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Female, and single.  Birthday is April 12.  Interested in males.  Looking for a relationship.  Religious view is Catholic/ Italian/Mystic.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Winchendon, Massachusetts  United States.  Member since July 2010.

THIS THIS IS THE EPPITAMY OF BADASS. I'm sad I couldn't get a better picture but I was at a stop light. I'd love to see this go viral versus all the other crap out there so let's get this guy across BON Keep riding buddy you are AWESOME.
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday. I hope you had a great day and an even better night
Happy Birthday Missaprille!! I hope your day is special.
Today..I am 58..huggs all!
Wahhh!! Buncha fuckin' crybaby whiny asses..STFU! Jeesus!
Please..if u live outside of New England? Do not bother friend requesting me. We have no pointbof reference..we don't even BREATHE the same air!! Lol
Pretty lady
Looking for a "real" man?? Howza bout a real backwoods man? Howard iis such a man. Grab that up ladies!! Course ..yaall best make shure yaall can cook some..and make sure yurniiiice nfat sos u can stay rite thur..and have no brayins..arrgh! Seriously!!?? Oh my answer to the "How much you weigh" question.enjoy
Gotta show u how jumper cables work and gotta get you a new Walmart bayttery !
I am beyond repair today. My battery died..I am not sure how to use a jumper case..I miss my hunners today. 2 yrs of doing for myseld..ugh :(
</3 </3 </3
U alive and well ?
Yuup..not a good day..still hangin strong..send huggs
Hello missaprille....it is my pleasure to meet you...just wanted to thank you for the friend request and I hope you have a great day

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