physically (as icing on the cake) ...SHE excites me when I'm around HER - we converse and I 'ENJOY' her even MORE when we KISS! ...SHE has LIFE and sparkle in her eyes (the window to her inner self)...SHE likes (and probably has) kids - knows how to laugh - not afraid of life - hasn't gotten too old to get a LITTLE zany - and/or a LOT frisky now and then. SHE will be somewhat of a traditionalist, a partner (if you will) who still smiles and make lite of life's day-to-day un-expected curve-balls.SHE enjoys riding on a Harley and KNOWS SHE looks WICKED-GOOD doing it !...I'm not looking for a loosey-goosey gal here - but SHE'll be a Happy-To-Be-Around-HER sort of lady, who gets along well, has an 'upbeat nature' The sort of lady people Love To Have As A Friend...SHE's NOT known to be selfish / self centered / snotty or prudish. If her happiness is TIED TO MONEY, (aka an upscale snob) or she's known as being HIGH MAINTENANCE please P-L-E-A-S-E, just go away!!I'm probably not HER sorta 'fella' if SHE wants me to wear Cardigan sweaters / smoke a pipe / use a pocket protector - or be a screamin' liberal. Thanks but 'No Thanks'! (I'm more of a SAM ELLIOT type than an Alan Alda for sure!)SHE is available emotionally - as well as (over time) intimatly. I see us BOTH taking it s-l-o-w, exercising patience, understanding moral values, BUILDING TRUST. Each is 100% honored and respected - but - just to be clear, as mellow as I am in that area, I'm NOT into settling down into CELIBACY! ...among many things, SHE likes good movies, going out dancing (now and then), ice cream on a warm summer night, a fireplace in the dead of winter ... and HOME COOKED MEALS. (I can cook) In my world - Single custodial Dad MEANS just that. Single custodial Dad & PARENT - 5 Star weekend get-away trips / 2 or 3 nights a week going out to dinner are not often in my world. If that's what you need to be happy, it honestly isn't me. The ONE-and-ONLY issue I SERIOUSLY have - is extra EXTRA weight. Not a pound or 2 or 5 or 10. HOWEVER, 25,35,45,or 50 extra pounds is a different story. Honesty is prevailing here - again - being I'm NOT HEAVY - I'm NOT attracted to heavier ladies. Chat? (sure) Friends? (sure) Beyond that? (never before, so I doubt it now) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Turn Ons

Blue sky's - dry roads - TIME - and no particular destination.

Turn Offs

DRUNKS !! ... Loud, obnoxious *Self Centered* "Look At Me" type people! ... women with CONSTANT TRASHY pig mouths!! (If you expect to be treated as a lady --- ACT like one!) ...


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I try to be an 'involved' father to my son, so that's definitely an ongoing 'activity' ... As an ex-disc jockey, it's not unusual for me to be 'minding-the-music' when at a get-together/party etc. (To be honest - I'm pretty good at it) (----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LOTS ... RED SOX season-ticket holder (behind home plate) ... fires in my backyard FIRE PIT ... hangin' out with friends & family ........ I *REALLY* like to catch-a-little-buzz and go dancing! ... In *MY* life, goin' out dancing ranks right-up-there with riding.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I got a chuckle out of this ... how do I BEST answer? ... I'm an old vinyl guy ... and still play it. Owner of Thousands and THOUSANDS of rare 50's / 60's & 70's LP's and 45's. ... and of course several hundred CD's.Everything from ABBA to ZZ TOP ... and all that lies between.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

TV Shows

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------24/7 Big 3 News junkie. ... A&E / Discovery Channel / History Channel. I CAN'T STAND today's television sit-coms. They're nothing more than a bunch of idiotic / sexually laced / 'make-the-other-person-feel-STUPID put downs! ... THAT's SUPPOSE TO BE FUNNY?? Give me Barney Fife / Ricky and Lucy / Archie - Edith - Meathead and Gloria any day!......... and I have to include *MR HANEY* and *FRED KIMBALL* who are my intellectual HEROES and MENTORS ... BOTH are from my home town ---> *HOOTERVILLE* ... (Green Acres!)......... can't forget SEINFELD... ... or the SOPRANO's !!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Are we suppose to list our TOP 50 here?...... Field Of Dreams ... As Good as It Gets ... Planes, Trains And Automobiles ... Meet The Parents ... The Godfather 1 & II ... West Side Story ... The Music Man ... ......... and 1000 others 'just as good'----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You are, as you are PERCEIVED, whether you think you are or not!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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