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Female, 60 years old, and single.  Birthday is October 12, 1957.  Owns a 2016 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® 1200 Custom XL1200C.  Interested in males.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is Catholic.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Ocala, Florida  United States.  Member since June 2012.  Last online today.

Good morning Rose
Morning darlin
Good morning Rose
I thought you were getting off here sweet
Good morning Rose :)
Happy Wednesday Patty, You are a classy lady and nice friend. I will send you a friend request on Facebook. Keep A Smile
Good morning and happy Friday friends. This will be my last post. I want to sincerely thank all of you who have been my friends, messaged me, liked my photos and given me nice comments. I will still be riding on weekends with my club, the Southern Cruisers, and enjoying wind therapy. My life is very busy and moving in other directions. I want to devote more time to other interests. I will be deleting my account at...See More the end of the month. The only social media I’m keeping is Facebook. If you’d like to friend me or see how I’m doing you can check there. You will have no problem finding me in the search, no one else has my name Patty DiMassino All the best to each of you. Always remain positive, be thankful, count your blessings and lend a helping hand. GypsyRose :)
Happy Thursday!! It’s my Friday and I was spoiled sleeping in with my holiday days off so I’m looking forward to that again tomorrow....I must be getting old!! Soon I’ll be adding naps to my day as well...scary thought! Have a great day!! Hugs and smiles :)
Good morning and Happy Hump Day!! Had fun with my sweeties last night. They keep me young and make me laugh.....and add a few gray hairs!! Weather is great for riding again....for those of us who can’t tolerate below 50°. Hope life is good to you today. Hugs and smiles :)
Happy Tuesday!! Finally back to our great FL winter weather!! Stay warm if you live in the real world winter wonderland....I wonder how you live there. Lol Have a great day!! Hugs and smiles
Happy Monday!! Hope you had a great weekend!! Back to a full week of work after enjoying the holiday time off. It’s been a week. Have you kept your New Year’s resolutions or has it already been broken??? Even if you stumbled, try again!! Never give up!! Hugs and smiles
Happy Sunday!! Our last cold morning and then THANKFULLY 55° to 70° the rest of the week. :)) Stopping to get donuts and muffins on the way to see my sweeties. They’ll be thrilled. Last time I was there I had a Yeti full of caramel macchiato cappuccino sitting on the counter. Jace took a sip and told that coffee was delicious!! Lol So getting us both some of that too. Have a super day!! Hugs and smiles
Happy Saturday!! Beautiful sunny day expected here today but cold. Looking forward to warmer winter weather beginning on Monday even if it rains. Working at home, lunch with a friend and then probably some more work. That’s my exciting day lol. Hope you enjoy yours too. Hugs and smiles
Happy TGIF!! I had been hearing a funny noise and vibration in my car for the last three weeks. Just what I DON’T need, another expen$e. So I took it around the corner to Tires Plus where I had the tie rods and wheel bearings fixed last year. $$$$$ They told me mud was in the wheel bearings and that I also had a nail in my tire. That is probably because where I work is not paved. So I a$ked them how much THAT was going to co$t me to fix and the told me NOTHING!! I almost fainted. Maybe my luck is finally improving and it is going to be a really wonderful year!! Hugs and smiles
Good morning and hope you’re warm wherever you are. Today I’m just going to give thanks that I’m alive and well and that I have a roof over my head and can afford heat. I think about the homeless I see every day begging on the same street corners. I know one lady lives in the woods. I can’t even imagine a life like that. Before you complain, take a GOOD look around and count your blessings. Hugs and smiles
Good morning and Happy Hump Day!! I’m going to stop complaining about the cold weather here in FL....oh, I’m not!! Raining this morning but thankfully not the 27° That was expected. We certainly do not need ice on our roads as we are not prepared to handle that!! And for all of you who REALLY deal with winter for months and with subzero temps, ARE YOU CRAZY???!!! Lol I know some people actually enjoy...See More skiing, sledding, etc that is me for about a day or two.
And another romantic disappointment. He never showed up yesterday!! Lmao I love those Facebook quizzes lol My girlfriend got in the year 2031 and said she’d be dead by then. I guess I can just keep saying “tomorrow” and some day he will show up!! Lol Stay warm. Hugs and smiles
Happy Tuesday!! A nasty day in the sunshine state yesterday. It was a cold 37° and rain drizzled all day. I never got out of my PJs. I do believe that was one of the laziest days in my life. And more cold expected the rest of the week, expecting to hit 25° on Thursday!! Congrats to the USF Knights on their win over Auburn yesterday. I only say that because my daughter, Amanda, now attends UCF. I do not think she...See More has ever before watched a football game in its entirety before. I’m not sure she even knows the rules. Lol But now that she goes there, she has found her “team” spirit. She really is a more of an “I” and “me” person. Have a great day!! Hugs and smiles
Happy New Year!! Wishing you the best in the year ahead. Have a great day. Hugs and smiles
Happy New Year’s Eve!! As 2017 draws to a close, I look back and see it as a pretty good year. I’m alive and well, blessed with good health and family and friends who love me. I never really make new resolutions....I’m already damn near perfect!! Lmao ;) I just try to live every day being the best I can be and helping others when I’m able. It’s always good to look forward to a new year and a fresh start. If you make...See More resolutions, FOLLOW through. Be realistic in your goals and expectations. Make every day a Happy New Day and the year will be great!! If you’re out celebrating please don’t drink and drive. Call Uber or have a designated driver. Be safe!! Hugs and smiles
Good morning!! Today’s pic is for all my northern friends who REALLY have to deal with harsh winter weather while I complain about the cold (anything below 60°) lol Here in FL we can ride almost every day and I’m thankful for that!! Heading down to WPB with my grandsons to visit my mom and two of my sisters. Should be a fun day!! Hugs and smiles

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