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Female, 46 years old, and single.  Birthday is September 21, 1972.  Owns a motorcycle.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Lives in Clinton, Iowa  United States.  Member since April 2014.  Last online last month.

Sending well wishes from iowa. . Enjoy each day God has given you no matter the circumstances... xoxox
Hurry up spring. . It's time for some wind therapy !!
Hello to my Bon friends ..
Here's to a better 2019!! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, positive. Loving, adventurous and safe new year !!
Happy holidays have a great New Years
Happy Birthday Beautiful, hope it's a great one
Happy birthday hope you have a great day
Happy birthday
And it's Official, you're now Old .. lol

Happy Birthday ol Girl ..

now where did i put that old age wrinkle cream .. lol
Happy birthday, I hope it is the best one so far!

Hello how’s your day going
How’s it been going been getting out much.
It would be a great day for some wind therapy
I can think of 1 million reasons to walk away ... just need 1 good reason to stay ...
Hope everyone is having a great day ... it's almost friday and a 3 day weekend .. yippy. . But honestly I will probably work ... for something to do... xoxox love life... you only get one!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend ... enjoy the weather while you can. . Fall is already approaching ... flying by .. seasons are changing and in 4 short months it will be xmas .... crazy how life flies past us As we sit and worry about Bill's, a job, distance, our children.. our past experiences that have ruined us for.the future ones that could of been or now may never be. ... what about the number...See More one thing in life... our happiness?? You only live once .. why struggle through ... enjoy every minute of every day... you dont.know when that minute could be your last minute... God bless all of my bon friends..
One of them says where a few drinks. . A slow dance and some riding would be amazing !!@ :-p
After years of being on here .. had someone message me that actually met person 6 years ago... made my heart skip a beat... crazy crazy the way things happen ... cross my path one by chance... the second .. has to be for a reason.. xoxoxo
I am really agitated with how true and respectable people ruin things for others... seriously if you are jacking off to my picture i sure as he'll don't want to hear about it... 2 ....this is the 3rd time this week I've received the message that someone was trying to hack my account .. I've truly been honored by some of the genuine friends I have met through here but I am seriously considering deactivating my...See More account here ..... I am irritated that men have the audacity to stoop to.the level to message some of the most vulgar comments you could image .. trashy woman may not mind that stuff . .. but personally I believe in being classy not trashy ..smh!!!
The best part of life .. is finding happiness in yourself... and loving yourself. And hope some day you can find someone to love you as much as you do!!!! Xoxoxo

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