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Female, and single.  Birthday is April 12.  Interested in males.  Looking for a relationship.  Religious view is Catholic/ Italian/Mystic.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Winchendon, Massachusetts  United States.  Member since July 2010.


Hi My name is Aprille and i live way up North. New Hampshire is a great place if ya like Bugs,HEAT and SNNOW!! I am sometimes too happy for people to handle and have been fired for being too cheerful!! I am a stylist so any fashion questions hit me up (no..seriously..STOP LAUGHING!!) Life is full of changes and i am looking into lots. I am always optimistic. This is just who i am. I don't need to be led on..LIve and let live..it's just for laughs unless it clicks..and i would like it to click at some point but not in a rush. Please, do not make promises, give respect and get respect..I am open ..i am honest..please?? Be as well..huggs all!

About Me

Single mom to 2 guys fully grown..Taking some time for me..happy, healthy, looking to share..hoping to find someone with not alot of -isms..I find joy everyday. Do not want to be dragged down by the hate/negativity that comes about when others judge..so just don't have it around me. Sarcasm can screw off..no one wants it or needs it and it only distances people..I am what i say i am..Pass no judgements/no head games/and keep the drama for your mamma!!! This is a happy zone..Can't take the sunshine?? Go walk to the storm cloud!

Turn Ons

laughing..Lots of affection..hugs..smootches..Foot rubs..massages..hair brushing..touching

Turn Offs

Users, losers, anyone that would raise their hand to a woman or a child, "hair crowns" Dang..just shave that shit!! Hats on in places where hats should not be on. anyone who forgot what it is to be a gentleman..


Work..life..reading..laughing..hopefully riding..hahaha


reading,writing,riding,cooking..I like quiet times after living loud for most of my life! My boys be grown and now is my time..finding some one to spend some of it with would be cool


ooo..just about anything..pretty open when it comes to music..as long as someone isn't whining about losin' their dog and their wife and how much they miss their dog I'm good!

TV Shows

hmm..Love movies..classics..Family Guy..sorry..love Stewie!! anything that can make me laugh or cry..I like intensity..


Liar Liar..anything with Jim Carrey..he is sooo funny! Anything by Tyler Perry..I enjoy movies that are thought-provoking..


Home is where the heart is..Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining..Once you choose hope,anything's possible..The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time..

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