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Female, and single/divorced.  Birthday is March 05.  Interested in males.  Looking for friends, riding partners, or a relationship.  Religious view is Spiritual not Religous/ Christian.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Freeport, Illinois  United States.  Member since June 2009.  Last online last month.

3-5: Thanks for the happy birthday wishes and a tude adjustment. Still praying!!! Ride and stay safe ALL!!!
Here it is , and with 31 co-sponsors ........Supported by the NRA AND GOA ....
Nite all. Still praying!!! Ride and stay safe ALL! !!
This! <3
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As a Veteran I guard jealously the brotherhood that can only exist between people that have put their lives on the line for others. Whether they served in peacetime or combat or just in support of combat arms as clerks, truck drivers or cooks we all share that common bond. See More
That is why shit like this revelation from the IAVA, Iraq Afghanistan Veterans Association, is such a sham and drags the rest of us down to their level of shitbird asswipe.
Their CEO Paul Rieckhoff is a Stolen Valor puke claiming all kinds of bull shit that he didn't do when he served in Iraq as a First Lt.
It turns out that he is mishandling their funds and lying on grant applications and updates.
I am certain that he will be spending time in a shitbird asswipe hotel before too long now...
That's right
So I can keep my 2nd promise to my sister, I must be good to myself and get the rest I need. Now that my attitude has been adjusted to better I need to say good night, still praying & ride and stay safe ALL!!!

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