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International Female Ride Day 5-5-18

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Bikers in the Kitchen
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Black and White Erotic Photography
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Samaya aka Fireball

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Female, and in a relationship.  Birthday is June 26.  Owns a 2013 Honda® Shadow® Aero.  Religious view is RIDING MOTORCYCLES -- B-4 FRIENDING, I suggest reading my MORE INFORMATION.  Drinks socially.  Apathetic towards politics.  Lives in Spring Hill - (About 1 hr NW of Tampa), Florida  United States.  Member since April 2016.  Last online last week.

I'm now 'under contract' for a home that sits on 5 acres, located off Citrus Way (if you're familiar with the area) in Brooksville. So assuming the inspections, appraisal and so forth come back good, looks like I'm finally buying a place like I've been talking about for a year plus!
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This is a description of the property from Looking for a place in the country but only minutes to shopping and restaurants? This home has it all; located on 5 beautiful acres just minutes to the Suncoast. Home cannot be seen from the road offering lots of privacy. Spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath, formal living room, huge kitchen that opens to the family room. Inside laundry, and a brand new roof. Home is very clean, well taken care of and move in ready. There is even a storage shed in the back. Zoned AG, bring your toys and animals; enjoy some privacy, space and all country living has to offer. Located on a paved road.

I've been threatening for a long time - to move to about 200 acres with 20 dogs. So well maybe 5 acres was more reasonable and 1 dog.

The front acreage is very wooded - so the home in the back cannot be seen from the street. Hoping to eventually build on the front acreage and rent out the back mobile!
I don't usually ride with the backseat on my bike, but a 6000 mile trip is going to take a little luggage!

Installed the backseat, using a rubber washer and shammy cloth to save my paint.

Also installed a D ring pad under the backseat that the luggage will clip to.

Proud of myself when I'm able to handle my own stuff!!
I leave in one week - for Sturgis!
14 Days and Counting. Bike went to the shop Tuesday. Nothing wrong with her but I'm getting a valve job done and having them look over her real well. The trip to Sturgis is going to be about 6000 miles and I'm riding about 1500 of that completely alone so I want her in the best shape possible!!
I'm starting to count down the days until leaving for Sturgis.

17 days today.

I'm getting really excited - and - scared at the same time something is going to jinx it. This trip has been in the planning for well over a year!

We've rented a 5 BR cabin in Custer. These are a couple of pics.
Covid: I can't open a page or a email message or a messenger message or talk to work - or a wealth of other sources - without constantly conflicting messages about the seriousness of this Virus. I throw my hands up.
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I'm not throwing 'caution' to the wind - but here is the thing. I have distanced, I have isolated myself to the point of barely remembering what a few of my friends look like. I've done the things. I wear a mask. I've been a good girl.

AND yet I see certain friends - online, no mask, hanging on each other.
You're doing ANYTHING but social distancing...and I don't see you sick.

Now - I KNOW of people who have Covid, or who have had Covid and I know people have died. I'm not discounting that. BUT

In 19 days I am riding to Sturgis. That might be fool-hardy. I don't know. But, I'm going - and I'm going to have an epic ride - I NEED a really long ride. I've needed it for some time - so I'm going to go ride 2000 miles out a few thousand while there and 2000 back.

Riding has an inherent risk. I may not make it. Or. I may get sick with Covid and that will suck. If I do. I may recover. I may not. Life is a risk...but if I don't make it as they say - it's been an epic ride!
If you eat salad, it cancels out the donuts, right? (Asking for a friend)!
Holy Sh*t. The moment when you see the karma boat come in on a man you were with waaaaay back when (I was 20 years old) - a man who physically abused you and broke your leg. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Feeling kind of lucky tonight that I got away with only a broken leg ....

Donald Scott, 64, being held without bond after turning himself in to police and confessing to killing his wife.
Just for fun - TBT - 1987. My brother called this my poodle hair! Haha
See you assumed something that was not the case. Ride or Die friends. That was all
Happy birthday <:o) -O _!_ sorry I am late. Hope you had a great weekend!
My precious son - Ranger 6/12/2014 - 6/23/2020

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