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Female, 50 years old, and single.  Birthday is August 11, 1967.  Looking for a backseat.  Interested in males.  Religious view is baptist.  Drinks socially.  Moderate political views.  Lives in king, North Carolina  United States.  Member since November 2017.  Last online today.

o I am in need of some wind therapy before I stir crazy so where are the men at that like to have the feel of some boobs on there back
when a man tells you that they do not want to hurt you or anyone but in reality he already has by telling you that you are his friend and you are left to figure out how go you go from pleasuring. intimacy to being friends because there is no rewind in life's moments such as these
trying to look as young as I can
getting some much needed sun
Hey there how are you. I am Dale
Donna miss you forever and a day
good afternoon @--
sometimes what you see is not what you are truly seeing remember even the devil was a beautiful angel once I have worked with many young girls that there lives have been shattered and there innocence stolen by a sick control freak who thrives on power over someone weaker then them I just want to say that for anyone who has had there life shattered and your innocence stolen you are not alone and you are not a victim you are a survivor and that is more power then what was taken
looking up in this pic and hoping. there are still men out there that still believe that a start of a relationship is friendship first and see what grows from there
very true
good one
today is a day that I would give anything to talk to my grandfather I sure could use your words of wisdom and strength with alot courage cause I'm finding it hard to my strength and courage right now
very true
happy father's day to all the men out and to the men who has stepped up to be a father to children because there biological father didn't want to be a man and take care of his responsibility
had a awesome Weekend with a very handsome man. And looking forward. to more weekends with him
I am in so need of some wind therapy who is close by that wants to give me a ride

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