Mike NiteRide
Sturgis 2018
2003 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® 1200 Custom Anniversary XL1200C-ANV
Davis Mtns and Texas Hill Country
Sturgis 2016

Mike NiteRide

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Male, and single.  Owns a 2007 Harley-Davidson® Heritage Softail® Classic FLSTC and 22 other bikes.  Interested in females.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is Spiritual not religous.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Golden Valley, Arizona  United States.  Member since September 2008.  Last online today.

Good morning all....was out Sat doing some riding down south, and besides visiting some Tour of Honor Memorials, I delivered some TP to my son in Phoenix...rare stuff down that way....had another 12 pack for him, but no room to haul it...he and his roommates are good for a few weeks now....the things we do for our kids, lol....stay safe all, ride hard, ride often, ride safer.... :)
Good evening all....did a riding loop today around Wickenburg down to Goodyear, east to Chandler, Apache Jct and over Usery Pass and out Bush Highway, then north on Saquaro to Rio Verde and Rio Salado to Cave Creek, and back to Wickenburg...swung by 8 of the 9 Harley dealers only Scottsdale was closed, all others in full swing..thousands of rider out as well...was 85 degrees a bit breezy...the Salt River along Bush...See More Highway was swamped with people...was as if no Covid at all with these folks...I tried my best to stay away from folks, got my Ride 365 pics at the dealers, and a couple Tour of Honor stops as well...tomorrow will slide down the west side of AZ to Parker and Ehrenburg, unless Jeremy wants to ride elsewhere....traffic was very light on US 93, but a bit heavier on Phx roads...be safe all...ride hard, ride often, ride safer.... :)
Good morning folks...I have noticed that a lot of folks that haven't been BON in years, are stopping by for a look see...guess boredom has set in, lol...same for me, I actually posted some 2018 Sturgis pics...noticed I hadn't done 2017 or 2019 either, not sure I will, but who knows where my free time will take me...enjoy the day all, stay safe...ride hard, ride often, ride safer... :)
Good morning all....a few pics from the Black Hills...seems every year we are there in August, there is a hail storm a time or two...the trick is to make sure you are not caught out in it....four months away...hoping the virus has run its course by then....stay safe all....ride hard, ride often, ride safer... :)
Good morning all....amidst all this virus mess, work on the Border Wall continues...my customer signed another contract yesterday to do another 40 miles...its been real tough for my flatbed carriers lately as general freight has been slow, hopefully the steel mill can start rolling this product soon so we can keep these guys and gals working...stay safe all...this like all other calamities will pass...remain calm, and lend a hand when u can, there are some out there that are really struggling..and practice that Harley social distancing...ride hard, ride often, ride safer.... :)
Good morning all....looks like Covid 19 has found its way into our county..a case in Lake Havasu now..meanwhile, I have a daughter on lockdown in Oregon, my oldest boy in Chandler surrounded by the virus, and my youngest out there daily as a Firefighter/EMT..I am a bit anxious to say the least...meanwhile, the weather is improving and we will see sunny days and temps in the mid 70's in a few days..I work in the...See More trucking industry, so continue to move steel and other commodities deemed essential..prayers for those who find themselves on furlough, got several family members on that list as I am sure many of you do..do what you can to help them thru these times, money can always be replaced, broken lives are more difficult to rebuild...take care and stay safe...ride hard, ride often, ride safer.... :)
Good morning folks....looks like a nice day to practice the best social distancing activity which is ride your Harleys. Gonna head down to Wickenburg and loop around back thru Parker or Prescott, depending on the weather...hope to meet my oldest son if he can ride up from Phoenix I have 24 rolls of rolled gold (tp) for him and his room mates...its pretty scarce in Phx these days...same here, but Safeway has been...See More great this week getting fresh produce and supplies up here, as long as we can keep the Nevadans and Calif folks from stripping our shelves...pray everyone stays virus free..its spreading here rapidly in AZ...thankfully my work is all considered essential, work within the steel and trucking business, so I have only a few accounts that have closed, all in Calif..ride hard, ride often, ride safer.... :)
Good morning all...and the hoarding continues. here in AZ, we have the folks from NV and CA, not to mention all the snowbirds, buying everything off the shelves..the merchants in Dolan Springs have stopped selling to anyone out of state, as they want to ensure their residents get their supplies...hopefully other local businesses will take a similar stand and not let the profiteering morons come and clean out the...See More local stores...everyone needs to act responsible and buy a reasonable amount of products, and leave some for the rest of the folks...we have become a panicked greedy society...sickening....meanwhile, riding is the best social distancing activity....ride hard, ride often, ride safer.... :)
Good morning friends
Model predictions and expert opinion indicate a 60% chance of ENSO-neutral conditions continuing during March-May 2020, while the probability for El Niño is near 35%. Well, looks like the weather service may be right....lots of wet weather lately around here...gonna make for a gorgeous desert in a few weeks, but sadly that means most likely a nasty wildfire season here in AZ...meanwhile, a bit of bike maintenance,...See More fork seal on Road Glide and fluids on Sporty...picked up another trailer yesterday, for hauling 4-5 Harleys or some UTVs..looks like we have an additional friend flying in from Jersey for Sturgis, so will loan her my Heritage for the week...looks like a full house again up there, : ).... enjoy the week all, ride hard, ride often, ride safer.... :)
True Story
Good morning folks....BON continues to not disappoint...still unable to answer or send messages...emails sent to BON to correct have been unanswered...oh well...HHD all...weather is steadily improving, but more rain forecast next week...gonna be a green spring here in the AZ desert...was around north Phx last week, lots of wildflowers starting to bloom...and a few saquaros ...the saquaros should be in full bloom in...See More the next couple weeks in central and southern AZ...makes the bats happy as they feed on the nectar and spread the seeds...the days are getting longer and warmer...more pleasant riding time around the corner...ride hard, ride often, ride safer.... :)
Wow! Crazy night
Prayers for Nashville and Tennessee... :(


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