Mike NiteRide
Sturgis 2018
2003 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® 1200 Custom Anniversary XL1200C-ANV
Davis Mtns and Texas Hill Country
Sturgis 2016

Mike NiteRide

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Male, and single.  Owns a 2007 Harley-Davidson® Heritage Softail® Classic FLSTC and 22 other bikes.  Interested in females.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is Spiritual not religous.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Golden Valley, Arizona  United States.  Member since September 2008.  Last online today.

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Fourth of July....here in Kingman, our Locomotive Park display has been adorned in Blue in respect to Blue Lives Matter....we had a group of Black Lives Matter folks come thru and hold a protest in the same park, but left peacefully the same day....the gas lights made the photo lighting appear more purple than blue, but I am not a great photo guy, so no idea how to correct it....enjoy the rest of the weekend all, ride hard, ride often, ride safer.... :)
Good evening all....had an encounter with a softball size rock on Laughlin Needles Hwy the other nite....van in front of me put on his right turn signal and then tapped his brakes...so I started to change to the left hand lane, and as I was checking my blind spot to my left, I felt the bike leap over what felt like a curb in the middle of the road, the jarring jolt ran up my arms and made my jaw shudder...after I...See More cleared it, I slowed and decided to go back and see what it was I hit....there in the roadway was this big ole nasty rough edged rock...so I parked and removed it from the roadway...then checked my tires, it was dark, so just gave them a once over to ensure no cuts or flats...everything seemed in order....off I went...no odd handling issues, no vibrations, the front tire seemed to be running true, so i continued on for another 100 miles...didnt much think about it again until this afternoon...I was taking the bike in for new tires when I noticed a wide shiny spot...duh, the rim was bent all to heck...it was on the left side, so when leaned over it was difficult to see...except for the appearance, the wheel is still true and rides just fine...go figure, lol....new $400 complete wheel is coming, so should be here in a week or so....still cant figure how I didnt end up on my side skidding down the road....my guardian angel is getting a work out these days....ride hard, ride often, ride safer.... :)
Sturgis 80th Rally has been approved by Sturgis City Council.... :)
Monday is decision day for 2020 Rally in the Black Hills...things are pretty tough up there with the Covid...my landlord in Hill City had 21 of his 23 bookings this year cancel already...thus, we lost our regular rental...did rent the place next door, smaller and more expensive, duh...but will start looking for a new place for next year....prayers to all the small business owners that depend on the rally for their survival....

Good morning all....gonna be another windy day around here, but looking nice manana...gonna take a few hour ride shortly, enjoy the sunrise and cool temps before the wind and sun take over...on a side note, thinking to add a Walther PPQ m2 9mm to my home defense group...anyone own one and have any recommendations? any holster ideas? Im not a Kydex fan, prefer leather..currently using JM4Tacticals for home use, De Santis when riding...hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend....ride hard, ride often, ride safer.... :)
any protests, vigils, anyone reporting on this?? of course not....prayers for this man & his family

Arizona has mandatory curfew, 8pm to 5am for the next 7 days....thanks BLM and Antifa....we have looting in Scottsdale....back to the nitemares of the 60's?
Good afternoon all....a little warm around here....lol.... :)
Happy Memorial Day all....in honor of my Father and Mother, interned together at the Veterans Cemetery in El Paso, Texas....never forget that the spouses serve as well, they suffer the worry and loss of their servicemen or servicewomen that are in harms way, while holding together a household usually by themselves on enlisted personnel pay, usually a challenging task...my mother was the rock that held us together for so many years...God Speed Mom and Dad...thank you for all you did with no complaints...ride hard, ride often, ride safer.... :)
Good morning all....been a mess of a week....ready for a break, but first have to make a fast trip to Albu tonite...been working on the FLRTa bit, got some upgrades in, but the cams are still a couple weeks away...did find a trike dyno in Vegas to do the retune when engine mods are installed...meanwhile, 100's are headed this way late next week...hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend...ride hard, ride often, ride safer... :)
Good morning folks....decided to get another scooter, but this time went for a Freewheeler...something different to fix up and hot rod...nice 114 M8 as a base, got cams,intake and pipes coming...found a trike Dyno in Vegas for the retune...dang garage is stuffed with bikes, next up is to build a shop out back....lets get America back to work now...this lockdown crap is totally absurd...practice social distancing,...See More but life is a risk, when you finally emerge from your shell, what guarantee is there things will be any safer? no ones knows...everyday the experts have a new forecast, they are just medical bookies keeping us afraid of the boogieman....in the Netherlands, their kids are back in school...we wont have real classes for 8 to 12 months...thats just absurd...meanwhile, ride hard, ride often, ride safer.... :)
Good morning folks....had my first meal in a restaurant since the Covid hit...here in AZ, much of the state and many businesses are open again, so thankful our Gov has the sense to allow people to make their own decisions...even Golden Corral is reopened...I understand the threat of the virus, but to have castrated our economy and so many people borders on absurd...the ones promoting the stay at home, are all still...See More out there and working and not losing theirs, while others are watching their worlds crumble around them...36 mil unemployed in 2 months? makes the Great Depression look like a summer holiday...get America back to work, everything is a risk in life...who can guarantee anyone's safety even with the social distancing? if a million Americans die, a truly tragic thought, we are talking about .0029 of our population...and many would be due to other health issues that were made the virus more deadly...so many people are going to lose their homes, families and all they worked for due to the panic attack of the govt and these medical experts, who sure did a hell of a job forewarning people...they are so great after the fact...fook em, they are still working, still getting paid, and still telling others to shut in and lose theirs....ok, Im done venting...meanwhile, hope all of you can get some wind and out of the house...ride hard, ride often, ride safer...
I just love how all these high paid reporters and experts are telling everyone to stay home and go broke and lose everything, so they are not put at risk...gonna have us a whole new batch of homeless soon, so that they dont put the haves at risk....why are those allowed to go out and work?...they above the rest of Americans?
They should work the same as the President...these goldbrickers are all about themselves, leeching off the public they are supposed to be serving....they dont want to come to work cause there are no lobbyists to buy them $500 lunch and dinners...God forbid they pay for their own meals...fook em all....
Good evening all....quiet nite around here...grilled a ribeye, grey squash and sweet tater for dinner....chill a bit and then off for a couple hour ride when the moon rises....stay safe all....ride hard, ride often, ride safer... :)

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