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Female, 49 years old, and in a relationship.  Birthday is August 20, 1968.  Rides a motorcycle.  Lives in '' Ya Can't Get There from Here", Maine  United States.  Member since May 2014.



Happy Birthday
I hope You're having a GREAT Birthday weekend with the sun shining on your face and the wind running thru your hair! _!_ ;)
Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is great!
Happy Birthday to you !! Enjoy your day ..
happy b-day sweetie
Happy Birthday Hun
Happy Birthday Holly
Well I guess u do not reply?
Can't we all Just Get Along...
i read some of your post and from what I saw your down to earth. friends are good to have. perhaps we can be also.
hope all is well
Bout time :)
Life was good!!...
ok, this is as far as this thing is going... Look if you think I've been harsh, because I'm getting comments.. Put your hook back in the water and catch another fish, It's as simple as that... from these comments I learn more about you than from what your telling me in your rant... Believe me your speaking volumes already, Have a wonderful day ;)

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