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son's wedding,  Oct 2014
Just some pics from my travels 2013

7/11/2011 12:00 AM


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Male, 54 years old, and single/divorced.  Birthday is January 18, 1964.  Owns a 2008 Harley-Davidson® Road King® FLHR and 1 other bike.  Interested in females.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Drinks socially.  Lives in East Orange County, Florida  United States.  Member since July 2008.

Just sending some good thoughts your way! Long time no hear.. :
I haven't been on here a lot of late. Been dealing with computer, family, and work issues...a.k.a. life. I owe several friends email responses and just have been able to get to them. Please forgive that lapse and I Will try to respond in the near future. Peace and blessings upon all..
Dad update for those who may care. I made it back to Orlando after spending two weeks near my pa. The day he went into hospital the ER doc said he was literally 2-3 hours from not being able to be helped. He had been sick and became so dehydrated that it took 3.5 liters of IV fluid to bring his BP up. When I left he was much more himself and was in a rehab facility. However, while there my daughter noticed one of...See More his legs was colder than the other. Ultrasound tests yesterday confirmed that a replacement artery in that leg was no longer functioning properly. Because of his weakened condition and a severe case of cellulitis any treatment is risky, but doing nothing is more so. We are going to wait and work with doctors over the next two weeks to get him stronger. Current options are blood thinners to remove any blockage that might be there, a stint to open that area, or final option would be amputation. The last only if cellulitis transforms into a worse infection.
Y'all know I usually don't post things, my BON family does enough that all I need do is like or comment on something. But today I'm going to ask for a little prayer for my Pa. They put him into ICU last night with extreme dehydration, critically low BP, and extremely low Bloodox. I'll be travelling up to Milwaukee sometime today or early tomorrow...once I get my dogs looked after and some other affairs attended to....See More I can't fly right now because of my own health reasons, so will be driving. Call and talk to your loved ones today, I said I would do it tomorrow and well now I may not have that chance. Be well all...
01:45 and totally awake...going to be a long day tomorrow
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday ....hoping it’s as special as you!
happy birthday!!!!
Something I have done since I was a wee lad is answer birthday wishes with a reply of "Happy Birthday". I figured everything else always got the same reply, Christmas, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving...why not Birthdays? So Happy Birthday to all those who are wishing me the same today.
H AP P Y B I R T H D A Y BABY xoxoxo
Perfect weather today, it might make 60 degrees. Heading to Winter Springs for the Scottish Highland Games. They have beer...and whisky...and Off Kilter is playing...good thing it's not my turn to be the DD
Living in Florida usually means we don't have to worry about the cold. This means we typically don't turn on the heat. The bad part about that is when you realize you need to use the heaters and they are broken. So this morning it's 29F out, the heat pump / air handler have stopped working (one froze and the other burned up a motor) and now the blend door for the heater has failed so I'm only getting cold air in the car. The car I can fix...the other will now eat up my new bike savings. There's always next year I guess...
In bed, alone, except for my dog bandit. Happy New Year to all. Be safe out there!!!

Good Morning luv & Wishing You the BEST 2108. May it be filled with health & Humor
This past year I have pissed some people off, and I have made others glad I was around. I have let the collection plate go by without making a donation, and have spent an entire weekend helping someone I didn't even know. I have liberal views, but am not a Democrat; conversely I have conservative views, but am not a Republican. I have many labels placed upon me, some I embrace, some I accept, and some I leave my...See More thoughts unsaid about. I am who I am, regardless if you think of me poorly or fondly. All I can promise is to continue in my path to be better. This is not a resolution for a new is who I strive to be. Who will you be???

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