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Female, and single.  Birthday is March 10.  Looking for a backseat.  Interested in males.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Orange, Connecticut  United States.  Member since August 2017.

I wrote this poem nearly 42 yrs ago and I HOPE this demonstrates My creative capabilities and my Romantic sensitivities too!

( 40 lines of Poetry dedicated to a 2 year steamy hott, love affair between a young man and a older married woman) 42+ yrs ago.

Tear of Joy...by Carl XXXXX

Oh what I'd give for that pain again
to love a woman with the risk of sin See More
the woman was older, a mother and wife
I'll not meet another like her in my life

Our love was secret, and no one knew
that you loved me and I loved you
A man and woman apart for years
met once again, there were no tears

a smile, a hug, a kiss, and a touch
I knew Not that I missed you so much
to be away for such a long time
it seems unfair,it must be a crime

How to describe the time we shared
the short and tender moments flared
touching this woman with gentle reach..
as an explorer sets ship on a uncharted beach

Your luscious lips were soft and wet
I kissed them as those I'd not had yet
to be by your side,holding you tight
Hoping and wishing that maybe we might

Endure the pain till the moment would come
When you and I would be as One
the time it passes, the moment is near
Is this a dream, or am I really here?

The Kirlian effect, a phenomenon...
I spoke of it as heat from the sun
sparks will fly, though they're not seen
You understand now just what I mean

I felt your skin, the heat was there
the surrounds were dark, I had to stare
a shimmering light, a sort of glare
your cheek was wet,was this a tear?

Caught that tear, a tear of Joy
It too was warm when it touched this boy!
had I hurt this love and made her cry
were the sparks too hot the heat too high

the love inside you was flowing out
it was all that I could care about
I know I can't possess you but this one thing is true
no one else will ever have the part of me I gave to you!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Baby....


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