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Female, and single.  Birthday is April 12.  Looking for a backseat.  Interested in males.  Looking for a relationship.  Religious view is Catholic/ Italian/Mystic.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Winchendon, Massachusetts  United States.  Member since July 2010.  Last online today.

This is so funny..why do all the men live sooo farr awayyyyy? Dang!
I need to be hugged..that is all..
Work party..me as Rhiannnon :D
So glad they removed the stupid post about "afrrraid to repossst" childishness!
I'm looking for someone who I share the same interests with and meet them as a friend first. I am more of a summer person and like to see many of the outdoor concerts, festivals, the lakes, camping and lot of things that Rochester has to offer and I'm out as much as I can. A good day on the Harley is always a good day... See More
I have a nice home in the town of Rush and have every thing I need except a women in my life. I cook, clean, take care of everything I have, so I'm not looking for anyone to take care of me, yet just share with me. Share a date, friendship or a life long relationship. Im looking for either of the three but hoping for the ultimate life long relationship.
I have daughter that I am a very big part of and always will be but I do have time for me, you, yours and know how to balance it. I have many interests and willing to try more. I want to date and look for the one women I want to be with. I am a 1 (one) woman man, not jealous,needy, lier, cheater or a player and I expect the same in a women as well as a friend.
I listen to all kinds of music, but mostly, good ol' rock and roll.
I am a responsible adult that also likes to get out and have fun and do things or stay home and enjoy my house and property.
My Ideal women isn't afraid to show her affection, appreciate a nice home, friends, family and a good life. She is loyal, honest, has inner happiness as well as outer, likes to go out and do things together, yet willing to give and accept our space as needed.
Never cheated, Never will...
Isn't it nice when you have such an overactive imagination that you have a dream of having epically juicy sex and you WAKE UP smiling and satisfied!!?? Thankkk. YOUUUUUUU!
Ohh..update update!! I DID in fact lose my job...found another in 2 days..no one holds back a Queen ;)
Stop please?? Stop with the babe .and sweetheart..darlin..etc..wtf..there MUST be good intelligent men my fucking age give or take who are not fucking chicken shit attached lying ass infants who can handle a Queen. Come on !! Step up! Stop playing women! Life is too short!!
Yeah..not really into the entire Dom/Sub thing so please..feel free to pass me by..looking for a good..unattached..unmarried man..who is looking for a life partner..partner in crime..to be my King..otherwise?? Please kindly fuck the fuck off!! This is insanity!! I am not DTF! I am not looking for a hookup and do not wanna be your Momma!! The fuck!!
Can we please all be real done and out of old relationships before starting or attempting to start new ones?? This shit is old, sad and speaks only of bounders..real men can handle being on their own for longer than a day..month...week. Leave me the fuck alone!! I'm nnot THAT undestanding and if ya do it to her, ya do it to the next. #pass
K..went on a breakfast date..mmnoo..nice guy..just..not myy nice guy..lol..onward!!
So yes..job gone..bigger and better around the corner..
Nite nite BON- amis! Keep it real! Huggs
Do not try to silence me or condemn my joy or convictions. Do not insult my intelligence with your illiterate meanderings of speech. You can't break me..Only I can give you that power..and..you..can't..fuckin..have ..it..
Not sure..may lose my job today..being different doesn't always help you fit the expected mode..bring on the mothafuckin rainbows bitches!!
Good morning!
Why so many scaredy cats??
So..even if u don't "mean" it when you say something racist..sexist..ageist..any kinda derogatory ist really..you can call me what you wish..I am not here to deal with the kinda callous ignorant animal that exists in that realm. I am here to find a King...not a court jester.
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