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Female, and single.  Birthday is June 26.  Owns a 2009 Honda┬« Shadow 750 Aero VT750C.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is the smile on a dog. Before friending me, I'd suggest READING MY MORE INFORMATION TAB.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Spring Hill - About 1 hr NW of Tampa, Florida  United States.  Member since April 2016.  Last online today.

OK....anyone have experience with battery heated clothing? I'm going to buy some and I've been doing a bit of research but I don't know what the best choice is - there are base layer shirts, vests and jackets.

I want to be able to wear the 'item' both on my bike and for a trip to Iceland I'll be making later this year.

If anyone has knowledge, I'm all ears!
I hadn't washed my bike since returning from the Poker Run in the Keys - which was in late January. I've been wanting to bathe her but this danged bronchitis has been kicking my butt. Today is day 12 at home.

Well, I got out there and got my beauty washed. I can't believe how winded I am - but hey - I've got my priorities straight. She's clean! LOL

Now if I can just feel strong enough for a little ride tomorrow - paaaaleez Universe. I've been such a good girl - well OK, there was that one thing, but ... LOL
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Howdy from freeze ur butt off Montana :(
Another of those things that make Samaya go 'hmm'.

One of my stated goals for 2018 was and is to form deeper connections with people who are important to me - that even means people I may not have met face to face (yet?) like many of my BON friends.
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With this in mind, I've noticed I currently have 425 BON 'friends'. The funny thing about that is - I'm pretty sure I've probably never even had so much as a conversation with at least half of these people. People have 'friend requested me' - but then never communicate. Interesting.

For those that do keep in touch and do check in with me. Thank you. Your presence in my life is a gift and you are appreciated more than you may realize.

For those who I've lost touch with, over the next few weeks, I'm going to make an attempt to reconnect. If we haven't chatted in a while, please also feel free to drop me a hello!

For those who have friend requested me, never to reach out. I'm not sure why you sent the request. There are no hard feelings or ill will, but I do think over the next few weeks I'm going to begin parring down my friend list to those people who are interested in being part of my life - not just in having me as another 'number' in their friend list.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone.
Thank you so much to everyone who has sent well wishes either on my page or through private message. You all know how to make a person feel cared about. Thank you so much everyone and Happy Valentines Day.

I am starting to feel better. It's still going to take a little while to get completely better, but I'm 'on the mend'. Bronchitis is no joke.
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I am spending my Valentines Day with my number one fan - ME! I intend to get comfy in bed very shortly and watch What Dreams May Come - I've been told to watch it with a box of kleenex and since I seem to be living with kleenex glued to my side lately - why not for Valentines Day! LOL
All - my 'cold' has turned to bronchitis. I am REALLY, REALLY sick and exhausted from 'fighting'. I haven't been this ill in about 15 years. So - I am not ignoring emails, comments, etc. It's just everything - even trying to concentrate to type or text, etc, is taking an inordinate effort right now.

Be back soon.
Sam out
And the one that always rips my heart out.
Nothing like some good old Conway Twitty
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Hope your feeling better! ~gb~

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