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Now, patriots are terrorists? Or is it simply hypocrites remain hypocrites. I think that is historically accurate. Politicians or people that seek to silence their critics. Find it easier to outsource the means. Rather than find the balls to face them. No matter if it's open and honest debate. Or rolling around in the dirt! Brings to mind a Drop Kick Murphy's song.
Uh Oh, KUSI San Diego Good Morning San Diego. Picks up the story about US military all-cause mortality data up 40 percent. Data comes from military whistleblowers that obtained information from military equivalent to VAERS. Exception being all the data input in their system is traceable and verifiable. This is nothing new, just new to the mainstream. Why?? Maybe it isn't getting any better. SADS, sudden adult death syndrome. Yup, it's a mystery. BOOSTERS ALL AROUND!!
If you can find the cat in 5 seconds...hit share....don't give it away!
I was thinking and like always yes it hurts! My ex used to say you're the creepy old guy. That sits in a dark house with the curtains drawn. Hint, that house stays cooler that way. Really, it's perspective you say grumpy, lonely, creepy old guy. I say, responsible environmentally consensus guy. While you were out burning beef on the BBQ or laughing and joking with friends spewing excess CO2 into the atmosphere. I...See More spent most of the day in the dark in my bathrobe. That means my, carbon footprint was near nil. So, you can thank me later. Because I hardly moved at all, I didn't even turn the A/C on. You call that lazy, Oh not so fast environmentally conscious and fiscally responsible. Not only do I get a power bill that's lower. The power company sends me extra love letters. Telling me how much better I am than my neighbors!! I know now you're thinking environmentally conscious, fiscally responsible and better than the guy next door. hmmmm, PERSPECTIVE!
Never forget.
All gave some, some gave all. Semper Fi.
So, another thing about this getting older. I used to get a bad haircut and think well, it will grow back. Sure, you get a little pissed off. Now, I have been cutting my own because it was such a pain in the ass to find a barber open! Well, I went a little short today. And the same thing crossed my mind, kind of. Except now I think well, it will grow back I HOPE!! Damn it, it sure as hell grows everywhere you don't want it!!
So, another year has passed. A little grayer, a little achier, quite a bit grumpier. I think the older we get the grumpier we are allowed to be! We come into the world naked, cold, screaming and knowing nothing. I think I will probably go out the same. Naked, cold, and knowing nothing cause the wisenheimers got me. Screaming cause, I just plain feel like it!!
I hope all you moms had a great Mother's Day!!
The sky has fallen!! All the little tweakers I mean twitts I mean twittererers or whatever you call them. The tears are falling so hard they have to wring out their socks. FREE SPEECH, how dare you, that's for us!! You know what I say GET SOME!! EAT IT UP! They gave two shits when the shoe was on the other foot. Now they cry about freedom and democracy. They had no problem when they denied it to everyone else!! It's...See More a damn shame, because people like me, used to believe it was right to protect everyone's freedom. Up until the time you wanted to take everything from us. Now, I wonder who my neighbors are.
6 High Ranking USMC pilots give account at rally in protest of forced Vax. Pilots F35, F18, Fixed Wing and Osprey some with multiple combat deployments. One the first female F35 pilot and at least two with top gun status. All facing discipline and career ending consequences. They are not the first to come forward. They are a handful; many have already lost jobs. Front line heroes and essential workers all. I have no...See More doubt many have faced similar attitudes as myself. Why can't you just take it, it is so much easier. This is my question, who are you to ask? Where have you been? What sacrifice did you make? Over and over men and women volunteer to uphold the values and ideals of America. No matter how many times they are slapped in the face. Or how the attitudes change to suit politics. But I will tell you this. Nothing makes you want to puke more. Then when a neighbor and fellow citizen decides they can take everything away! Who the hell are you to deny the freedom and liberty of your neighbor? I know, it is to protect the innocent from the un-vaxed hoard. If you need that much protection Amazon up yourself a Hazmat Suit Jackass! If you were at that much risk, you need a lot of duct tape and some thick mil industrial plastic. It is time for the rest of to get sick of the BS. I remember the good-ole-days. When someone was a dumb ass, you told shut the hell up. Sure, it wasn't as highbrow and cultured. But at least then you maintained dignity and pride. It would nice if we could all agree to disagree. That cannot happen when the other side demands you comply or have nothing! Sorry for the rant but Semper Fi and enough said.
Waiting for my mother and her husband to get here. Did corn beef and cabbage in Guinness. Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!! We're all a little Irish on St. Paddy's Day after all. Personally, I like the Guinness all year long!!
So, I was starting to think they didn't want back up there. But with patience comes reward. Or I found the one that didn't know me! Right around the corner from my best friend. We went in the USMC out of high school together. Many years ago, a little piece of land on a pond in God's country. Right at the base of the Adirondacks. It will be a camp for now, in a couple years. I'll sell the place I'm and make that last move. I'll truly become a miserable old hermit in the woods. Hey, we all got to have something to look forward too!!
I won't be watching the Foosball today! It's something I could have enjoyed a long time ago. Before the kneeling started. Some people would say that's behind us. Sorry, I forget a lot. Most of the time not by choice. I won't forget the ones that didn't come home. You have to stand for something. Our flag, the anthem and most of all for them. All gave some, Some Gave All!! Heros wear camouflage uniforms and Kevlar helmets. Football is just a game.
It's too bad and hard to believe. I never thought Americans would act like this. Nobody seems to care about violating their neighbors' rights. So many are willing to jump on board and deny freedom. I'm going to tell you something, nobody wore suits and ties in the field. Freedom comes with sacrifice. Uniforms, need to remember their oaths! None of you are Knights in service to a king. In America we serve the people and that's all people. If we forget my rights end where yours begin. Well???
PTSD- Sad yet damn true. Who's got my six? I'm going to make a bet, without being pessimistic, that out of my hundreds of friends, that less than 25 will take the time to put this on their wall. You just have to copy it from my wall and paste it to yours. Then type done on my wall. I've done this for a friend to spread Awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We lose 22 Veterans a day to PTSD. More needs to be done to help Veterans in need.

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