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2017 Harley-Davidson® Electra Glide® Ultra® Limited FLHTK
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Support the 2nd
4/22/2020 5:00 PM

Take me back to the good old days
4/23/2020 5:00 PM

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NJ Dave

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Male, and single.  Birthday is December 05.  Owns a 2017 Harley-Davidson® Electra Glide® Ultra® Limited FLHTK and 2 other bikes.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Doesn't drink.  Conservative political views.  Lives in New Port Richey, Florida  United States.  Member since October 2007.  Last online today.

Good Morning! ..Coffee Time!
Went to Dads window with Bonnie his Nurse Friend and he was awake and alert :-) talked to his nurse and she said his vitals good and no temp or so and he was drinking ok but needs to eat more so sent him in soup....haven't got the blood work they did yet to know if any issues...but fingers crossed none...not sure next testing time for him..It was a Good Day
Have A Great Day
is attending Rocka Rolla.
Good Morning!...Coffee Time!
Talked to Dads sent dad in a letter telling him whats going on in the world...saw that he read it and was awake so that was good he saw me...talked to his nurse and his vials are good but asked them to do blood work on him to make sure he is drinking and eating enough.. Think I will be sending in soup now...
Good Morning! ...Coffee Time has Been In the Works So Can Type!
Went tot Dads window 4 times yesterday and last time he was awake :-) Saw him he saw me to know he isnt alone...Fingers crossed he stays in the and dont run issues and next test comes back clear!
Have A Great Day!
Went to Dads Window yesterday...they had him in his chair and he was reading the paper...he saw me and made his way slowly over to the window side of his bed and got in it...he showed me his feet feeling much better to walk on and made him happy...he had a slight cough so I hope that doesn't go anyplace worse and glad his roommate isnt in his room to make it worse now... Yesterday was a Good Day!
Went to Dads Window twice today.... asleep both times...talked to his nurse tonight and she said he was doing good and his temps and vitals all good! he looked ok thru the window...she said he ate like 25% of dinner...
Today Was a Good Day!
Love Her! She Is Class after 8 Years Of Trash!
They did the dirty work for us years ago.

We've got to keep up the fight!

A Republic if we can keep it!

Save America. Stop Socialism. #sass

Defeat the Democrats!

-- Marjorie Taylor Greene for Congress
Dave, How’s your Dad?
its a Black Guy Running from the Cops Hitting a BLM protest and hitting Two White Liberal Women...How Ironic!

Happy Independence Day everyone...
Good Morning! Happy 4th Of July!...Coffee Time!
Went to dads window twice yesterday and first time he was sleeping...next time he woke up saw me and looked alert and tried to talk to me but his ac unit was running so I couldn't hear what he said but he was alert so it was a good day! Talked to the nurse and she said his labs came back ok so don't need the IV drip and he was drinking and eating better....
Have a Great Day! & Happy 4th Of July!
Morning Dave stay on top of this my thoughts and prayers are with you and dad. { } @-- <3
Watch and Enjoy!!
Good Morning...Coffee Time!
Dads not doing good and hope they get him on an IV soon...they told me doing blood work this morning and then be on iv like noon...why no blood work last night :-(

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