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Female, 63 years old, and in a relationship.  Birthday is October 26, 1957.  Rides a motorcycle.  Interested in females and males.  Drinks regularly.  Conservative political views.  Lives in Shell Knob, Missouri  United States.  Member since November 2012.  Last online today.

Just wondering if anyone else who has lost someone still gets up in the middle of the night to check on them
For all my friends who didn't know I got married last year in Sept. A week before our first anniversary my husband passed away the 10th of Sept. And yes it was from this cursed covid. RIP my sweet husband
Just wondering,,,, say u have a wife or girlfriend that keeps a good house,, doesn't want ur money,,,, is faithful as all get out,,,,, loves u with all her heart,,,, will fight by ur side thru thick or thin and her looks ain't all that bad either. What would make a man go behind her back and try to hook with other chicks. I really want and need to know the answer to this.
Good morning my BON friends. This really troubles me. How cruel can a person be. First day taking away thousands of jobs. He needs to take the stim checks and give back the job's !!!! Pissed off in Texas !!!
is attending Support the 2nd.
My living room. Love and proud of my country and flags
is attending Support the 2nd.
Can I be just a little blunt. The real true test for these mask should be,,,, take the material that's being used,,,, make a pair of underwear,,,, put them on and fart!!!! Well now if the fart didn't get thru , it's gonna keep the covid out. This has been a public service,, Thank u. LMAO
Enlightenment : can anyone tell me what true love is ? It's not looks,,, but that helps,,,, it's not possession,,,, but whatever,,, that don't empress me,,, true heart,,,,, its someone who is there thru thick and thin. Pick up the piece's thru thick or thin. This is old school. We're not users,,we help those in need.
And more headed our way. Hope everyone is staying warm and have plenty of groceries.
Good morning y'all ;) Are you sharing this page? Spread the word! Have a safe day, hope you're ridin!!
If someone has been there for u thru thick and thin,,, don't forget to thank them. Sometimes we go thru so much we forget. So please remember. It's not that we don't appreciate, just our minds get so untangled with the ones we lose. If I haven't said thank u for all the prayers for Kelley, my brother Dale, and my mama in the last year,,,, thank u. We all have a cross to bear,,, I pray for God's helping hand on all my friends on Bon going thru trouble times. </3
News was saying Dems wants to deprogram Trump supporters. So I post a pic on Facebook showing a toothbrush scrubbing a Hamsters Ass. LMAO told them to deprogram that !!! Hahaha
Well well well LMAO Facebook don't care for my views on things. No longer on there hahaha

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