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Female, and single.  Looking for a backseat.  Interested in males.  Religious view is spiritual.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Booger County, Arkansas  United States.  Member since October 2012.  Last online last month.

Understand this I am no bit of fluff so if you want to debate me you better have the facts straight
We have been at war for 200 years out of 223 since our existence so please spare me the BS. We have a War Economy and we represent murder, death and mothers tears
Trump Tweets,,, Trump Threatens,,,, Trump Tweets.... Trump Threatens..... I am sure Putin is laughing his ass off
Sorry married men do not interest me

They are checking their list and checking it twice
Making a note whose leaning left or right
The CIA is coming to town.

They know when you're cheating on your taxes
Checking Facebook they know when you're awake
When you're smoking Humboldt weed
Or chatting online with the Russians
So knock off for goodness sake

With hidden accounts offshore See More
Track and keep score
They know exactly who you are voting for
The CIA is coming to town.

OOOOOOOOOO you better watch out
You better not shout
You better be good
Check under the hood ( boooom)
The CIA is coming to tooooooooooooown

Dont panic........ its Political Satire folks

@ copyright Tammy M Darby Sept. 6, 2018

One day America you must open you're eyes

And acknowledge the responsibility for starving children’s cries
For the blood red and stagnant that flows through the streets
For the deaths of struggling farmers and the poor families in distant lands
And those they will never meet
The song of suffering is youre composition

One day America
You must speak the truth See More
That we have left the bones of other humans in the ground
Because their lives provided no political or monetary advantage
Giving no resistance they were poor and weak
Easy to overcome they were so we destroyed them

Unaware were the endless victims until the last moments when the bombs fell
The earth opened before them and became a living hell
Lost souls in a long line of murderous actions with no impunity
God help us all if the world revolts against us in unity
We will become wooden markers that will fade and rot through time
Dead by our own hands because we believed the lies

One day America you must open your eyes

All Right Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby. December, 17, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Yes I just blocked youre disgusting azz off my page
"The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. " -- George Orwell 1984
Found this ad on Craigs List

Missing your uncle this Christmas?
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Are your Christmas dinners boring? Do you need drama, sarcasm and inappropriate comments for your guests? Let me be your drink uncle.

It's easy. Buy some cheap bourbon and scotch and send me an address and time. I'll supply my thermos cup and stained t-shirt and sweatpants. Also let me know which family members to harass the most, I've got plenty of hooker and small dick jokes.

Manipulators of the mind

The topic I present to you is manipulation
In the process as a reward
Provide you with cerebrel sensations
Direct you're psyche on the path the elites choose
You're mind and vote are what they want to use

Parasites they play on your loyalty to the nation and sympathy
Crow loudly about their public good deeds and humanity See More
All the while fingers crossed behind their backs
Unreadable faces
Leaning whatever way, the political winds blow
And ignoring scientific facts

They use algorithms to see who you are
Study your habits and words like fireflies in a jar
Accumulate your personal information and file it away
Retrieve it later and searching for a trace of subversiveness
Examining closely what you say.

Manipulators of the mind
And I tell you with all confidence
It isn't a lie
That want it all
Not a slice
But the whole pie

Forcing weighted guilt upon you
Whether deserved or not
Twisting words
You pledge your allegiance
Frightened, sincere or not

They force you to question you're very being
Then tell you you're eyes are mistaken
Trust them they know what's best for you
Reality is not what you are seeing

They require you're rare and malleable but weak cognition
Because you can be controlled with little effort and rarely listen
Pushed and pulled to the right or left
Scolded for recreant behavior and guided
Kept firmly and steadfast on the correct path
Like small children molded and constantly chided

Until finally you have become what they dreamed of
A shining example and proud acquisition
A new member of the War Machine
A label on your chest
Patriotism glistening

All Rights Reserved@Tammy M. Darby
All Material Stored in Author Base
And The Bough Will Break

When the sweet winds blow
A silent ophidian
Slumbers within the lifeless soul
The words of hate borne proudly by the sender
And the act of revenge
From the serpents bite render

And the bough will break
Under the weight of a brittle heart
The perfume of stale bitterness
Do the drifting breezes impart See More
For there is no logic to be found
In the deep caverns of the heart

So the bough will break
The branch weakened fell broken and decayed
And the burden of love over my eyes did lay
Happiness shrouded by despair now forever stay
Though it's said the light commands all
And darkness shun the day

The bough will break.

Written by Tammy M Darby

Spillwords Press © 2015-2019 Featured Posts

Bewitched See More
There was no choice except to lie about the drug use though everyone in town knew the truth. He was a cranker, a tweaker and tried to keep it secret then the inevitable came, his heart started failing and he became weak, spending each day wondering if it would be his last. He had done the drug for a long time and did a good job of hiding it from most of the people in town until his best friend revealed his drug habit to a person close to him.

At first, he tried to explain it away by telling everyone the disorder ran in his family but those that did the white powder lines with him just laughed. They knew why he was having problems with his heart and soon they would be too. But it was too late the damage was done. And they accepted it.

Afraid and frightened and unsure if this was the price he paid for his disloyalty and treacherous behavior. It weighed heavy on his heart and more so in his mind until his thoughts turned and twisted like snakes. He became thin, gaunt and black blue circles appeared underneath his eyes, his hair fell out and he became an old man what seems like overnight. He remembered the last words she spoke; chills ran through his body, he began to violently shake, tremble and his breathing quickened.

Then it began, the nightmares, and whispers on the wind. Shadows that he was sure were hiding around the corner waiting for him and the laughter that came from thin air. Paranoia was consuming him and there was no controlling it.

There would be no escape this time. It was not hatred that doomed him but love. Stronger than the winds in the sky the flowing waters of the earth, and even the stars that dwell throughout the universe. The emotion that was stronger than death itself.

He could tell no one of the thoughts that consumed him like cancer lest he revealed the monster that he was. So, his fear festered like a rotting wound that would never heal. Counting the beats of his pulse in his wrists wondering if they would slow and stop day after day until at last, he wished for death.

When the fates deemed, he had enough they came for him and it would not be the sounds of angel wings that greeted his soul. But the moans and shrieks of dark spirits from the underworld, and the smell of sulfur. It would be her voice he heard laughing, as they took him, her face he saw smiling until she turned and walked away. becoming a blurred vision. His eyes dimmed and he strained once more to see her before breathing his last. It was her love that had bewitched him and her love that took his life.

My attempt at writing a ghost story
All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M.Darby Oct.31, 2019
All Material Stored in Author Base.
Okay I admit it I have dual personalities..... Care for a wee sip

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