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Male, and single.  Birthday is April 01.  Owns a 2016 Triumph Tiger 800 XC ABS and 4 other bikes.  Interested in females.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Metro, New Jersey  United States.  Member since October 2007.  Last online today.


While writing this, I marvel that I have been a BON member since October 2007 and also dabbled in the earlier iterations of the site. Even with the growing pains and site revisions over time, it has been a mostly positive experience and has allowed me to make many friends interested in motorcycling and exploring the country by bike. Kudos to BON for giving us this social venue.

I am an avid rider who looks for every opportunity to ride whether to commute, shop, day trip or long distance. Motorcycling has been part of my daily life since 1980 and I have logged over 400,000 miles, much of it commuting around the NYC region and significant portion of it on long distance journeys.

It has been nice to see the steady increase of female riders over the last 30 years. Confident, competent, independent women riders are very sexy. The enjoyment of motorcycling is not gender specific. Out of curiosity...If you say you ride on your profile but don’t have your own bike, do you own a helmet for when you get to ride? I love hearing: The gear is in the trunk of my car!

On the other hand…not everyone (men or women) is meant to operate a bike. Be realistic about your choice. Take a training course, practice, and most importantly, ride you own ride and know your limits.

Motorcycling can be dangerous regardless of how carefully you ride. In 2018 a careless driver suddenly turned left in front of my bike at an intersection, nearly killing me. Bike was totaled and I was seriously injured. I can’t stress enough the importance of having good medical insurance. The guy who hit me had the minimum legal limit in his state, which covered next to nothing. The medical bills exceeded $400K and I couldn’t work for 3 months and couldn’t ride for 9 months.

In 2008, a gravel strewn switchback on Cheat Mountain in West Virginia got me an unsolicited flight on a medevac helicopter to the trauma center. There is no question that my helmet and protective clothing saved my life. (Not to minimize the lifesaving actions of all the people who found me and cared for me.) The 10 minute helicopter flight bill at that time was almost $12,000. Hospital was another $10,000. Make sure you have medical INSURANCE!

If you ride as my passenger, a helmet is not optional, it is mandatory.

Comment on brand preferences sure to inflame some:
The overwhelming majority on BON seem to ride Harleys. Personally, I prefer European styling but ultimately it is about riding, not exactly what you ride. Harley Davidson has excellent competitors and not everyone wants a massive bike. Companies come and go; the valuation of my HDI (HOG) stock holdings fluctuates. So it goes.

I am a shameless profile voyeur! I read the profiles, zoom up the pix and send hellos. IMHO, the BON profile privatizing option puts up an unnecessary roadblock to social networking. If you want to control what the world knows about you, control yourself and simply don’t post it! If you do post photos and comments/opinions on a social networking site, you are inviting others to comment. Some will comment nicely and some will be boorish. Doesn’t that help you decide the next step?

Finally, I have learned that internet sites, including BON, attract some rather strange characters. Don’t send me blind Friend requests. Chat with me and let’s see if we are at least compatible enough to be associated! You can’t please everyone.

About Me

The bike I'm lusting these days is a Triumph Rocket III Touring. No, it isn't really practical or particularly thrifty. Grinnall has a trike conversion of that model that is sheer artwork. If you own one, bike or trike, I'd love to hear your impression of it.


Ride, ride, ride. OK, I have to make a living sometimes too.


Motorcycle Touring, Precision Metalwork, carpentry, photography (looking at it.) If it requires craftsmanship to produce it piques my interest.

Getting interested in Trikes. Part of that interest has to do with the uniqueness of a trike as opposed to a bike. If bikes make up 1% of the traffic stream, trikes probably don't even register in the DOT statistics. That means that more people are likely to strike up a conversation with you while you are traveling and that is part of the serendipty on a road trip. Check out www.grinnallcars.com to see some really nice conversions.


Ecclectic taste in music. Classic Rock, Pop, Baroque, Classical, Some Country & Bluegrass, Klezmer...

TV Shows

Antiques Roadshow, Law & Order (all), American Pickers (when I am sitting in a hotel room while on a road trip)




Wit is educated insolence.

You're never fully dressed without a smile.

You laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh at you because you are all the same.

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