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Jan  2 2011 10:27PM
Dec  8 2007 11:11PM

Old School AlphaMaleDOM

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Male, and single/divorced.  Birthday is October 11.  Backseat available.  Owns and rides a motorcycle.  Interested in females.  Looking for riding partners or a relationship.  Religious view is God and I are cool!!!.  Drinks socially.  Libertarian political views.  Lives in Rocky Mount/Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri  United States.  Member since October 2007.  Last online today.


I'm a Lifestyle DOM and currently interested in finding a submissive female to share the D/s lifestyle with.

**NOTE** Many people think I'm angry, pissed off or there is something wrong with me. I am NOT and there IS not!!! I'm a person who was raised in the "biker lifestyle". One where straight-to-the-gut honesty was a quality and not a concern. I am sick to death of seeing a wonderful lifestyle bastardized and make no bones a bout it. A "bike" doesn't make you a "biker" nor does "seat time". When you have as much passion for the lifestyle as you do for life itself you're on the right track. When you appreciate why we wear boots, leathers and jeans, even when we are sweating our balls off... it's a start... when you pull over to help a bother or sister stranded on the side of the road, no matter how late it's going to make you to your appointment.. probably so... when you can sit around the campfire and share stories of "the ride".. "the one that got away"... "the bike".. and the "one that got your heart".. well.. there's hope.... If none of that sounds like you.. well.. pretty much hadn't ought to add me as you're not gonna like me... and I don't really care...

Old School rider looking for friends to ride WITH and hang out with. Someone that undestands it's a way of life and not a fashion statement. I ride because it's who I am not who I'm trying to be. Not out to impress anyone (and do a great job of it I'm told!!!). I was tagged with the name "Old School" LONG before the term was fashionable. It was a given name by true bikers, the way it USED to be.. not some cute, made up, online name like how most wannabe's get thier names today.

There are TOO many people on this site who THINK they are bikers but have no clue as to the what it means to keep thier word, honor or commitment. I helped organize a meet that 100 people signed up for and 3 showed up, organized a bike blessing that 35 people signed up for and 2 showed up... The group in Eureka worked thier ass off for almost a year planning an event that over 225 signed up for and only 40 showed up.

God didn't put me on this world to be liked.. and so far I'm blessed with fullfilling my destiny!!! I have very few REAL friends and when you earn my friendship, it's for life, no matter what.. will have your back, no matter how screwed up the situation. I'm really not an asshole, even though I wear a front patch that says I am. I'm just honest and square up in a short and concise way... not many people deal with that..

About Me

I'm as real as it gets!!!

Turn Ons

Eyes, smile and a nice ass

Turn Offs

Fake people

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