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Male, 66 years old, and single.  Birthday is January 04, 1955.  Interested in females.  Looking for a relationship.  Religious view is AGNOSTIC: Took 55 yrs to educate myself that the 1,000 prayers went unanswered cuz there is NO GOD or JESUS or HEAVEN..  Doesn't drink.  Conservative political views.  Lives in Phoenix, Arizona  United States.  Member since May 2012.  Last online today.


Mar 2021, I'm NOT every Womans cup of tea and I like it that way? The lady I fancy is a refined, sexy, intellient, confident, slutty, naughty confident woman not some PRUDE from that past! Im a Retired over the Road Trucker, NOT lookin for a Nurse or a Purse, I GOT $$$,
DONT own a bike yet? Want a women with a BIKE ( Distance is not a barrier unless your Negative , lazy, selfhish?? NEED her independent free spirited attitude!~

If I find YOU here, we chat for week intensely, phone, video etc, if we click, I come to be hosted at your place for a week or two so we interact on all levels. ( THis is why distance is NOT a barrier, Warned you Im not like other prisoner men/women who all think love is LOCAL..newsflash, ya'll are LOCO! We Will know first day if we will have chemistry to go to next level? IF NOT , I return home or send you home! NO intercourse on first day/night.. MY preference, But we can play naughty if we both are feeling it? IF we click, then we both decide our next steps to Build a Future together, NOT into FWB, one night stand crap, not looking for sex ( Read that twice). Im a free spirited Gypsy wanderer looking for MISS right to worship inside and OUTSiDE ! GOT no drama, NO kids, no family, no reason to NOT come meet you anywhere in USA. IF your Not capable , confident willing to discuss matters of intimacy on many levels, KEEP away! Sex is much more than just getting naked for intercourse crap?? It has many aspects and is a topic to discuss Before we meet, just like the news, weather or sports, hobbies, pets, religion, politics etc? I can pay to fly you to PHX for 3-4 nites in clean New hotel too.. we decide all that later! IF YOUR a TRUMP Hater, pretend I dont exist cuz that is how I VIEW YOU! I took a gamble on stock market in 2020, hit a couple nice stock buys.. still like the Sunshine Biopharma SBFM stock in canada, doing Covid and cancer research.. made $15,000 in 7 weeks, price dropped after I sold 92,000 shares.. now buying Back in to get lucky again?
I have many ecclectic interest... ask me?
ask me about my 40 line copyrighted Poem ""Tears of JOY"

About Me

raised around "billionaires" as a child/ teen for 8 yrs,( part owners of Staples, LA Lakers, LA Kings, donated 25 Million to the Fine Arts Dept at USC ( Universty for spoiled children).
One thing I can tell you is Money can't BUY you LOVE!

butt is just makes it seem that way!

Turn Ons

1) Nice Big Smile 2) Nice Curves 3) Nice attitude, NO. Negative bigoted Trump Haters or Sexual prudes wanted BABY! If you can't get head in life that sucks.

Turn Offs

TRUMP Haters go to the rear of the line and you get no toilet paper, Victorian Prudish women...overly non- sexual bored!
mean spirited people!


I'm a domestic slave, I do it all around the house from sweeping floors, mopping, dusting , washing windows, etc. do outside work too! I'm pretty much a homebody, GROW vegetables yearly, very busy person though not a couch potato at all. Let me cook, pour youre beer while you relax..I'll get it done!


Mar 2021, still no car, Stock market, Retired Trucker, still keep Commercial license, build veggie gardens, fish ponds, aquariums, Guitar, would love to hook up with Sexy Biker woman.. become her domestic well as Playmate... dont' have a car right now...had a Dui in 2008... times are tough... would love to go on weekend rides with my woman till I can get my own bike...just have to ride behind her holding on to your boobs for dear life!


classic rock... there is no other music... especially that stuff called "C"rap sucks! I like some country music... butt prefer the old stuff.. Dolly parton willie nelson, merle haggard.etc

TV Shows

Love Gunsmoke and Bonanza, High Chaparral,... Hoss is my favorite son!
hey I like to watch america's got talent , love the discovery and history channels..!


the Abyss... especially the part when the seperated husband, revives his wife after she drowns by administering "Mouth to Mouth".... not resusitation..."Mouth to Mouth".... pretty intense scene/moment!


Life is like a shit sandwich.... the more Bread ya got ...the less shit ya gotta eat!

Life is full of tiny steps... take them !! ie:... you are on a steep cliff, don't stay'll die...from exhaustion, instead Take those tiny steps to get down.... You just might get down safely!

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