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Male, 70 years old, and single.  Birthday is August 08, 1949.  Owns a 2002 Harley-Davidson® Road King® Police FLHP/I and 2 other bikes.  Interested in females.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is Catholic.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Cape May County NJ (Summers) Orange City,FL(Winters), New Jersey  United States.  Member since March 2013.  Last online today.

A woman from New York was driving through a remote part of Arizona when her car broke down. An American Indian on horseback came along and offered her a ride to a nearby town.
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She climbed up behind him on the horse and they rode off. The ride was uneventful, except that every few minutes the Indian would let out a Ye-e-e-e-h-a-a-a-a!' so loud that it echoed from the surrounding hills and canyon walls.

When they arrived in town, he let her off at the local service station, yelled one final 'Ye-e-e-e-h-a-a-a-a!' and rode off.

"What did you do to get that Indian so excited?" asked the service-station attendant. "Nothing," the woman answered "I merely sat behind him on the horse, put my arms around his waist, and held onto the saddle horn so I wouldn't fall off."

"Lady," the attendant said, "Indians don't use saddles."
Good Morning BONers, if you must go out, Be Safe, Stay Healthy. Maybe this will bring a smile to your face. :D
Thank You to All Our Veterans, God Bless The USA
Good Morning BONers, Enjoy Your Day. Be Safe Out There
Back home in South Jersey, what was I thinking I left 90° weather in Florida three days ago. LOL. Oh well this too shall pass. My beautiful granddaughter made a delicious carrot cake for dessert tonight.
Donald J. Trump I would like to be the first citizen of these United States to go on record demanding that all holders of public office (Senators, House Representatives, Governors, and Mayors etc.) be denied pay during this disaster. They have made the choice to stop the pay of millions of Americans and they should be held to the exact same standard as us citizens. We the citizens CAN NOT AFFORD TO PAY THEIR SALARIES AT THIS TIME DUE TO THEIR DECISIONS!
All Americans should share this and we make this demand of our Government. That is OUR MONEY!!
Good Evening BONers, safely back home(almost),seeing friends before the Ferry crossing on Tuesday. Colder than expected. Be Safe Out There. :^ B-)
Good Morning BONers, Beautiful Morning here in North Carolina heading home after a FANTASTIC Winter in Florida. Have a Great Weekend, Be Safe Out There.
Happy St Patrick’s Day
Good Morning BONers, Enjoy Your Day. Be Safe Out There, Especially If Your Lucky Enough To Be Enjoying Bike Week 2020 Down Here In Sunny Florida. :^ B-)
Don’t forget BONers, be safe on the roads and around the house. B-)
Have a great weekend!

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