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Jun 23 2009  8:27PM
A C Thunder


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Male, 61 years old, and single/widower.  Birthday is December 19, 1958.  Owns and rides a motorcycle.  Interested in females.  Looking for friends, riding partners, or a relationship.  Religious view is Now that is complicated can you really put creation in a definition box?.  Drinks socially.  Lives in GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas  United States.  Member since June 2009.


I belong to a 3 patch MC and ride in several other countries mostly in Asia. In life fun is the name of the game so enjoy your life. I am funny and fun to be with and always have a good time. My space is a drama free zone I don’t have any on hand and I don’t take on anyone else’s. Problems don’t really exist only over dramatic responses to situations that usually cure themselves. I spend several months per year traveling and riding motorcycles all over the world to see what is out there and the rest of the year here in the USA having fun.

I am a Free Mason I am involved with the “Scottish Rite” hospital for children and work raising money for it and the children. You can learn the scottish rite hospital online if you are interested but in short it is a hospital for handicapped children that we pay all the bills to opporate and provide for the kids.

I independantly travle to and help in international disaster relief whereever people are having a bad time of things, as well as helping the "ash children" of Manila, that you can also learn about from the internet.

I have and keep good relationships with good people, riding bikes, traveling to far off places or even the next state just to see the reality those places have to offer. The quality of the present moment is all that really matters. When it comes to bullshit... there will be none given but none taken... Wherever you are and whatever you are doing it is because you made choices that put you there and are making a choice to continue to be there now. Or not. Ya got what ya got cos you did what you did if you dont like it you need to change what you do...

Turn Ons

Name them in a List? Could be I have not discovered all of them yet. Could be that just life is what does it for me

Turn Offs

I dont spend any time thinking about things I dont like so why would I make a list.


I am a Free Mason and am affiliated with the Scottish Rite Hospital for handicapped children. I have worked for a local fire department for 22 years.Travel out of the country, riding my Motorcycles, I Plan to ride a motorcycle across every civilized country in the world and even some of the uncivilized ones. Fishing especially deep sea fishing, working out to stay in good enough condition to enjoy life.


I am pretty much interested in any thing new and everything fun. The study of religion and philosophy both eastern and western.


Mostly old rock

TV Shows

Educational programing and no i dont watch any animated programs cartoons are for children


1 "This present moment is all we really ever have and we are the ones who give it all the meaning it has for us so the quality of this moment is all that really ever matters. Me
2 The less a woman acts like a princess the more she will be treated like one.. Me again

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