unfocused adventure
1994 BMW R1100RS
1977 Suzuki GS750
Yes, I like plants
1998 C2500

unfocused adventure

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Male, 51 years old, and single.  Birthday is December 26, 1967.  Owns a 1994 BMW R1100RS and 2 other bikes.  Interested in females.  Religious view is Spiritual.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in St. Augustine, Florida  United States.  Member since September 2013.  Last online last week.

vrooom vrooom... soon to be seen on Mugshots.com :-)
Here's the Beemer.
Here's what the Suzuki looks like
Here's what the Suzuki and Norton look like...

...and here's what I look like waiting for this hurricane season to get over... :-)
I must of forgotten bout purchasing those front row tickets to hurricane season 2019. Wish me luck :-)
There is no subliminal message with this song. It appeals to me right now. If you like it, look up more of Thievery Corporation !!!
More stuff...
OK, well. All sorts of work.

GS- new turn signals, rebuilt carbs, new intake o-rings, new petcock, all sorts of other stuff done or fixin' to be done or shit, paydays next week LOL

Harley - I have the parts to rebuild the forks and carb, new bar bushings, something else and a gas cap... yay, it's the little things :-)

Chevy - runs wonderful, ain't touchin' it !!!
I’m for sure the biggest Pink Floyd fan lol
... new toy. Details to follow next weekend. After the parts show up that I need to get it...running ?!?!?!
Hi from hudson florida
During my weekend of fixin' on the scoot I solved a mysterious problem. I no longer need a key :-)

The wire in the pics below is NOT supposed to me like that...
I've been searching for a solo seat. Found a solo/2-up combo for a good price and bought it. That's as close as the B-pad will get to the scoot LOL
So I went for a drive on Friday... just a short one :-)
Been fun repairing a basket case... clutch, clutch cable, throw out bearing, cut out crossover pipe, new slip-on's, relocate choke cable, relocate key switch, removed horn (have finger and pocket carry (-; ) removed fog lights so I could relocate turns signals (temporary) replaced front brake line (this required a emergency trip to JP Cycles in Ormond Beach. And the basket isn't empty.... :-I
I was somewhat aware of what I was going to find when I was preparing the parts to replace my clutch. What I found is about right. Rivets ripped out of the spring plate but the way the springs moved and then stacked themselves is most likely what saved me from having to purchase a clutch basket... oh well. The clutch is back together. Bikes not moving yet but that's because of the exhaust on the other side. Or lack there of :D
Howdy, how's your project coming along?
A hint into what my weekend is going to be like...

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