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Thursday, March 22, 2012

curiously curious

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Male, 54 years old, and single.  Birthday is October 23, 1965.  Owns and rides a motorcycle.  Interested in females.  Looking for friends, riding partners, or a relationship.  Drinks socially.  Lives in close, New Jersey  United States.  Member since September 2011.  Last online today.

1 thing i have learned with all that is going on.... you can now tell EXACTLY who has no morals or values along with no common decency, as it went right down the toilet along with all the toilet paper they hoard and flush. ill use old rags if i have to, before i take just for myself without any concern for another human being in need
if it 's true that on fox news they said they were letting all prisoners out so that they dont get corona...... the the next question is.... what do they know that we dont know?... the prisoners were probably in the safest place possible..but letting them out in society? BE PREPARED!
everyone keeps saying they want truth.... God says "i am the thruth the way the light." and NO ONE listens
i just updated my norton antivirus protection. im now protected from coronavirus... :-X :-I
AND once again TRUMP is TRiUMPhant
democrats keep promising free healthcare for all... which.. maybe a good thing... but what they dont tell you is that in order to do this we are going to take 2/3 of you pay(tax) in order to do this. then they will take 1/4 of that to pay for our healthcare and the other half goes to illegals businesses schooling and everything else for people who dont even belong here in order to get more votes for the NEXT...See More election. and then in 2 years they will tell us that we still dont have enough to supply your free healthcare and take your full paycheck thus becoming a communist/ socialist country. having a one world government 1 world currency which was their plan all along...
so.. for 3 years trump has been draining the swamp, bringing forth all the corruption. regardless of how trump can fing the truth, it should be allowed. the bidens must have so much to hide which is why this impeachment bull shit. if they had nothing to hide, it wouldnt be an issue. moreover if they were actually doing a good thing like saving the rainforest with what they were hiding and just not boasting about it, then they would have LOVED the investigation
if people cant see, between the news and earthquakes and plane crashes etc that the end is near and the lord in soon to return, they best be reading revelations and asking the lord into their hearts to be saved. otherwise, heaven isnt in their cards... there is only ONE way into heaven. AMEN
i just watched the dumbocratic debates ...had no idea buttigieg was gay for 1..... THAT CAN NOT happen. otherwise this country is done. but did you catch the anti GOD commercial during the debates? ... THAT says it ALL!!! ANY demicrat gets in, we, as a nation, are done! jus sayin
my answer to everyone is; everything that is happening in this world was all prophecied 2500 years ago and is happening exactly as described. it is all part of Gods great plan for jesus return. my suggestion is find God ask him into your heart and start living for him before its too late, there will be no reason to fear after that
Happy Birthday!!!!!!
well...seems they allow therapy horses onto airplanes these days. i think i am gonna bring my therapy bike on the plane with me... shouldnt be a problem since its smaller than a horse....
Stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday. Enjoy and be safe.
Hi. What town do you live in? I’m in Clinton
Where’s your picture?

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