Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Black and White Erotic Photography
4/16/2020 5:00 PM

Funny and Sarcastic
4/22/2020 5:00 PM

Support the 2nd
4/22/2020 5:00 PM

Old School women & Old School men
4/27/2020 5:00 PM

Fur babies
5/16/2020 5:00 PM

Coffee, Wine, and Chocolate
5/26/2020 5:00 PM


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Female, and single/divorced.  Birthday is November 16.  Looking for a backseat.  Rides a motorcycle.  Interested in males.  Looking for friends or a relationship.  Drinks socially.  Conservative political views.  Lives in Knoxville, Tennessee  United States.  Member since December 2008.  Last online today.

A friend of mine told me earlier that he wants to build another bike. "a 5 speed dildo". Can someone enlighten me pls?
This was the original,Beth Hart was wasted or didn't know the words.
Happy Saturday Lady!!
Jesus, Mary and Joseph! This heat is KILLIN me!
Guys, you have to do me a favor. There are 7 of you on my friend's list who are also on the Peep Show page. When you are all posting a bazillion pics on that page, it blows up my feed! You cannot imagine the barrage of shit that fills up my feed! I'm not here to tell anyone what they can and cannot do. BUT if you feel the need to post pic after pic, after pic, on that page, pls take me off your friend's list. It's makin me crazy. Thank you SOOOOOO much!
Here's a funny story to brighten your day a little:
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When I was married, my husband would go up to NJ a cpl of times a yr to see his mother. She hated me so I didn't go, LoL. Well on one of his trips I decided I was finally going to replace the toilet seat. One of the bolts had broken and it was sliding all over the place. Now I had never done this before but I thought "how hard can this be, men do it all the time". So off I go to buy one. I get home with it. I need to take the other bolt out in order to get this seat on. But nothing I tried worked, no I'm not blonde. So I thought I'll just pry it off! I go out to the garage and get the biggest screwdriver Craftsman even made. I'm straddling this toilet like a cowboy on a stallion. I'm prying and prying. Nothing. Then I hear this cracccccckkkk. I look down and this commode is falling away like a blooming onion! Water starts pouring every fucking where! I reach down to turn off the water valve and it's rusted shut! So I go to the kitchen and get a saucepan and stick it under the bobber thing and stopped the water but by this time it's made it's way to the hallway carpet. It's 5pm on a Fri afternoon. I call my plumber and did catch him. I tell him this story and he is laughing his ass off. "Dave I need a toilet" He says well what kind do you want? "How about the kind that will cover up this 2ft hole in my floor" So he sends his guy out and I finally have a working commode.
That night my husband calls. So I tell him this story. He isn't laughing. As a matter of fact the line was totally silent. Then finally he says in his dry Jersey humor, "Exactly how much did this little stroke of independence of yours cost us"? I said, when you have a 2ft hole in the floor, does it really matter??? We never spoke of it again.
Did you fall asleep on me Sly ?
Today we make a porco milanese. And don't forget a to drink a wine a while cooking a.
Salute e cindy cin!

And then there's this guy!

51 seconds ago
Hi! you very attractive!! I’m looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. I’m over dating. Lol. Not sure what you are looking for at this point. Just wanted to put that out there right away. I like to stay in touch and know you much more better

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