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Female, 49 years old, and in a relationship.  Birthday is January 21, 1971.  Owns a motorcycle.  Lives in St. Louis, Michigan  United States.  Member since September 2016.  Last online today.

One of my Reps made her 1st sale today, she made $1201.00.. New Client rolling out tomorrow! She's a hard worker and can think on her feet!! We also hired Kim today.. She starts tomorrow, she found our ad on craigslist!
I think if I had a ton of cash I would have a shed built and have like a little cat shelter, Kinda funny that idea coming from me, I wasn't a big fan of cats until my siamese hotshot found me, she passed away, broke my heart, she was an amazing cat, now I have Bell or Bella, she's a tabby, The thought of anyone hurting them, like the old days breaks my heart too, they just want you to love them.. Give them a chance,...See More yes they will tear up everything in site yet they are just bored! Anyways I love cats now hotshot turned me into a cat lover! She came out of nowhere and was like... I need a buddy, boy I was in for a surprise, she was a blessing!!
I just got woke up to my bestie in Texas, she just got laid off, she is such a hard worker! So we are getting her hooked up with one of my clients.. Her husband is at the store and doesn't know yet she said.. We also have April starting soon, and Patrick is about to close a deal! Yea!! Oh the client told her that the economy wasn't doing to good and not many are donating to the vets.. Tell your family to save their...See More money, most is going into the companies pockets and now she doesn't get any of the mailings, where people said they would mail it in! WHAT A JOKE.. These poor people just barley making it, get these super sweet people (fake) calling and getting their CASH! Shouldn't even be legal!! They give hundreds/Thousands! AT TIMES!
I have 2 new gals starting tomorrow.. I really feel bad for the people who will be searching for ways to earn from their homes, I believe they will go in CIRCLES tying to find something, most companies want money to get in, which isn't always junk, more like your own business kinda thing, I get that a bit, oh I have to pay to join, which the answer is no, yet what some don't recognize that people do pay for gas for...See More their car so yes they are paying to work so to speak, so yes It's easy to get a job yet from home it's extremely challenging. People don't always get paid either, some go for 2-3 weeks before they figure that out so I would suggest that if you are looking that you find 1 that pays weekly, most hold or wait til the next Friday, seems to be pretty standard.. I don't like to be micro-managed, when I need to take a phone call or grab a bite to eat then I do...Bottom line is Start looking 3-4 months ahead of time and don't believe all that hype, they will say just to get your attention.. It's a doggy dog world .. Oh and most home jobs are only commission, not hourly, some are yet they are FAR and few between!
So I have all kinds of things to share with you all.. Just wanna ease into it... Right now I have to vacuum the garage, recently got it carpeted so I have more work to do for the future, it's a road carpet so I have to watch that yellow line.... And look both ways before I cross it.. Such excitement...
It's hard to believe I will be 50 next year, wow how time fly's! I don't have any wrinkles on my face, just yet, I am very lucky, so I think the secret is Witch Hazel, I use it a few times a day.. You can get it at Walmart by the alcohol or dollar general, it's super cheap, oh and while you're there grab some Elvive Dream lengths No hair cut cream, leave in conditioner, that's a great gift if you have ticked off you're gal lately..... lol.... Look it up on amazon so see what it looks like, then perhaps buy it at wally world... Well that's my tip for the day.. I guess
I am not going to say who this is or anything, yet it's an older guy in his 70's and he has a high school diploma yet he can't read or write, he had a job cleaning, it lasted 3 days because of this.. How in the heck can a person get a diploma when they can't read or write.. I thought I had to do all that work to get 1 yet, if I only knew what I know now, I wouldn't have tried as hard.. They would of pushed me right...See More thru... Gosh I could spell encyclopedia when I was 4... YET that was the biggest word I could spell... It's just crazy stuff... When I HEARD this I was like HUH? I am thinking people know cat, dog, bird, yet then I think we better stick to the basics.....
Well I am off to go clean, kitchen floor is 1st.. I love how people say they use a mop, I use a mr clean sponge, I go over it 3 times, I use many towels, gosh I am so bored I am talking about floors.. I use a mild cleaner.... Geezzz
Well it's Friday and we get to do Nothing tonight... Gurrrr!!
They say the early bird gets the worm, well the night owl gets the bait... I can't believe I just found this! Millionaire in the making!! I am on it!
We have a team of tele-salespeople on standby, waiting for work. Even though our storefront location is closed, our 17 sales reps are set-up at their home offices with headsets and internet hard-wired computer-dialers, ready! Is there a product and/or service we could assist you with?
Today I got a kick out of some people I was chatting with on here, I have been working from home since 2005, I use my voice as a call center agent.. I have a nice voice, I guess.. Anyways I am not sure how many people asked what's a home job, me and my entrepreneurial friends got a kick out of it today, Most have no clue as to how to get up and log on their computer and work, You all will find out what it's all...See More about soon enough, it's a bit hard to keep the place quiet, yet I have somehow managed.. I pretty much live in my pj's, except on Fridays and a bit on weekends.. Some of you all just crack me up!! Like what do you mean... by that... I wouldn't know any other way of life it's been so long!
I guess I don't mind being called wonder women, I just have to tell you that picture is real it was taken by mistake, I was barley smiling that's how I know, anyways, I did 1000 sit ups a day for 31 days, and that's what happened to me.. Well like the incredible shrinking Oh no Me! I actually wrote that book in 6th grade! True story, some thought it couldn't be yet it is.. really me, That's a home only outfit!!
I love helping people cash in from home, the more I help others the happier I am, reach out if you need fast tricks $ CASH! Ad campaign hit craigslist today, OH, Lake of Ozarks & Sandusky, CA. 408# Been home since 2005! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

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