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Fur babies
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Female, 59 years old, and single.  Birthday is March 15, 1962.  Looking for a backseat.  Interested in males.  Drinks socially.  Lives in polkton, North Carolina  United States.  Member since February 2013.  Last online last week.

20 years ago tonight
Meet Landon.... His father, Marine LCPL Carpenter, gave his life defending our country in Afghanistan, a month before his son was born. Baby Landon's Mom wants his story to be known. Take a moment to share this photo with your friends and reflect on the price of freedom. Please help me to honor Marine LCPL Carpenter, so that he is not forgotten. ???? Never forget the price of freedom.
You probably should read this! The whole world paused this morning. Do you know why? Because an 8 year old’s tank was empty. The boys had already started their school day at their desks and I was preparing to leave for work when I noticed my littlest standing in the bathroom wiping his face. I paused at the door and asked if he was okay. He looked up with tears silently dripping and shook his head. When I...See More questioned if something happened, again he shook his head. So I sat on the side of the tub and pulled him in my lap. I told him sometimes our heart tanks feel empty and need to be refilled. He cried into my chest and I held tight. I asked if he could feel my love filling him up? A nod, and tears stopped... I waited a minute... ‘Has it reached your toes yet?’ He shook his head no... ‘Okay man. We will take as long as you need. Work doesn’t matter right now. School isn’t important either. This right here, is the most important thing today, okay? Filling you back to the top. Is that good?’ *nods* One more minute... ‘Is your heart full of mamas love now?’ ‘Yeah...’ *looks in his eyes* ‘I see it shining in there, you’re full to the top, and you’re smiling!’ You may not be 8 - you may be 28, 38, 48 or whatever- but ALL of us run on empty just like he did. His week was so busy and so full and his little soul was just dry! We all have to pause, and take a moment to refill with the good things. Scripture, prayer, sunshine, worship, song, laughter, friends, hugs. Refill your empty, or you’ll find those emotions (tears, anger, snappy words) overflowing with no reason why. Take a moment. Refill. It’s the most important part of your day!
I've been paying some attention to many now flying the all black American flag. So I researched its meaning a bit. It was first used in the Civil War by Confederates as a statement that they will NEVER SURRENDER and will kill all enemy combatants instead of taking any prisoners. It was also called (give no quarter).

It seems many today are ready for Civil War !
Next month will be 20years...

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