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Samaya aka Fireball
2013 Honda® Shadow® Aero
2009 Honda® Shadow 750 Aero VT750C
Bike Week - 3-17-18
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Samaya aka Fireball

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Female, and in a relationship.  Birthday is June 26.  Owns a 2013 Honda® Shadow® Aero.  Religious view is I'm here to laugh at meme's NO NEW FRIENDS NEED APPLY..  Drinks socially.  Apathetic towards politics.  Lives in Brooksville - (About 1 hr NW of Tampa), Florida  United States.  Member since April 2016.  Last online today.

Relevant conversation begins here, It took a bit of back and forth to hook the fish…

you are my first united state friend i first met on this site, and my only friend
I will really love to be your friend in sincerity and in trust
please can we be good friends?
my name is chen norbert, am from taiwan but i am born and raise in the united state, See More
i have 1 daughter who live in the boading school,
i work for the US army,
but am currently in IRAQ for a peace keeping mission

Samaya aka Fireball
Right now
Peace? Why don't you just drop a bomb on them and come back home

You have a daughter? Where's your wife, her mother. You didn't kill her did you?

well this is my 13 months here now, and i got divorce 1 year ago

Samaya aka Fireball
Right now
You're in the army. Does that mean you kill people? I kill people. I have a big yard. Once I buried a guy there. He was still alive. I buried him up to his neck and put a ball gag in his mouth. I left him there for the coyotes to eat. I filmed the whole thing. It was great. The coyotes took out his eye and threw it back and forth.

am a army doctor
i save life i dont kill
so you save

(Why is this guy still talking to an obviously deranged person) – LMAO

Samaya aka Fireball
So you shoot people up with that crazy gene therapy called a vaccine. Did YOU get the vaccine? Do you shoot up. Like Heroine. Do you use heroine?

no i dont
like i said i save lifes

Samaya aka Fireball
Oh well, that's good. So back to ball gags. Do you like ball gags. What about spankings? Do you like to get your hinder spanked. I could spank it real nice for you while you wear a ball gag. Would you like that?
lol sure

Samaya aka Fireball
Ohhh so you ARE fun. Well when are you coming home so I can spank you?

well i really dont know for now dear
you really so nasty

Samaya aka Fireball
So your ex wife didn't spank you? Sheez no wonder you divorce her. Did she spank your daughter? Heck did YOU spank your daughter? If you're not coming home soon, I'll need to spank someone else. You won't mind since i'll have to wait for you. I could take pictures of me spanking a guy and send you pictures of the guy all tied up. Would you like that? Do you like men?

Chen stopped responding which is fine. I need to get back to work.

I guess I went ‘too far’. So – what did we learn today about Chen? He doesn’t mind being dominated but he apparently isn’t gay!!
This is an 'oldie' and repost of one of my insane - fuck with the scammers - conversations. I saved it to my computer back when first written and thought I'd do a reshare - it's long - but good for a laugh. Don't get mad, have your own fun!!

Hi babe

Hi Pumpkin

Freesoul10 See More
Awww thanks for your response dear,well my name is Roy i'm 53yrs live in Los Angeles CA,i've been widowed for past 8yrs,i'm searching for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage.. Tell me about yourself

Hi Roy. I'm very sorry to hear about your wife. Your profile picture is you with another person. Is that your daughter? What brings you to BON looking for marriage? Do you ride a motorcycle Roy?

Where did you go Roy?

Gee, Roy, I'm very dissappointed. I was hoping we could get to know each other. I'd like to get married. Wear the white dress and all the trimmings. Why won't you talk to me now. What did I do wrong. Oh my God, I think I'll kill myself. Is that what happened with your wife? Did she kill herself? Did you drive her to do it? You're a terrible person Roy. Thanks for breaking my heart.

Sweetie i'm still here with you,i was typing ok,did you get my previous text,i do want to know more about you ok,i just wish you understand how much i feel being all alone,i need that special woman to treat me like a king ok,pls talk to me babe
Oh there you are Roy. I was wondering where you went. I thought you'd gone off talking to someone else. Are you the jealous type Roy? I can be very jealous. I had a husband once but he made me jealous and now...well now I don't have a husband. He shouldn't have made me jealous. They'll never find the body. You won't make me jealous will you Roy?

Yes that my daughter next to me dear,she's all i got eversince i lost my late wife. I 'm new to this site anyway,i'm been through lately,i just don't want to go into that now,but all i want is to find that special woman who'll be everything to me,i just want to be loved and cared for again. I do ride a motorcycle and i'd love to have a ride partner,how about we chat on hangout,willing to know more about you. Hope you don't mind?

Can i've your email so we can chat on hangout ok babe

You have a daughter? I don't know Roy. I don't really like kids, unless they're boiled. I like them boiled except it makes them a little bit stringy. Do you like boiled kids Roy?

Freesoul10 See More
I'm a one woman's man ok dear,i consider myself been committed to my woman when i'm involved in a relationship,i try to do everything in my best to make sure my relationship turns out being the best ok dear,i'm here for you if you're going to promise not to break my heart ok. I just want true love and a happy home forever. Give me your email or cell # so i can text you ok dear

No i don't dear,Michelle is all i got after i lost my late wife,i'm really don't need kids again,i just want that special woman who'll be a mother and a good wife to myself and my lovely daughter ok

You don't like boiled kids? We'll I don't know then Roy. Kids make me jealous. My last husband made me jealous. I buried him in the backyard. Can I bury your daughter in the back yard? Then it would be just me and you Roy. Wouldn't that be better?

ROY!!!! Are you off talking to someone else again? I told you not to make me jealous Roy. I'm very angry with you now.

Thats suck i wouldn't let you do that ok,you can always have me nobody is going to take your place,Michelle understand i need a woman in my life,i really don't think that should be a problem right?

Are you here to waste my time

What? Waste your time? What are you talking about? I thought we were getting married? Don't you have a relative or something that your daughter can go live there? If you have me, why do you need a daughter? You won't be alone anymore if you have me.

Can we talk over the phone?

Why? You have a daughter. You love her more than you love me. I'm very hurt. Why won't you let me bury her in the backyard with my previous husband? They could keep each other company while we have fun.

What do i've to gain,i see you're here to waste my time. Pls don't text me with if you're going to waste my time ok

Why not. Isn't that what YOU do? Waste peoples time? Come now Roy? You know you never intended to marry me. You just wanted to break my heart.

My daughter shouldn't be a problem ok,i'm looking for a serious relationship on here,if you've leave me your number so we can text ok

Why won't she be a problem? Did you drown her? Is that why?

and then I got bored and blocked him....

Lady at Illinois Public Schoool board meeting....
"Never ride off and leave anyone you rode out with, if they break down you pull over and wait, come hell or high water bikers do not abandon a brother or sister." - The Bikers Code Hit "Share" if you agree.
Happy Belated Birthday Sam! Any Cake Left? lol
Happy belated Birthday!
Happy Birthday!!!
Have a GREAT Birthday and road trip!!!!!
Happy happy birthday my friend
Have an awesome day!
Happy Birthday a couple of days early. On the bike all day Saturday I hope.
Looking forward to the summer trip Brian and I have planned. We'll be putting out bikes on the auto train in Sanford, FL and will be dropped off in Lorton, VA. We will ride through PA, NJ, NH, ME, MA before heading back down to Lorton to board the train again for home.

We would have liked to have ridden the entire way, but well - we both still work for a living and there is only so much vacation time. This allows us to get up into the NE more quickly.

The trip will consist of some time with family, some time for riding as well as a bit of hiking and sight-seeing.
is attending Rocka Rolla.

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