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Samaya aka Fireball

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Female, and in a relationship.  Birthday is June 26.  Owns a 2013 Honda® Shadow® Aero.  Religious view is RIDING MOTORCYCLES -- B-4 FRIENDING, I suggest reading my MORE INFORMATION.  Drinks socially.  Apathetic towards politics.  Lives in Spring Hill - (About 1 hr NW of Tampa), Florida  United States.  Member since April 2016.  Last online today.

In 2015 - I was talking with my Brother and Sister-in-Law about going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. We discussed it and agreed that we'd go in 2020. Well here it is 2020 - and we leave tomorrow evening to head to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I might be a bit scarce. Be well everyone.
In 2015 - I was out talking with my Brother and Sister-in-Law about going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. We discussed it and agreed that we'd go in 2020. Well here it is 2020 - and we leave tomorrow evening to head to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I might be a bit scarce. Be well everyone.
Closing out Valentine's Day. Goodnight all.
There has been a bit of confusion. So to be clear, *I* am perfectly fine and happy. However, a friend of mine (below) was duped by a man and I am sharing HER post below.
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Anyone who knows me - knows - I tend to stay OUT of most drama. BUT - I also have a very SERIOUS - dislike when a person is victimized and to add insult to injury in our society it is almost 'expected' that they remain quiet. I know what Southern Comfort (Juju to her friends) is saying is truth. If you don't believe me, then Google him by his 'handle' - TampaBiker2 - and see what comes up.

I have met this man. I went on ONE date with him - back in 2016 or 2017 don't recall the exact date - and - I could 'smell' the red flags. He was one of many 'first date' guys that did not get a second date with me. Unfortunately Juju was not as lucky. She became involved with him.

I am sharing this - because - he is on BON and if 'we' don't share these sort of things - people will continue to be victimized by him and others like him.

Sam out
Please SHARE. Dear Tampabiker, You lied and cheated on me for over two years. Right in front of me , in my home, around my family. You brought sex site hoes into the bed sheets I bought and told them you were single while talking to me about moving and marriage. All this knowing I was a widow and not wanting another loss. You accepted my love, time, gifts, children, family and friends and then when...See More I caught you no remorse. Ladies if you are his friend repost this. No woman should be used and abused like this. Larry Kordosky you need help. And I need to make sure you don’t do this again Please share.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Good Morning Sam. There are a lot of Ass Hats on here. Don’t let them spoil your day.
And to top it off - said ass-hat states he's in a relationship. I wonder if his 'partner' knows he approaches random women online in such a vulgar manner.
This is the sort of disgusting things that some of 'us' have to put up with. This ass-hat sent me a friend request along with a private message. Real respectful huh? Oh yeah, i'm in a huge hurry to accept a friend request (not) from this piece of shit.
Hi I'm Mark of you remember we talked years ago during a storm I haven't been on here for a long time
Always remember - People will tell you who they are, what they're about, what they want from you, etc. pretty quickly - you just have to actually look for the tell-tale signs and listen!

And again I will not bother to try to friend me so you can talk dirty to me. That isn't something *I* am interested in. If that is YOUR thing, great, fine...but it isn't my thing.

Sam out
Happy Friday !
Hey ! I see you there... Hope everything is going you way. ;)
Sending hugs your way, my friend! ^p^ @-- (*)
More Info from BON Owner James:
Hi Samaya. We are working on getting the Fan Pages working again. There was a problem that all posts went to everyone on the page. This was abused by many until discovered. We are working to get it fixed. Chat is something we had to remove because it was unreliable. We are also having problems with the block feature. I am going to start a Facebook group where the BON community can discuss issues with the site. I will let you know when that is ready for launch.
If you are a friend of mine on BON - and we're not connected on Facebook but you'd like to be, let me know. I’m also not above giving a phone number or email in some case by case circumstances. PM me. Also there is a page on FB some of us BONsters belong to. If you're interested, it currently has 649 members and is called: bikers group a place to meet and ride See More
BON was down numerous days last week. I contacted 'the owner' - James - through FB Messenger to ask if BON was gone for good or if there were simply some issues. He quickly responded BON would be back, there were just some issues. In looking him up on FB, I noted his Father passed on Jan 5th. I’m guessing BON wasn't his highest priority. I offered him my condolences.
When I posted about this on FB a few of the comments I received were disagreeable. The one that really surprised me was: Did I ask him about “the lawsuit?” NO – I didn’t. WHY would I? To me, “the lawsuit” is nothing but a rumor and IT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS. Period. I approached the owner in a polite manner. I got a quick response that was also polite.
Things I ponder: If one is here on BON, one must find value in the site. If your attitude is that BON sux, that’s fine but why are you still here?
One of the reasons I like BON is – the memes. The lack of policing for political correctness in humor. Things are posted here that would earn you 30 days of Facebook jail if posted there. My humor is warped and politically incorrect – so it works for me. (Our culture has lost its sense of humor, ability to laugh at one’s self and their balls - in my humble opinion).
No matter your opinion of BON, yes there are too many scammers (toy with them, block them or simply, stop engaging them). They are easy to spot. If you truly don’t know HOW and need help – respond to this message and I’ll write a “tips post”. (To me they are VERY obvious).
Yes, there is too much drama here. Yet I continuously see some of the complainers feed the drama under the guise of ‘defending’ themselves. Responding to trolls gives them the attention they crave. Be the bigger, smarter person. If you want them to stop, simply do not give them ANY of your attention. At all. PERIOD. Pretty simple.
For your pleasure - You're welcome!!

Scott Steven
22 minutes ago
My wife had an accident and lead to death that's why I'm here looking for long term relationship that could lead to married

Samaya aka Fireball
22 minutes ago
Was it your fault? Did you kill your wife?

Scott Steven
20 minutes ago See More
No is not my fault.....but I need to looking for another woman of my life
How long have you been single?

Samaya aka Fireball
13 minutes ago
Way too long. I'm tired of being single. It gets lonely

Scott Steven
12 minutes ago
I think we are looking for the samething

Samaya aka Fireball
11 minutes ago
What do you think about sky diving without parachutes. Or what about having ice picks placed in your eyes. Do you like that?

Scott Steven
8 minutes ago
Can you tell me little bout your personality

Samaya aka Fireball
5 minutes ago
Sure. I'm very adventurous. I like to have a lot of fun.

I like to go sky diving. I like my partner to do this without a parachute. I also like to operate a back-hoe. They're great to dig holes to bury people in. I like the beach too. Especially if you bury someone by the tide line up to their neck and then watch as they scream when the tide comes in...til the water covers them. Then they just gurgle.

What about you?
Samaya aka Fireball
24 seconds ago
Well, you're quite the guy. I think we should get married immediately. Get a big life insurance policy on you and then - we'll go sky diving. What do you say?

Scott Steven
2 minutes ago
Yes babe but we have to know each other bette

And then – I blocked him. I have to go get some stuff done. I’m riding in the morning!!
Oh welllllll will ya look at that...I just got a scammer wanting to chat with me. Stand by ....

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