2014 Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer XVS950CT
Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Female, 51 years old, and single.  Birthday is July 10, 1969.  Owns a 2014 Yamaha V-Star 950 Tourer XVS950CT.  Interested in males.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Princeton, Texas  United States.  Member since September 2017.  Last online today.

Hello beauty
An awesome trip....only hit about 75 miles of rain during the 7 day trip. The rest was beautiful blue skies!
More Colorado....
2550 miles round trip
Somewhere in Colorado
A few pics from New Mexico and Colorado. I'll add more later.
Heading to Colorado to ride the Million Dollar Highway! :)
The Bike Repair Saga continues....
Day 39: The dealer determined that the DRIVE belt needed to be replaced and ordered the part.
Day 45: Still no belt. Head to vacation. See More
Day 50: Call dealer (BTW- I usually have to call 4-5x before someone actually answers. I don't want to talk to voicemail.) Finally get thru to dealer while driving home from vacation to see what is going on. Service guy says "Oh yea...that part should be in by now. Let me check and call you back...." (Meanwhile, does homework, calls around for said part only to find out the part is on backorder until 8/19 and no dealer has it in Tennessee, Arkansas, or East Texas).
Day 51: Dealer calls back only to tell me part is on back order until 8/19. <EYE ROLL> Pretty sure they knew it was on back order LONG before I called to inquire about the delays. Talked to Technician to see just how bad it is and if it is safe to ride. (Yes, it is...).
Day 52: Picked up bike. Will ride it until part comes in but no long trips until its fixed. Sighs.....
To be continued.....

(Read previous post for the full story)
Happy birthday.
The Bike Saga
Day 1: Stopped at Bike shop to have them check out my bike. Determined that it was probably a bearing so I left it there and Ubered home.

Day 3: Bike shop confirmed that it was bearings so parts were ordered.
Thur Day 10: Finally parts are in ...YAYA.
See More
Day 11: Bike shop calls and said that their tech damaged one of the bearings when they were installing them. New parts had to be ordered. UGH!
Day 18: Parts are in again! Yaya....
Day 19: Bike is fixed and I uber to the bike shop to pick it up!!! YAYA!!
Day 19: Ride to a friends house. Park the bike for 2+ hours. Start ride home - OH SHIT. It's not fixed! Plus belt seems to be slipping. FInished ride home (20 miles) going about 20-25 MPH.
Day 20: Call bike shop - come and get the damn bike!!!! It's not fixed.
Day 20: Bike shop picks up bike
Day 23: Bike shop checks bike out....does this and that....said belt was loose. fixed that but now it's got a "clunking noise".
Day 24: Bike shop calls back and says they have no idea what is wrong. They are towing it to the Yamaha Dealer.
Day 24: Call Dealer and lets them know what is going on and that bike is being towed. Dealer informs me that they are booked up for 2 weeks....SIGHS:
Day 28: Go shopping. Looks at new INDIAN CHIEFTAIN!!! Perfect...priced it out... really really wanted it.
Day 31: DAMN IT....I hate being responsible! Bought a house instead of a new Indian!!!
Day 33: Dealer calls and says bike is fixed and that I can pick it up! YAYA!!! Ubered to the Dealers to pick it up. PROBLEM: Belt was loose and needed some adjustments.
Day 33: Get home, park bike in driveway. Fix a loose highway peg (damn it - can't find my loctite...).. Get on bike to run to the car wash because it's filthy from sitting for 30 days. Got down the street maybe 1/8 of mile - uh oh -- squeak, squeak squeak. Ride back home. Park. Decide to test ride again a little longer. Ride down street ..gets up to 15 MPH, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, rode 1/4 mile. Turnaround, came home, parked in garage.
Day 34: Call Dealership back.......Talked to Service Manager. After discussion, they will come out to my place to pick up bike. But can't pickup bike until Tuesday becasue they are booked solid.
Day 38: Dealership will pick up bike.....

Happy Birthday hope you have a good one.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday beautiful lady.
Happy Birthday sweetie :)
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Sugar!
Happy Birthday 3tattz! B-)

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