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Male, 79 years old, and single/divorced.  Birthday is July 17, 1940.  Owns a 1998 Harley-DavidsonĀ® Police Road KingĀ® FLHPI and 2 other bikes.  Interested in females.  Looking for friends, riding partners, or a relationship.  Religious view is spiritual.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Denham Springs, Louisiana  United States.  Member since September 2011.  Last online today.

A wife said to her husband, our wedding anniversary is next week, honey, how do you think we should celebrate? He replied, A moment of silence?
A girl of about 16 years old or so, her mama sent her to Preacher John to get salvation. He told her he was going to put his holy pole in her holy hole & spread salvation all thru her soul. She enjoyed it so much & excited her that she ran home & told her mom, Preacher John mama, Preacher John! What happened to Preacher John? asked mama. She replied, he took his holy pole, put it in her holy hole & spread salvation all thru her soul! Her mama replied, the dirty bastard told her it was Gabriel's horn & had her blowing it!
Why did unicorn become extinct? Noah had male & female of every species of animal on his Ark. One unicorn walked up to the other & said, My name is Joe & baby it looks like it will be up to us to repopulate, what's your name Sweetheart? Arnold, he replied!
is a fan of HARLEY DAVIDSON.
I didn't get mad at the dude that married my ex, the one & only time I met him was in a bar, bought him a beer, shook hands with him, patted him on the back & congratulated him. He was more than welcome to the living hell I went thru with the conniving bitch. He died about 4 years later & I think he died to get away from her, he took the easy way out.
First you should read the directions! A little old lady went to a doctor for constipation, he prescribed suppositories for her. A couple of days she went back to the doctor & told him that they didn't work & she was still constipated.. He replied, you didn't chew-em up & swallow them, did you? She replied, yes I did & may as well had shoved up her ass for all the good they did for her constipation!
Why did Unicorns become extinct? On the ark Noah had a male & female of every animal, the male unicorn said to the other. Well Baby it looks like it'll be up to us to repopulate, my name is Joe, what's your name Sweetheart? The reply was, Arnold!
Capital letters & wording is very important when writing, as in. I helped my Uncle Jack get off of his horse & not I helped my uncle jack off his horse!
I once knew a woman & like a 2 watt light bulb she wasn't too bright either. She thought Ernest Tubb was a sincere place to take a bath, Western Union was a cowboy's long underwear & Peter Pan was a wash basin in a whore house!
According to family history I'm between 1/4 & 1/2 Cherokee Indian so I rounded it off to 3/8 Indian blood but I ride a Harley Heritage. My question is would the democrats consider me racist because I don't ride an Indian?
Harley Davidson was sold to AMF January 8. 1969 for $22,000,000.00 & bought back by Harley June 16, 1981 for $75,000,000.00. If you owned a Harley built in the 12 years you may found yourselft pushing it as much as you rode it. I know guys that had parts missing when their bikes came in, a chain, brake pedal, shift linkage, shift lever or what have you! Had a friend riding in a parade & the tail light fell off, a little boy said, Mister your bike is falling apart, was embarrassing for him to stop & get his light with the people watching & laughing!
NO i dont heres my #407 921 2436..ill be home afyer 7p if youd like to talk.
Thank you , what an awesome surprise..When you coming down ..Barb
Happy belated B'Day....hey I drink..I forget shit...LOL
Happy Belated Birthday. Hope it was a good one
Before retirement we called Thursday "Payday Eve"!
Happy Birthday!! xo

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