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Female, 60 years old, and single.  Birthday is October 12, 1957.  Owns a 2016 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® 1200 Custom XL1200C.  Interested in males.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is Catholic.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Ocala, Florida  United States.  Member since June 2012.  Last online today.

Happy Thanksgiving!! May you give thanks for all your blessings today and every day. Never take anything for granted. Hugs and smiles
Good morning!! One more day and we can all pig out!! Busy day. Working till noon, picking up Jace and Colton at 2. They’re spending the night. We’re making goodies for tomorrow. Bought some things for them to make Christmas gifts for Mom and Dad. They love creative activities. Christina was happy I asked to take them. They won’t be in her kitchen while she and Jeff fix tomorrow’s feast. Taking them to the gym with me too. That should be fun!! Lol Have a Wonderful Wednesday!! Hugs and smiles
Good morning and Happy Hump Day!!.....well it is for me as tomorrow is the end of my work week!! It’s a Pooh Bear kind of day, a little blustery. As much as I dislike the cold, I do like driving with the windows down during the day.....much more refreshing than the AC. I like that this old truck has that front triangular vent window. I can just open and turn it to any degree and control how much cool air comes in...See More and where it circulates in the truck. Guess they quit putting that little extra window on cars to save money and make them look sleeker and more aerodynamic....a real shame in my opinion. Have a terrific Tuesday!! Hugs and smiles :)
Good morning and happy Monday. A very short work week....only 3 school this week.....where was that when I was a kid???? A little too cold for me this morning.... 45°.....BRRRR.....but at least the heat in my truck warms up very quickly!!! Enjoy your day!! Hugs and smiles
Good morning!! Hope you enjoy a Sunday funday!! Lots to do, great weather, so get out and enjoy it!! I’m working but going over to see my little darlings tonight. <3 hugs and smiles
Good morning and a Happy 26th Birthday to my beautiful baby Amanda. She is a wonderful young woman and I am blessed to have her. <3 Shawn and his dad left yesterday on a hunting trip up in NY until Dec 1st so she’s stuck with only me till he gets home. Lol She’s a vegan....I swear they eat almost nothing....but I made her some special chocolate covered strawberries last night that were vegan. She was so surprised and they were delicious!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! Ride safe and enjoy. Hugs and smiles :)
Good morning and it’s finally Friday!! Caffeine and gasoline....pretty much all the fuel we need to keep us going!! Off to the gym.....then work, work, work. I need a few elves to help out. The great weather having the windows open with a cool, refreshing breeze blowing in. It’s hot chocolate and s’mores time!! Hugs and smiles
Good morning and Happy Thursday!! Nothing special going on. Looking forward to the big turkey day next week. The kids are out of school all next week. For those of you who love the maddening crowd, you’ll be looking forward to the Black Friday rush. I just couldn’t do that I don’t care what the bargain is and there are some good ones. Shawn and Amanda usually do those. Have a great day!! Lend a helping hand and surprise someone!! Hugs and smiles :)
Happy Wednesday!! Hump Day for you M-F workers. One day just blurs into the next for me. Work almost every day but that’s okay it pays the bills!! :) Christmas is just around the corner. I’m pretty much ready for that. Finished most of my’s all about the babies!! <3 Have a terrific day. Hugs and smiles:)
Happy Tuesday!! Another beautiful day ahead here in FL. Just enough coolness in the air making it very comfortable. It’s Tuesday, so over to see my sweeties after work. <3 Hope you have a terrific day!! Hugs and smiles
Good morning!! Veteran’s Day was Saturday. Just wanted to take time to thank all of you who served. God only knows where our country and the world would be without brave men and women like you. Have a wonderful Monday!! Hugs and smiles
Happy Sunday!! Had a great time with Jace at the wedding. A nice day here today. Going up to 80° Just want to rub that in to all of you experiencing the cold. Lol Heading to Dunkin Donuts Yummy! then the park before taking Jace home. Then work the rest of the day. Have to take my bike over to HD. The check engine light comes on and stays on and sometimes the neutral light comes on and stays on. It’s not due for service for another 600 miles but just going to have to do it now. Have a wonderful day! Hugs and smiles
Happy Saturday!! A fun day ahead. Picking Jace up at 9 then heading down to Vero for my friend’s 4pm wedding. Going to her parent’s home first to visit them as well as the rest of her family. Should be a great time, especially for Jace. Hope all of you have a terrific day. Ride safe and enjoy the cooler weather. For those of you experiencing a snowy winter already, BRRRRR!! I’d never be able to get out of bed in the morning. Hugs and smiles
Happy Friday!! Went to the gym at 6am. Forgot my almost ended!! So a late post....very busy day....Home Depot, JoAnn Fabrics.....and then the dreaded shopping for a dress to wear to the wedding tomorrow....have to look my best for Jace! I really hate shopping...I hate trying things on....there are six mirrors in the dressing room with that fluorescent lighting so SCARY views from every angle.....we only see our flaws....hopefully I’ll find something quickly. Then work at home to keep me very busy till bedtime. Have a wonderful day! Hugs and smiles
Good morning and Happy Thursday!! Driving has been pretty easy the last two weeks. We aren’t that busy so I’m done by 1 which is working out well because I have so much Christmas needlepoint to get done. Going to be burning the midnight oil today and tomorrow so I can go to the Saturday wedding down in Vero. Taking a real stud with me as my date. He’ll be the most handsome man there. Jace is so excited!! He’s never been to a wedding. It should be fun. Hugs and smiles :)
Happy Hump Day!! More beautiful weather ahead. FL is a great place to live....but I’m sure if you don’t live here you feel the same about your state. Oh wait...FL is a nice place to visit but your state is better!! I’m trying to keep it from getting too crowded here! Lol I do love Central FL much better than south FL. It’s not as crowded, it moves a little slower....okay, a LOT slower!! And there are different types of trees up here....down there they have 50 varieties of palm trees which offer zero shade. Enjoy your day and be kind! Hugs and smiles
Good morning and Happy Tuesday!! Hope your week started off good. Seven years ago my daughter Christina married her husband Jeff. It was a wonderful day and she told me it was better than she had dreamed. Now they have been blessed with three beautiful children. I wish them forever together. I think they’ll make it. For all of you who have survived the highs and lows of a relationship together through the years, that’s what true love is all about!! Bless you all!! Hugs and smiles
Happy Monday!! Everyone should be well rested after getting back that hour of sleep this weekend. We had great weather down here so hope you were out feeling the breeze. Warmer this happy about that! Get out there and enjoy every moment!! Hugs and smiles
Good morning and Happy Sunday!! Hope you enjoy a beautiful day!! Hugs and smiles :)
Good morning!! Wishing you a wonderful day of riding!! Be safe and enjoy. Hugs and smiles :)

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