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Female, 54 years old, and single.  Birthday is July 26, 1967.  Rides a motorcycle.  Interested in males.  Religious view is Christan.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Apache Junction, Arizona  United States.  Member since December 2011.  Last online last month.

So Thursday is the big cut only the people who are sitting in first in their group will be advancing to the quarter finals! Today is two for one voting Hudson Valley animal rescue spca gets a dollar and I get two votes! Thank you so much for all who have been following this and sporting me in this awesome opportunity to get to build my dream chopper! Click vote share!?? https://dreamchopper.com/2021/pam-jordan
Two for one votes today!! Help the Hudson Valley SPCA and help me get the first place spot!!! Two for one!!! ???? click vote share!! Thank you thank you!! ?????? https://dreamchopper.com/2021/pam-jordan
Thanks to everyone who has taken time to support me in my journey to win the dream bike! Y’all helped me make it to the top 5!!!! Let’s go for the win! Love and respect ?????? https://dreamchopper.com/2021/pam-jordan
You know what's great about Tuesdays? Tacos and 2-for-1 Rescue Votes until 11PM EDT. You got this! https://dreamchopper.com/2021/pam-jordan Thank you to all who have helped me by voting and sharing!!! I appreciate all of you! Keep them votes coming click vote then share!!??????
So now I’m in 2nd place thanks to everyone who is voting and sharing and voting some more 2 days left for the top 5! I so appreciate all the support in my journey!?????????? https://dreamchopper.com/2021/pam-jordan
I have advanced into the top 10! Thanks to all of you!!! This next round is going for the top 5 !! Votes are even more important now as just one can make the difference!!!! So thankful for all of you for helping make this happen!!!! ?????? click vote share share share!!! https://dreamchopper.com/2021/pam-jordan
Those big beautiful eye ,
Ladies and gentlemen !!! It is two for one votes for me today!! Round two is over tomorrow! Thank you for your help in making it to this round!!! Just click vote and share!! Every vote matters and we are all running neck and neck!!!! ???????????????? https://dreamchopper.com/2021/pam-jordan
Good morning Beautiful Lady. I hope you are having a great Birthday. @-- ^p^ <:o) -O _!_ :drink:
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!! What a great birthday surprise to have moved into 3 rd place in my competition!!! Thanks to all who are voting and rooting me on!!! Keep those votes coming please!!! With all of y’all’s help I can definitely keep moving up to the big win!!! Hugs to all and tons of love and respect!?????????? https://dreamchopper.com/2021/pam-jordan
Happy Birthday
Super happy to have made the first cut and now in round two which started last night! I’m sitting in 4 th place in the top 15 shooting for the top 10!!! Shares are super important as are the daily votes!! Thank you so much for the support you’ve shown me!!! Click on link free daily vote then share with as many people as you can thru every source you can think of to help me on my journey!! Love and respect! https://dreamchopper.com/2021/pam-jordan
Dream Chopper's first cut is Thursday! Get ahead of the pack with 2-for-1 Rescue Votes until 11PM EDT tonight. https://dreamchopper.com/2021/pam-jordan
Dream Chopper's first cut is Thursday! Get ahead of the pack with 2-for-1 Rescue Votes until 11PM EDT tonight. https://dreamchopper.com/2021/pam-jordan
https://dreamchopper.com/2021/pam-jordan Click on the link above free vote then share wherever you want to as many as possible!!! I thank you all for being so supportive and sharing my link!!! ?? The first cut is in 2 days and I’m sitting 4 th in my group! So votes are super important!!! A gain thank you love and respect!????????
Have a great Sunday!!!! Remember daily vote!!! Click on link below then click free daily vote! Then share share share!!! Every vote helps!!! Currently sitting in 4 th place in my group! I need as many votes as you all have to give!!! Thank you so very much! Love and respect!?????? https://dreamchopper.com/2021/pam-jordan
Have a great weekend!!

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