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Male, 80 years old, and single/divorced.  Birthday is July 17, 1940.  Backseat available.  Owns a 1998 Harley-Davidson® Police Road King® FLHPI and 2 other bikes.  Interested in females.  Looking for friends, riding partners, or a relationship.  Religious view is spiritual.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Denham Springs, Louisiana  United States.  Member since September 2011.  Last online today.

I still like the cartoon of the little boy & girl about 8 years old, she pulls down her panties & told him, with this I'm going to control your life. He looks at it & says, "That's not a Harley Davidson", hee hee!
It's 90% rain today & just started coming down like a cow pissing on a flat rock, no biking for me today. I wish good riding weather for everybody else but I'll be stuck at home.
My Heritage Softail, Ole Red Gal, The Love of my life is happy with her Valentine's present & so am I. Took out the cam chains & tensioners, put gears, adjustable push rods & 509 cams, she has more power than before & I don't worry about the chain or tensioners breaking. Weak part of her engine is taken care of.
Once a lady friend told me that that snow was like first time sex with a man, she didn't know how long it would last or how many inches she was going too get !
I had a message yesterday on my voice mail that it was a suspicious activity with my social security number & call blab blab blab, but I've also heard it's a scam to get your number, so beware, if you give your number the scammer can clean you out, bank accounts & what have you.
A handsome man was waiting for the bus at a city bus stop, ducks were flying around him & a little man was playing a piano. When asked about the ducks & little man. He said he'd found a bottle & pulled out the stopper, a genie came out & granted him 3 wishes. He wanted to be handsome & he is. He asked for a million bucks but got a million ducks, asked for a 12 inch penis but got a 12 inch pianist but he didn't know the genie was hard of hearing!
As a president Biden is about as useful as a peg legged man at an ass kicking contest !
All our life we have heard to drink 8, 8 ounce glasses of water, on a hot day & getting off of work it was hard too drink 8 glasses of water but 8, 12 ounce can of cold Budweiser would go down like a fat kid on a see-saw.
I figured out what I'm going too get "the love of my life for Valentine's day (my Harley Heritage Softail, Red Gal) I'm going to have the cam chain taken out & have gears put in & it'll take care of the weak part of her duel cam engine.
Keep in mind. The anti christ comes after the rapture (2 Thessalonians 2). Having studied the Bible here and there in my life, in many different forms and it really does always come down to this. I have been hearing about the second coming of Christ and the events unfolding since I was a kid. The "Mark of the Beast", microchips, no cash/just plastic, Marshall Law, Total Government dependency/control. When...See More we are raising a family, working long hours, some two jobs, lots of things go unnoticed or just get ignored.
No one can comprehend how bad it will be......till it is. We have NEVER been told to stay home, quit work and rely on the Government. WE are seeing a lot of "firsts" since January. Can our minds and bodies handle what's coming?
Not without God - I wonder what doctor they will have on the news explaining the rapture and the disappearance of so many people? I won’t be here for it but it’s just a thought.
While the devil is preparing people for the Anti Christ, God is preparing people for the Rapture. I don’t know when the rapture will take place but I know that I won’t be left behind when that trumpet sounds!
I also believe right now that God is giving us a chance to repent. We need to get the Gospel message out!!! Until the Good Lord calls me away from this world to go home, I want to make it clear that I believe in Jesus Christ as the one and only True Lord and Savior. Despite the fact that I am human, and I fail a lot, I believe that Jesus is the Son of God.
I believe that He came as a baby, I believe that He died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins and that He rose from the dead on the third day and He is in Heaven preparing a place for all those who believe and trust Him as their Savior. He loves us all dearly (far more than we deserve) and forgives our sins when we repent. His Word says John 3:16 "Whosoever believeth in Me , shall not perish but have ever lasting life.”
Matthew 10:33 says, “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which art in heaven.”
This is the best challenge I have seen on Facebook; so, if the Holy Spirit moves you and you’re not ashamed, just copy, and make this as your status update.
Can I get an Amen for being a believer in God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit? Amen! ??????#ChristianChallenge??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
"Notice men, Instructions on how to make a small fortune! #1 First you start with a large fortune. #2 Then you get married, #3 Then it's just a matter of days & you will have a "Small Fortune"!
Remember the guy who wouldn't take the flag pole down on his Virginia property awhile back? You might remember the news story several months ago about a crotchety old man in Virginia who defied his local Homeowners Association and refused to take down the flag pole on his property along with the large American flag he flew on it. See More
Now we learn who that old man was. On June 15, 1919, Van T. Barfoot was born in Edinburg, Texas . That probably didn't make news back then.
But twenty five years later, on May 23, 1944, near Cyrano, Italy, That same Van T. Barfoot, who had in 1940 enlisted in the U.S. Army, set out alone to flank German machine gun
positions from which gunfire was raining down on his fellow soldiers. His advance took him through a minefield but
having done so, he proceeded to single-handedly take out three enemy machine gun positions, returning with 17 prisoners of war.
And if that weren’t enough for a day's work, he later took on and destroyed three German tanks sent to retake the machine gun positions.
That probably didn’t make much news either, given the scope of the war, but it did earn Van T. Barfoot, who retired as a Colonel after also serving In Korea and Vietnam , a well deserved Congressional Medal of Honor.
What did make news was his Neighborhood Association's quibble with how the 90-year-old Veteran chose to fly the American flag outside his suburban Virginia home. Seems the HOA rules said it was OK to fly a flag on a house-mounted bracket, but, for decorum, items such as Barfoot's 21-foot
flagpole were "unsuitable".
Van Barfoot had been denied a permit for the pole, but erected it anyway and was facing Court action unless he agreed to take it down.
Then the HOA story made national TV, and the Neighborhood Association rethought its position and agreed to indulge this
aging hero who dwelt among them.
"In the timeI have left", he said to the Associated Press, "I plan to continue to fly the American flag without interference."
As well he should. And if any of his neighbors had taken a notion to contest him further, they might have done well to read his Medal of Honor citation first. Seems it Indicates Mr. Van Barfoot wasn't particularly good at backing down.
If you've read this post and don't share it, - Guess what -You need your butt kicked. I share this with you because I don't want MY butt kicked anymore and I'm tired of seeing those who hate our country yet march in our streets, tear down our statues, burn our stores and loot our businesses have a free hand to do whatever they want.
A few days ago 2 women contacted me & said they were looking for a soul mate that they could live with for the rest of they're life. The first I told her I live alone, was divorced, rode a Harley, slept naked & do you sleep naked, haven't heard anymore from her. I told the second the same thing, hee hee, she wrote back & said she wasn't interested in bullshit, I wrote back & explained that man &...See More woman living together is serious business & not bullshit, my wife & I slept & screwed naked & in a nice way she could kiss my ass & wouldn't have a woman I couldn't get along with & it can't be many virgins on a bikers site so what was her gripe, haven't heard back from her either, hee hee!
For some reason people have short memories, there was an ex corporal from WW1 that got into politics, formed the Nazi party & confiscated all guns in the country then slaughtered people, mostly Jews by the thousands, he fixed it so people in his country couldn't protect themselves. Then he formed an alliance with Japan that wanted our natural resources & bombed Pearl Harbor but he screwed up when one of his submarines sunk an ocean liner with 183 American citizens on it & the U.S got into WW2 with Germany. So why vote for an S.O.B. that wants to take our guns?
Now that it's legal to steal, will God's words come out of the 10 commandments, "Thou shall not steal"! Will we be able to fill our bike at a gas station & ride off? Asking for a friend!

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