1980 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® Roadster XLS
Atlantic City, Easy Riders Bike Show, 3 Feb 2018
Easyriders Bike Show, Atlantic City, NJ,  Feb 2017,... Just a sampling of what was there.


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Male, 54 years old, and single.  Birthday is January 06, 1967.  Backseat available.  Owns a 1977 Harley-Davidson® Super Glide® FXE and 3 other bikes.  Interested in females.  Looking for friends, riding partners, or a relationship.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania  United States.  Member since July 2011.  Last online last week.

Riddle me this folks.... Since I asked (after waiting many years) for assistance threw Gofundme, to help pay a medical bill I will never be able to pay, because of a life changing (almost ending) accident, THAT WAS NOT MY FAULT. Being told basically to go pound sand ... HOW is it that someone can get FREE Medical assistance AND (at last count) $30,000 for being too stupid to understand GLUE ?
Happy birthday! <:o)
Happy Birthday buddy, Hope you have a great day.
Hello babe how are you doing please tell me about yourself and what you are looking for in a woman by replying to my email or phone +1 347 656 8669.
I have just a General thought/question. All those that seem to be against "defunding" the Police,.. Which from what I understands frees them from going to to the stupid little things that are not really 'crime' related ... Are you all in that bad of a neighborhood where you have had to call them for something constantly?? ... Honestly,.. Think how many times you have actually had to call them or needed...See More them for something serious. Not the person cutting the grass 10 minutes before or after the "allotted" times, B.S. . Not the I need you(police) to make so-and-so stop doing something(anything), or tell them to let me do something,.. Crapola ....
QUESTION: Has anyone heard anything about the Texas mess from 3 years back? The Waco "Biker Bust" where 175 where arrested and held for at least 2 years and nothing done, but found that the Prosecution side has been found 100% corrupt and lied. Since Easyriders magazine closed down nothings been in any news anywhere. ... Anyone know if those wrongly arrested have been released? .. Or anything ?
I just want to say this to vent. I just got a call from a cousin who was in the neighborhood of the place I worked before I got hurt. Well when I was cleared to go back to working a real job I reapplied to them, (and a few others as well of course). I even took a knowledge test(that I didn't need the first go round), of course I wasn't taken back/rehired. So I got some touch up/elective surgery done to have my hand...See More work better (I would not have done so if I was working) He tells me there are several signs up claiming they need mechanics desperately.. pays $XX,XXX a year. ... SO?? Why didn't/haven't they/won't call me back?? At this point I'm ... OH WELL,..Your lose... I'm done.. Hopefully when I'm cleared in a couple weeks SOMEBODY will someplace.

But hopefully someone will call me when I'm cleared from this round
Ya know,... I (use to) read the news for both information and entertainment/curiosity purposes/reasons. ... NOW,.. I have to wonder why I bother. .. It's not the articles,.. but those responding/commenting,... not the "trolls",.. you can tell for the most part whom they are and ignore them,.. it's the Others that NEED to tell you(or seem to any way) their opinion/thought(??). I really wonder if they have .. well any,.. Most are just nasty and/or judgmental ... and I wonder if they do or can 'think'...
Does it seem strange to anyone else that we are "short" of money(coins at least) while the country is being "ran" by a person who managed to BANKRUPT Multiple Casinos(Still wondering how that was done)?????
Is there something wrong when you have the Theme from The Banana Splits stuck in your head?
Ya know it's a little funny,... We all laughed (because it was a funny show) at The Beverly Hillbillies. .. BUT .. I think Jethro Bodine may have had a Higher Education then a high percentage(say 90) of todays people .... combined.
I have a General Question: .... Have the citizens of the US lost what's left of their Collective Mind and trying to Flush what ever be left down the Toilet?? .... NOW they want to change the Names of several (12 was the last count I heard/read) U.S. Military Bases BECAUSE they where named after "Confederate" Generals.... Reasoning.. Well they lost the war and are/where traitors. .... By that logic there...See More should be NO ENGLISH(as in Originated from England) sir names allowed .. After all they lost the Revolutionary War, or German Sir Names,.. They lost 2 wars ... AND in the case of WWII,.. Only one Sir name was dropped, and/or changed because they didn't want to be associated with it(and the fact they where related did not help) ... Can Any one guess which Sir Name that was?? Anyone?? .... YES What I am posting is full of ridiculousness, on many fronts, ... But can anyone see/understand what's going on?? ... I'm hoping it's not just me after kicking my brain into neutral some how...
Question .... How many of you are actually a Supporter of those that ride?? I ask because after years of giving my support and/or help in any way I could, I swallowed my pride and asked for help myself threw GoFundMe, ... 2 months later, I've gotten 0 support from anyone. .... But it seems 24 -72 hours after someone set up a GeorgeFloyd fund .. 13 MILLION dollars is it. ... Thank you all for your NON Support/Caring...
Just venting. Not really saying anything. Throwing this out there and running it up the flag pole to see what sticks or who salutes. I've basically been on lock down for 5 years now. Up until this 'Pandemic' it was because of a Major injury and recovery(which I've talked about/told before). Well of course I've watched a lot of T.V.,.. Mostly the "Reality" Shows based around Custom Car, Truck, and...See More Motorcycle building, and DDD(Food Network) to be honest. I was thinking of going on a nice long ride, which I have also mentioned before, since no one will hire me because of my Injury/Disability and possibly because I have been out of the Work environment for 5 years. ... WELL my thought for 'the trip' so far is to see/visit a few of those Shops I have been following(so to speak), and maybe the DDD stops as well(?),ride on the Tail of the Dragon plus a few places I'd like to see again. Maybe even ride down the entire length of The Mother Road, Rt 66 and the Central Highway, Rt 50. ... I figure it would be a good 5 or 6 month ride. Around 20,000 miles or so. Camp out, if/when I can... See 21 plus States.. Basically my Version of a Easy Riders Journey of 'rediscovering' America, but Solo.. If I do, When would be the Question.
Am I the only one that had the Scene from Airplane Flash threw my head during the Babbling?? You know the one .. 'Looks like I picked the wrong time to stop Sniffing Glue',...??
Another thought .... When can we start putting down the Walkers???
I have a few DUMB Questions... Are the Courts Shutting down??.. Will the 'Crime rate' rocket upwards because so many are afraid of crowds?? IF anyone is Arrested during this 'lock down' .. how long will they be in an Overcrowded cell/prison?? Will all Scheduled Trials/hearings/rulings/sentences.. or what have you .. be put on hold?? or even cancelled? ... Why did these thoughts gross my mind?? I have no idea.. BUT..
I have a Question,.. I heard that Gov. Wolff asked/or ordered all NON-ESSENTIAL Businesses to close until the Boogie-Man goes away(or is captured, or something like that),.. The Question is WHAT IS NON-ESSENTIAL?? ... People are "panicking" the same way they do when they hear we MIGHT get Snow Flurries ..
Hi Everyone. ... Just got the "rebooted" Easyriders .. Let's just say I'm NOT impressed so far. .. Over priced (close to $40 for purchase plus S&H for 1 Issue), Over sized about 30% with so large of print I don't need my readers to read it(I only use a 1.0 power cheaters but still),.. The one 'Adventure" Article I've read so far the Photos where not very clear or detailed, plus they only did a...See More "day trip", and it was on badly built replicas of the Capt. America and Billie bikes(Someone else's 'version' of).. I can only hope the Article about the Ride/Interview with Norman Reedus is worth it ..
Just purchased the "NEW" Easyriders ..... Let's see if it's worth it.

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