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Female, and single.  Birthday is June 22.  Rides a motorcycle.  Lives in Somewhere, Ontario  Canada.  Member since November 2016.  Last online today.

Cold warnings today. Bundle up Boners. Stay warm :*)
Lol! Have a good night BONers
Happy Veteran's Day Micheline!
Thank you <3
Brrr, looks like winter is here to stay. Bundle up BONers, unless you live in SoCal where life’s a beach! :*)
I hope everybody has a great weekend! Be safe and play nice @--
Good morning BONers. Have an awesome day!
Good Morning Gorgeous!! I hope You are having a Great Day!!! B-)
Looks like the posting issues are back. Later BONers! Have a great weekend!
Happy Hallowe’en! Making my morning coffee.... :)
Good morning BONers!
Toque weather here. Brr....
I see BON still hasn’t fixed the posting issue. Have a fun weekend all!
OMG.... too funny!

I still can't upload pics. Good morning BONers. Have a wonderful day!
Good morning

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