1994 Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® FLSTF
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Female, 49 years old, and in a relationship.  Owns a 1994 Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® FLSTF.  Interested in males.  Religious view is No I prefer Spirituality.  Doesn't drink.  Conservative political views.  Lives in Yeah, Georgia  United States.  Member since September 2016.  Last online last month.

WELL hello there sexy
Sent you a friend request. If you ever want chat.
How is it going? I think you are gorgeous! George
hello pretty legs how are you look me up and lets talk
have a great day Kimberly
Good morning Kimberly & many thanks for the add!
Hi there!
Have a great Thanksgiving!!
Thanks for the add. Have a great Monday
Hope you are having a great day
Thank you...
Good morning beautiful have an awesome day
2010 Electra Glide Ultra Classic 8500 miles 13800....Is this a good deal? NADA says that's average retail. It's in FLA Suggestions or interested persons give your thoughts....
Where you hiding!! Good fall riding!!
I'm not going to allow it!
Pastor Shares Concerning Trump,
"I've heard too many say lately that we, the American people have no choice in this November election!
Do you really think that God would leave us with no choice?
Come on people! Where's your faith? He has heard our cries!
In defense of Donald Trump: Try to keep this in mind,
Donald Trump did not steal your money. See More
Donald Trump did not raise your taxes.
Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food.
Donald Trump is not starting a race war.
Donald Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims.
Donald Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda.
Donald Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East.
Donald Trump did not betray Israel.
Donald Trump did not provide financing and technology to Iran's nuclear weapons program.
Donald Trump did not give our military secrets to China.
Donald Trump did not remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia.
Donald Trump did not shrivel our military, and betray our veterans.
Donald Trump did not cripple our economy.
Donald Trump did not increase our debt to 20 trillion dollars.
Donald Trump did not ruin our credit, twice.
Donald Trump did not double African American unemployment.
Donald Trump did not increase welfare to a record level for eight years.
Donald Trump did not sign a law making it legal to execute and imprison Americans.
Donald Trump did not set free all of terrorists in Guantanamobay.
Donal Trump did not steal your rights, violate US Constitutional law, or commit treason hundreds of times.
Yet Trump is being ripped apart in the news, nonstop. Barrack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and the criminals occupying our government, are not.
The media is the Democratic Party; save our culture. Stop listening to them!

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