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Black and White Erotic Photography
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Samaya aka Fireball

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Female, and in a relationship.  Birthday is June 26.  Owns a 2013 Honda® Shadow® Aero.  Religious view is RIDING MOTORCYCLES -- B-4 FRIENDING, I suggest reading my MORE INFORMATION.  Drinks socially.  Apathetic towards politics.  Lives in Spring Hill - (About 1 hr NW of Tampa), Florida  United States.  Member since April 2016.  Last online today.

Many of you know, I currently reside on my parent’s property. They have spots for 3 RVs. When Dad was setting things up was right at the time I came off the road. So rather than buy a 3rd RV for ‘my’ spot, I moved my RV here rather than to an RV Park. Pay them rent or pay a park rent. NO brainer.
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So – my RV is in the middle. I live about 20 foot or so from each trailer on either side of me. One of their tenants is just simply a passive-aggressive, inconsiderate-slob. Why do I say this? Well, he has a work van and leaves the doors open to run an extension cord inside I assume to charge some tools. The problem is, he is such a pig that his literal garbage falls out on the ground and he doesn’t pick it up. Eventually some of that garbage blows onto my spot and I end up picking it up.

He also has a habit of playing his music rather loud. Now if it was some Classic Rock, 70s era, Motown or Country – during daytime hours - that would be great, but it isn’t. And, I am officially, your music sucks, turn that shit down - old. Still during day time hours, I’ve been a good neighbor and have said nothing.

However, awhile back, he had his music pumping after 11pm at night. Thump, thump, thump. Imagine me, with my hair askew, (especially since it’s still short in the one spot growing in from my wreck last year and it likes to stick up at odd angles if I don’t tame it), night shirt, jogging pants – knocking on his door.
When he answered, I said. “Dude” – not his name, but “Dude”. “Dude, I don’t care how loud you play it during the day, but it is after 11 at night, I need to get up for work and I need to get some sleep”. He apologized and turned it down.

The problem is – the next time it happened, he simply refused to answer his door and the time after that, (passive-aggressive), so now I quit bothering to knock. But DUDE, it’s an RV and I do know how to unplug it. No, I haven’t – yet -.

So, he’s a tenant, right? So why haven’t my parents, the landlords said anything to him? Well, I asked them not to bother. I’ll be leaving here soon enough and the pig pays his rent so I’d rather just deal with it then literally have “Mommy and Daddy” step in.

The pig simply goes to work and comes home. He never goes anywhere. No one ever comes over – well, except for his Mother which is why I have now dubbed him Pig Pen Norman (Norman Bates). He’s weird, I just haven’t figured out where he’s hiding the bodies.

So – my little Arya (new puppy) served up some justice today.

Pig Pen Norman (PPN) was off at work when Arya and I went outside to do her business. She ran over to PPN’s side and promptly relieved herself, #2. I went to get the bag to pick it up and when I returned, I swear by all that is holy, I looked and looked and looked for that pile of poo. Finally, I gave up. I simply could not find it. But I want to know this….

Am I a bad person for hoping he steps in it?
I just returned from an interesting trip to Wal-Mart. By the way, I hate Wal-Mart but find it a necessary evil.
When I exited the store, I purposefully used the door that was all the way on the other side from where I parked. This meant I needed to walk the side walk almost the entire length of the store to get back to my car. The sun is shining, humidity down, I thought why not? Fresh air is good. See More
There was an elderly woman some distance ahead of me. Since she was walking slowly, I easily caught up with her. She was pretty much in the middle of the sidewalk so I began to go around the left of her. Just then she moved to the left. I backed off and steered right as she weaved that way, so I said, "Excuse me" - she turned and very nastily said, " you could have gone around me the other way".
I laughed at this irony, passed her - and then stopped. As, I turned back to her she looked a little worried and she stopped too since I was now blocking her path.
I said, "First, you have nothing to fear. Second, I know you don't have eyes in the back of your head but actually I did try to pass you to the left, you were weaving left and right."
She grumbled something I didn't quite hear but the tone was still nasty. So, I said to her, I know you're elderly, maybe you're in pain; maybe you're having a bad day. Maybe you have no one that cares about you and you're lonely. I don't know. I do know I probably startled you - but none of these things are reasons for you to be rude. Everyone has something going on. I don't know your story, but, I hope your day improves immensely. Look the sun is shining and we are both alive".
Then I turned and walked off leaving her there - stunned to silence - to stare after me.
Sam out
Hey beautiful! Hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving!
Good Morning !!!!
Created a new event: Firepit Party - Week-end Open Haus at "The Orchard
Starts: 12/4/2020
In: Brooksville, Florida
Samaya humor:
Car warranty call.
I just started to speak gibberish to the lady. So she asks if I speak English.
I spoke gibberish.
She tells me in English she only speaks English, sorry for the call and hangs up.
Now I'm dying laughing
But Seriously: I open my inbox and: I’m not going to publicly shame these two men, but seriously HAVE YOU READ MY PROFILE?? (Obviously not)!
Update Leesburg Bikefest. Rumor has it that Gator HD is still going to have their Fall Festival - planned for the time of Leesburg Bikefest in Nov....
Some of the land clearing has been done. Not quite complete - but this is the area of my property where a large RV Carport will be built and the 5th wheel will reside here.
If "you" haven't heard, Leesburg Bike Festival - that was going to be held in Nov 2020 has been cancelled.....
is attending Laughing at Libtards.
So Sam, what are you up to this morning? Oh not much, just initiated a wire transfer to close on the property I'm buying. Looks like this is happening! "The Orchard" - thus named due to my street name - which I'm not posting publically to my page - is soon to be mine!

Firepit parties - will happen - all in due time!!
Maybe I'm takin' me too many chances
With no net at all
Maybe I'll teach you at least that
You've got to be free when you fall
Had a bit of trouble with my running lights when returning home from sturgis. I have 3 running lights....and they took turns as to which was going to work. Don't know if it might be a relay - or a wiring issue but electrical is always a PITA. Gotta get her in for diagnosis.

She's also blowing some oil out of the air filter seals...that can't be good either....poor Lil girl. I rode her pretty hard. I'll get her all fixed up though!!
Final photos.
More Sturgis Trip Photos

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