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Female, 59 years old, and single.  Birthday is October 12, 1957.  Owns a 2016 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® 1200 Custom XL1200C.  Interested in males.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is Catholic.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Ocala, Florida  United States.  Member since June 2012.  Last online today.

Good morning everyone!! It's already Tuesday :) Loooong day yesterday. There was still no power out in Weirsdale yesterday at my pickup so it took three hours to get my first load instead of one. Duke Energy was out there by the end of the day and power was on by two. Still saw homes without power. Be patient crews are working to help everyone. Should be an easy day today. Get out there and shine!!! Touch someone's life for the better even if it's only a smile!! That will brighten anyone's day. :) hugs and smiles
Happy Monday!! Easier than I thought. Hopped right out of bed when my alarm rang at 4am. YEARS of doing that....routine stuck. Back on the road again....not much traffic for a Monday....Really rested after all my time off. Had a great time with my sweeties last night. We played Candyland. That game never gets old and they love it. Sometimes Jace sets it up and plays all four players by himself. Lol Have a wonderful day! Hugs and smiles:)
Good morning and Happy Sunday. Going to enjoy my last day off. Fun in the sun, a little wind therapy then watching my sweeties so Christina and Jeff can go to the movies and dinner. Back to the grind and getting up at 4am again tomorrow. Waaaa!!! Got spoiled this week. Anyway enjoy today!! Hugs and smiles :)
Happy Saturday!! Have a terrific weekend. Get out and rlde!! Hugs and smiles :)
Good morning!! Friday is here. Off to the gym, then the dentist. Getting another crown....damn those are co$ insurance....that's where my second job money fix things when they break down....and that is an endless list!! Have a wonderful day. The weekend weather looks pretty nice for riding so get out and enjoy. Hugs and smiles
Good morning friends!! Weather after the storm has been gorgeous. Went out riding yesterday for a bit. More work at home and a little riding again today. Have a wonderful day. Friday is almost here! Hugs and smiles
Glad to see you're back and all is well I hope. Have a gr8 one.
Good morning!! No driving today. Saw my sweeties yesterday. They fill my heart with love. <3 Have a terrific day! Hugs and smiles
Happy Tuesday friends!!! Power restored late last night, half the city still in the dark. Hopefully it will be on soon. No work today. One quarry will be closed all week as power lines are down on that road. So up in the air on tomorrow until we find out about the other two. Working at home. Thankfully plenty of needlepoint to keep me busy and pay the bills. Have a safe and happy day!! Hugs and smiles :)
Happy Monday!! Sitting here watching Irma blowing outside, listening to the wind and hearing the rain on the roof and windows. Thankful and blessed we are only without electricity. Nothing matters more than our lives. Take a moment to remember those innocent victims of the 9/11 tragedy 16 years ago. Be safe everyone. Hugs and smiles
Hoping this finds you and yours safe and secure. I'm sure we haven't heard from you because of power outage and dealing with the challenges at hand, but be strong and work together to overcome this disaster.
Good morning everyone!! Really eerie outside. No morning birds chirping, but pretty breezy. Only drizzling now but wind and rain today and tomorrow. Shouldn't be too bad here, 75-80mph. And unless something comes crashing through my window I'll most likely sleep right through the storm as she passes in the early morning hours (2am) tomorrow. Enjoy your day and be safe. Hugs and smiles
Stay safe this weekend
Good morning!! We have had such beautiful, sunny skies the last two days. If not for the news and the empty shelves, you wouldn't even know about the storm. Went and played with my sweeties last night. <3 Won't see them again till after Irma. Plenty of work to keep me busy this weekend. Have a wonderful day and hope your safe wherever you are. Hugs and smiles :)
Happy Friday!! Totally lucked out or My angel was watching over me. I saw the fuel truck at the Circle K when I was heading back with my last load yesterday. So I finished up work, punched out and went to get in line. So far I haven't seen any fighting for gas but they had seven people directing traffic so there was no cutting in line or jumping ahead of someone who had been patiently waiting before you. My...See More son-in-law found bottled water. We will be filling additional containers, two coolers and both tubs as well. When he leaves for work (police officer) today, he won't be home until after the storm. So now I'm as ready as I can be. Off until Tuesday (unless there is severe damage) so THREE 3-day work weeks in a row. I could get used to that!! Lol hugs and smiles :)
Be safe and out of Irma's way. Best of luck to you and yours.
Good morning and Happy Thursday!! The mad rush to get ready continues. Fuel trucks come and the gas is gone in two hours. I'm running on empty. Pilot has gas and the manager told me the truck will be back with more this afternoon with more so I'm coming over here to wait. The interstate is backed up with people leaving. Irma really looks monstrous. All we can do is hope and pretty much the same thing I do every day!! Lol hugs and smiles and be ready if you're in Irma's path.
Good morning Gypsy
Happy Hump Day!! Batten down the hatches!! Seems that after seeing the aftermath of Harvey, everyone is taking Irma quite seriously. No water anywhere and many gas stations empty. On the bright side, at least know where the storm is and her expected path, so we can be prepared. After that, we wait and see. So most of us, who have been through many before, are as ready as we can be. Enjoy your day. Hugs and smiles :)
Good Morning my dear, I hope you already got your bottled water, if you don't, its gone !

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