2000 Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® FLSTF
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Okinawa Japan 78-79


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Male, and single.  Backseat available.  Owns a 2004 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Custom FXSTC and 4 other bikes.  Interested in females.  Looking for friends, riding partners, or a relationship.  Religious view is Age 60 Retired early to FL,ToProtect&DefendTheCostitutionOfTheUnitedStates.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Pell City AL,Cocoa Beach Fla,Deadwood SD,& South End ofHartford, Florida  United States.  Member since April 2008.


SEMPER FIDELIS On the 8th day GOD created United States Marines, And HE looked upon what HE had created, And HE saw The Worlds Finest Fighting Force, A gift from HIM to all the world, To protect all that HE had created that was good and just, And HE raised HIS hand and HE saluted HIS Marines, Because HE knew that They would accomplish the mission which HE had assigned to Them, That they would be Always Faithful.by Jarhead 8541 STAY OFF THE SKYLINE To Protect and Defend the Constitution of The United States Against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic COME HOME SAFE Love You Beautiful Bastards OOOHHH RAAAAHHH ! ! If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heavens scenes they will find the streets are guarded by UNITED STATES MARINES !!!!!! OOOHHH RAAHH ! ! ! alright I love you little dog faced and squid bastards too,still on boarder w/u junior birdmen,ah love u little bastards too ........ Professor Of World Travle w/BS in HumanRelations,MS in Accupuncture (2ndMar DivScoutSniperSchool CampLeJeune)

About Me

Just an Old Marine (1977-85 ) 6' 1", broad shoulders, sarcasticly funny,heart full of love, you either love me or hate me but I'm impossible to ignore when I'm on a roll , maybe a little scary at first but when you get to know me you'll learn to love me maybe hate me once in a while but always eventually back to loving me. I don't appollgize for who I am and I can't pretend to be something I'm not.IfYouLoveMe It'sYou&meAgainstTheWorld FTW

Turn Ons

A Beautiful Woman With A Good Heart On The Back Of The Bike Holding On Tight, Reaching Back & Massaging Her Leg As We Cruise Down The Hwy ,Making Love Till We Fall Asleep In Each Others Arms ,Kissing You When I Wake Up & Doing It All Over Again.

Turn Offs

smokers,it's like kissing a damn ash tray,sloppy drunks, druggies, phony bastards that put bikes away cause it's to cold to ride in Nov,Dec,Jan,Feb,March


photography,shooting ,home reloading,camping, canoeing kayaking hiking mt biking ,snow shoeing,riding cross countrySD,SC,Al,Tn,Fla Canada, making a bar full of friends laugh their asses off.


The secret to true happieness in life is never sell your motorcycles. I still have every motorcycle I ever bought about 375,000 miles between the 5 of them. dealers sell bikes. see if you can guess my opinion of them they're all scum sucking car dealers (gengres,Don at Htfd HD was a dick head at least he road all his life & new bikes), millionares that didn't get their asskissed so bought the place(yankee,previously D&J then the best in the state yankee now worst) TSI just started the past couple of years screwing treating their loyal customers like shit when it comes to service & screwing up repairs and trying to deny it, and then there's high priced assholes (mike's famous formely New London county HD) that buy one of the cheapest & best dealerships in the state & make it 1 of the worst . YOU ALL SUCK !!!!! But I'm Not Bitter


Bob Seiger ,jackson brown,Three Dog Night, lead zeppilin, david allen coah, Janice joplin, jimmie hendrix, pink floyd, ac/dc, Old time rock &roll . joe cocker, johnie cash,willie&waylon John Phillip Sousa Stars and Stripes Forever,Semper Fidelis, Thunderrer, the old guy across the street Bennie (God rest his soul) loved when i played it for the neighborhood at 125wattsRMS per channle 4th July & Nov 10th Marine Corps Birthday


animal house,castaway,braveheart,guns of navarone,misfits,casa blanca,saving private ryan,patriot,blazing saddles,300,troy,young frankenstien, unforgiven


"I'mJustAnOldMarineLookingForOneGoodWoman"."Only2ThingsIn ThisWorldYouCanTrust BeyondReproachYourDogAndA UNITED STATES MARINE",mine."Every day is a holiday every meal is a feast you can't just like it you've gotta love it UH RA" Gunnery Sgt Kurcher. "God damn it men ,fuck it just fuck it" Gunnery Sgt Holly. . "Strutegery"' Georgie Bush Jr on SNL ,perfect parody of what a dumb son of a bitch (no disrespect to Barbara) he really is. "None ya shut ya mind ya get ya"

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