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Female, and single.  Looking for a backseat.  Interested in males.  Looking for friends.  Religious view is Spiritual.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Hickory, North Carolina  United States.  Member since March 2017.  Last online today.

I’m very serious. I’ll be alone the rest of my life and be safe and content rather than risk another cheating lying man to ruin my life and take my trust and treat me like a bag of trash to toss. I lost time. Emotions. Money. My heart. Never ever. And to think a military veteran I thought for sure would be straight up. Learned that is not true. Lesson learned. Karma will win. That bitch always does. Always. Trust no one. That is the sad part.
Adultfriendfinder is the nastiest classless raunchiest online hookup site filled with sick deviants that most likely are stupid idiots with diseases flying everywhere. It is for sex addicted cheaters and liars who obviously have nothing positive to do with their time. They are so stupid they don’t know u google their name their entire sex history comes up. Leave the site the info stays. That’s what your family children and friends see. Pure nasty sick perversion. Check it out. If u don’t puke you have a problem. Some chicks here on bon are on it. Yuck !!!!!!
Hmmm. Ain’t no one Gonna go with the cheat
Oh. Many men here have expressed support and not into cheaters and liars.
Thank you Micheline for your call. No more Tampabiker. Yep. Many women have told me to stay strong.
You will never ha e a normal family when you are a sex addict. NEVER EVER or a happy marriage. You cant have both............
No DUFF anymore Tampabiker,,,,,No More Larry Kordosky, Cheating because you could not touch me..............ok- troll on------My God........My physical appearance did NOT force you to cheat.....but if that makes you feel better, go with that------you are sort a DUFF..........Have a great day, Happy happy holidays.
<3 xxx
There needs to be a damn site for his shit. Save the others
More fans of cheaters liars and cowards. Love you Larry to the moon and back my precious !!!!!! Did I tell you I love you today?????
Within a few days of this pic he’s all hard for jillz. No guilt at all
He’s popular Lol
My family and friends just love him!!! NOT
Good Morning Larry. I hope you have a good day. How many you emails today with your load of lies??? Got a new one lined up yet???? HOT librarian????
I took this pic of him Which he sends to sluts to set up dates. What a DOG!!!!!
Just imagine WHAT I DONT KNOW. When he was in my home at holidays he sat right in front of me on the couch while I’m cooking etc for him and he is chasing Blondebomber in here and at one time invited her to Tampa. Like I was invisible. Whats wrong with him??????? And when confronted said if a lady came to visit me I would be there too to hang with them. WTF????? No guilt just a user!!!!

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